Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 15 - CHAPTER 11

Leo was so confused. He was standing in an fifties, sixties style house and the air was grainy, like in old movies.
Suddenly, the front door opened and Geoffry came in. What the- Geoffry was wearing a suit and carrying a brief case. "Honey, I'm home!" He called. That was vaguely familiar to Leo, but he couldn't place where he knew it from. 
To Leo's immense horror, Chris emerged from the kitchen in a polka dot I Love Lucy dress and apron, holding a plate of cookies. That was it! I Love Lucy; that old show that all the parents talked about.
"Hello, Geoffry darling!" Chris chirped, frolicking over to Geoffry. He was about to kiss him....
"AAHHH!!!" Leo sat up, sweating and breathing hard. He let out a sigh of relief, "Oh thank god.... it.... was just..... a..... dream."
He ignored Mouse, who stood over him, holding a jar full of red ants, ready to pour them on Leo as he slept. She quickly retracted. "Uh, hey, Leo. 'Morning, what's wrong?"
Leo was still breathing heavily. After a few seconds he turned to Mouse, "Chris never wore a dress, did he?"
Mouse studied her step brother for a minute and said carefully, "No, he didn't."
Leo nodded, looking relieved. Mouse said, "I'll see you at breakfast, Leo." She patted him on the back and left his room. 
Leo walked to the bathroom, trying hard to get the image of Chris in a dress out of his head.

Leo was acting kind of weird at school today, he was keeping his distance from Chris (which isn't that weird for him) and he was very.... jumpy. I asked him what time it was earlier and he nearly jumped out of his skin.
"What's wrong with Leo?" I asked Mouse, feeling like I had said the same thing about her to Leo not long ago.
Mouse shrugged, "Nightmares, I don't know."

Later that day, when I was at my locker, Kathy came up to me. "Hi, Angie."
I froze. Crap, I hate it when it talks to me. I smiled tightly, "Hey, what's up, Kathy?"
Kathy bit her lip, not looking at me. I followed her gaze and saw Geoffry and Chris. Kathy said quietly, "So, um.... Geoffry and Chris?"
I nodded and said, a little insensitively, "Yeah, they're kind of in a relationship."
Kathy nodded and sighed wistfully, "Well, Geoffry isn't really my type," She broke into an evil grin, "But that Chris...." She made a claw with her hand and made a flirtatious cat-like sound and walked away. 
I closed my locker and pretended I never saw that.

I guess you can say I've mostly gotten used to Chris and Geoffry's relationship, but Leo, however.... Let's just say he would be a bit harder to convince. I kind of stopped trying to help get it through his mind after a while. Why did he need to be involved? I decided to let the whole thing go.... unless Geoffry did anything weird.

He didn't do anything that bad, but he did a few things that Chris and I found a little... odd.
At lunch last week, Chris and Geoffry were sitting across from each other, staring dreamily into each other's eyes, grinning dopily. Geoffry was eating apple sauce with a spoon at this moment. Grinning at Chris creepily, he licked the spoon, wiping his tongue all over it.
Chris blinked and glanced at Alice. She shrugged as if to say, I don't know, sorry. I guess your boyfriend is just weird. 
Chris gently took the spoon out of Geoffry's hand and put it on the table. "Geoffry, um, could you stop please?" 
I snorted, covering my mouth and trying to fight back a grin. Chris's face was flushing now, but he let it go. 

Something was up, I could feel it.

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