Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 12 - CHAPTER 5

"They'reatourschoolissomeonetryingtokillmeAngela?" Chris would not stop chattering nervously about Zachary.
Leo reluctantly patted Chris on the back, "Hey, Chris, they aren't gonna kill you."
"YES THEY ARE!!!!" Chris wailed and Leo gave up. 
Alice and I both tried to calm him down, but we both failed. 
Chris paced back and forth, babbling on and on and on. 
Mouse covered her ears, "Will someone please shut him up?!" 
Wow. Mouse said please. The poor girl must be desperate.
Kathy tapped her foot, she hadn't tried to shut Chris up yet. 
Chris paced back and forth nervously, "They'regonnakillmeThey'regonnakillmeThey'regonnakillmeThey'regonnakillmeThey'regonnakillme......"
Kathy grabbed the collar of his shirt with both hands and pressed her lips against his. 
Chris looked really surprised. 
Kathy pulled away, still holding his collar possessively. 
Chris stared at her in shock.
Kathy turned to us, with her hands still tightly gripped on Chris's collar. She said, smiling."He don't kiss like the other boys." 
Gee, I wonder why.
Kathy frolicked away cheerily, leaving us all staring in surprise at Chris, who had an 'oh no 
she didn't' expression on his face.
"She just kissed me." Chris said, sounding totally offended.
"Really?" Mouse said dryly. 
Leo stared at Chris in disbelief, probably thinking 'How does a wimp like Chris (not to mention he's gay) get more girls than I do?'
I snickered and Chris shot a look at me.

The next day, five football players had Chris cornered. They were closing in on him and 
stupidly smacking their fists into their palms and cracking their knuckles like the bullies in 
Chris braced himself and suddenly, a strong, large hand slapped down onto his shoulder. 
Chris opened his eyes and looked up to see Zachary towering over him.
"Hey, fellas. Whacha up to?" Zachary said, "Picking on this tiny lil' kid? Pick on someone your own size." 
This surprised Chris and he whimpered. 
I'm a dead man. Chris thought.
Daniel, the captain of the football team, stood in front of the rest. "Aye, who you think you're talkin' to, Tough Guy?"
Zachary pushed Chris to the side, almost knocking him over. He and Daniel started trying to 
kill each other. 
Seeing a perfect opportunity, Chris did one of the things he's best at; running away. 
He spun on his heels and took off running with one thought going through his mind; I don't like school.

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