Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 11 - CHAPTER 6

Scaring Mouse is so fun. As Mouse walked down the hall, she passed a picture that Leo had put on the wall yesterday. I stood behind the wall, my fishing line ready. 
As Mouse passed the picture, I tugged on my fishing line that was attached to the picture and it fell to the ground, face down*.
Mouse jumped back in surprise. "Oh my god!" She yelled and she spun on her heels and ran. After she was gone, Alice, Leo, Chris, and I all came out of our hiding places to laugh.
When school was almost over, Chris set up a fake but realistic owl.
At the end of the day, Mouse came outside and saw the owl*. She gasped and shut her eyes, continuing to walk. Mouse ran face first into a tree. Leo and I snickered from our hiding spot.
When Leo and Mouse got home, Leo motioned for me to do it. As Mouse entered her kitchen, the window shot open and I sent a remote control bat flying around the room.* Mouse screamed and grabbed a wooden rolling pin. She hit the 'bat' and it fell to the floor. 
Mouse slowly approached the 'dead bat' and she gasped as she saw a smashed ladybug* (that was actually fake as well).
Mouse ran to her room and once she was gone, Leo came to the window to greet Chris and I. "That was so awesome, you guys!" He said.
Chris laughed, "I know, right?"
I smiled, "Hey, let's go get Mouse and we can all go to the mall."
"Sure." Leo said, smiling back and sighing, staring into my eyes.
"I'll call Alice." Chris said.
We got Alice and Mouse and we went to the mall. We told Mouse about our plan and she scowled. "WHY?" She said angrily.
"You deserved it." Chris said cooly.
She forgave us.... four days later.

*Supposedly, if a picture falls down and lands face down by itself, someone will die.
*It's bad luck to see an owl in daylight.
*It is bad luck to have a bat in your house.
*It's bad luck to kill a ladybug.

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