Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 13 - CHAPTER 6

"So, you like wha'cha see. Am I right?" Kathy giggled, shifting her feet around in the snow. No one stood in front of her to talk to. "Well, I guess you could say I like you. Do you like me?" Kathy gestured to herself, staring into the air in front of her coyly. 
"Oh, Chris! I loooooveeee yooooouuuuuu!" Kathy suddenly dove into the snow and started 'making out' with it. Hmm...... Odd girl, isn't she? I don't know why she tries so hard to win Chris over when she herself knows it will never work. Kathy pretty much flirts with any guy who doesn't instantly title her as 'psycho bitch'.
Chris and I stood a few yards away, watching, twitching. We walked over to her and I said, looking down at her, "Um, Kathy? What are you doing?"
Kathy looked up, startled. Her long, red curly hair covered in snow. "Uuuuuuuummmmmmm....." She said stupidly. Chris made a high-pitched, uncomfortable whimpering sound behind me. I reached back for his hand and held it in mine. "It's okay Buddy." I said softly to him. 
Kathy stood up, brushing herself off. I was sure she wasn't actually embarrassed, knowing Kathy. She nodded to us, "Angela, Chris." She smiled at Chris and he whimpered again. I shushed him soothingly. 
Kathy frolicked off, leaving us both mentally disturbed.

"When will she ever stop?" Chris exclaimed, tossing his hands out dramatically. Alice, Mouse, Leo, and Jamie were all at our house, listening to Chris blab about how inhuman Katherine 
Parker is.
"Why don't you just try to ignore her?" Alice said.
Chris looked at her, "At lunch yesterday she put a bunch of skittles in her mouth and said 'Hey Chris, wanna taste the rainbow?'" 
Leo burst out laughing, "Dude, seriously? I can't believe Katherine wanted to kiss you!"
"She did once." Chris said, cringing. "I thought you were there."
Remembering, Leo made a face and said, "Uh, yeah. I was there...."
I tried to change the subject. That was a dumb idea. "So, Chris," I said without thinking 
first. "I haven't seen Zachary around anywhere. Do you know what happened to him?"
"Oh, yeah!" Leo said excitedly. Why he was excited is beyond me. "He and Johnny had 
to leave the school for a few weeks, but they're coming back now."
Chris groaned a very loud, very sad groan and put his head down on the table.
"Had to leave for a few weeks?" Jamie said.
Leo grinned, "I think they're playing Hooky."
Mouse gasped, "No, you're kidding!" She said sarcastically.
Chris whimpered into Alice's shoulder and she patted him on the back, saying quietly, 
"Shh, no, no, it'll be okay, Chris..." I love having Alice here to take my job every once 
and a while.
"When are they coming back?" Mouse said, smirking at Chris.
"Monday." Leo grinned.
"THIS MONDAY????????" Chris screamed. Poor kid.
Leo nodded, "Yeah."
Mouse broke in, "Gee, Chris. I sure hope they don't beat you up for any reason."
"ANGIE!!! NO!!! DON'T LET THEM HURT MEEEE!!!!" Chris grabbed my arm and started 
"Gee whiz, Chris! Dramatic much?" I said, trying not sound as annoyed as I was and failing. I shot a look at Mouse and she tried not to laugh.

On Monday, Zachary and Johnny did indeed return to our school. Chris almost peed himself when Zachary gave him a did-you-miss-me-little-buddy hug. Some people are just like that; 
They think they're your best friend, when all you can remember about them is when they 
pushed you into a 12-foot lake when you were eight years old.
Johnny didn't pay as much mind to Chris, he was more focused on Leo.

"Hey, Leo!"
Leo glanced over his shoulder at Johnny and kept walking.
"Hey!" Johnny said. "I'm talking to you, Leo!"
Leo turned around and hissed, "Why are you talking to me?"
"Yo, you remember what you did to that gay kid? Chris? The ipecac?" Johnny grinned.
Leo said through clenched teeth, "Hey, you know, that wasn't..."
Johnny smirked, "Oh yeah, I forgot. You softened up and apologized." He turned away and 
started walking away. "I guess you just ain't cool enough for that kinda stuff."
Leo swallowed. He hated when bullies did this to him. Popularity status was extremely 
important to him. "Uh, hey."
Johnny turned around, listening.
"Uh, did you have anything in mind? For pranks? Or whatever...." Leo stuttered.
Johnny grinned, "So, you wanna do pranks wit' us? Sure, kid. Yeah, I have some ideas. 
Our target," He smirked evilly. "Chris."
Leo swallowed. Johnny eyed him, "What? You know him, right? So I think you probably know how to get under his skin."
Leo nodded, the blood draining from his face. Johnny laughed at him, "What's up wit' you, 
Leo blinked. "Uh, nothing! Nothing at all.... So, what's the plan?"
"Do you know where Chris lives?"

I really hoped Leo wouldn't get sucked into all the peer-pressure crap again. I also hoped 
Chris wouldn't get bullied by Johnny and Zachary. But, the weird thing about Zachary, is he 
seems to think he and Chris are friends, when they clearly aren't.

I didn't get my wish.

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