Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 16 - CHAPTER 7

Mouse arrived at practice to see Lydia talking with Michelle. She was talking about something that happened at her old school, in Alabama, which didn't make any sense to Mouse. Michelle was nodding slowly, listening intensely to what Lydia was saying. Mouse, however, found it quite hard to listen to Lydia talk. 
"A-and me and my friends w-would always g-go to this one store in the m-mall. Oh, we had s-so much fun th-there." Lydia struggled to pronounce the words, stuttering heavily.
Stephanie went up to them and said, "Come on, girls. Practice time."
"Y-yes, Stephanie." Lydia said, standing up. Mouse almost felt sorry for her, she was like Stephanie's little slave.
Stephanie studied Lydia and said, "What's wrong with you?"
Lydia looked confused and said, "W-what do you mean?"
Stephanie raised her eyebrows at Lydia and Lydia said, "Oh, the s-stutter?"
Stephanie nodded, sighing. Mouse wanted to punch her.
"Oh," Lydia said quietly, "S-speech impediment."
"Yeah, I know. I'm not stupid." Stephanie said, turning to Mouse, "Oh, speak of the devil."
Mouse scowled at her, "Nice to see you too. Are we gonna go through the routine, or what? You don't seem too eager to get things done here."
Stephanie walked up to Mouse, putting her face close to Mouse's. That was really starting to bother Mouse, they seemed to do that a lot. 
Stephanie said, chuckling a little, "Oh, Mouse. You think you're so great, don't you?"
Mouse smirked, "Better than you, fo shiz." 
Stephanie glared at Mouse, who grinned back at her like she knew everything. 
Half doing it just to annoy Stephanie, Mouse snapped her fingers and said mockingly, "Lydie, Melon, come on, Routine Four."
Melonie scowled at Mouse, who stifled a laugh. Lydia wanted to laugh too, but she knew better. 
The cheerleaders all got into formation, except for Stephanie, right behind Mouse. She started doing the routine, the others following her perfectly. Stephanie stood by the bleachers, watching Mouse with a look of pure hatred as she took her job. Mouse noticed her and grinned, not slowing the routine down. 
Lydia stumbled and fell, Mouse stopped to help her, "Are you okay?"
Lydia blinked, a little confused, "Um, yeah. I'm f-fine. Th-thanks."
Mouse nodded, realizing that the other cheerleaders were staring at her. 
"Okay," She cleared her throat, "On with the show."
Stephanie joined the group, taking lead and eyeing Mouse throughout practice.
Once practice was finished, Mouse saw Lydia sit on the bleachers, examining her ankle. Mouse swallowed and slowly went up to her, "Hey, are you alright?"
Lydia looked up, her blue eyes shining, "Oh, yeah. D-don't worry about me. I'll be ok-kay." Mouse nodded, looking concerned, "Um...." She said, at loss for words, "Are you sure? That ankle doesn't look too good." It was true, Lydia's ankle was bent at a slightly unnatural angle. Lydia sighed, "Okay, maybe I c-could you use some h-help." 
Mouse helped her stand up and uncertainly put her arm around Lydia's waist, helping her walk. 
Stephanie, Melonie, and the other cheerleaders watched them walk off to the school. The cheerleaders cocked their heads to the side. 
"Why does Mouse keep helping her?" Gwen the cheerleader said, "I mean, Mouse isn't nice and Lydia isn't...... likable."
Melonie shook her head, "Who knows? I think she's just a freak."
Stephanie said, a small smile breaking across her lips, "Everyone just assumes that girl doesn't like boys or girls, but maybe they're wrong...." She chuckled evilly, the other cheerleaders studying her curiously.
Stephanie paused dramatically before saying, "I'm thinking maybe little Mousey is a lesbo."
The other cheerleaders gasped and started murmering. 
"Or maybe she's bi!" One cheerleader cried, the others buzzing with excitement.
Stephanie smiled evilly, thinking about all the embarrassment she could cause for Mouse as she watched the showoff walk helpless little Lydia to the nurse.

This was going to be fun.

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