Monday, January 11, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 13 - CHAPTER 2

At school on Monday, for some reason my heart soared with relief when I saw Harold in the hallway. He wasn't wearing his glasses and he bumped into me. "Oh, I'm sorry!" He said politely. 
"Hi, Harold! Oh no, don't worry about it. Say, where have you been for the past week? I was starting to get kind of worried." I started babbling without thinking.
Harold studied my face, looking at me closer. That poor kid didn't seem to be able to see at all without his glasses. "Where are your glasses, Harold? You didn't get rid of them so you'd look 'better', did you? I always thought they were cute!" Uhg! Word vomit again!
Harold's eyes widened, his cheeks reddening. "Angela!" He said, startled. "I-it's you! Oh god...." The poor kid looked so upset I just wanted to give him a hug, but I knew better. "Yeah. Where have you been, Harold? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." Why was I babbling like this? I couldn't stop!
"Uhh...." Harold stuttered, backing up. He turned on his heels and ran. 
I blinked. "Hmm...."

Three of the football players had Chris's arms pinned behind his back. Chris and the football players were all shouting as they pushed him into the boys bathroom. Chris noticed Harold, who was sitting quietly in the corner, eating his lunch. "Harold!!" Chris said. Harold looked up. "Harold! You're back! Harold, help!"
Harold looked around frantically, as if trying to find someone else to help Chris. He looked back at Chris helplessly. 
Harold watched from the safety of his corner as the three football players shoved Chris's head into the nearest toilet and flushed it; A classic swirly. 
They pulled Chris to his feet and then dropped him on the floor, laughing as they left the boy's bathroom. 
Chris sat on the floor, toilet water dripping from his hair. Harold stared at him stupidly. Chris looked back at him, brushing his wet hair out of his face. "What?" He said sharply. 
Harold pretended to be extremely interested in his food and Chris stood up, leaving the room. 

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