Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 12 - CHAPTER 4

In homeroom last Monday, the unthinkable happened. The unimaginable, the uncalled for, THE HORRIBLE.
Mrs. Green, our homeroom and French teacher, said she had an announcement. "Let us welcome two new students. John Thomas and Zachary Jones!" 
Chris, Leo, Alice, and I gasped as Zachary, the boy who pushed Chris into the lake at age seven, and Johnny Thomas, the boy who put ipecac in Chris's water bottle at camp Sunny Day last year, entered the room.
Poor Chris actually passed out. 
People gasped and, reluctantly because it would be calling much attention to myself, rushed to my brother's aid. 
"Chris! Chris, get up Sweetie!" I whispered. 
Chris's eyes fluttered open and he stared in horror at Zachary who was slowly walking toward us. 
"Well, well, well, look who we have here." (Is that his catch phrase or something?) Zachary looked down on us, Chris lying on my lap having just woken up from being out cold, and me helplessly looking up at Zach. 
"Angela and Chris Harper." 
The whole class fell silent. 
Zachary grinned a big crooked grin and kind of helped us up off the ground, hugging Chris and in the process almost squeezing his guts out. 
Chris let out a little scared squeak. 
"Hey, little man, how've ya been?" Zachary boomed, practically shaking the room. 
Chris squeaked again and Zachary put him down, maybe thinking, Aww, you're no fun! All you do is squeak like a mouse! 
Zachary turned his attention to me and I glared at him. 
"No." I said before he had the chance to ask if I'd be his girlfriend. 
Zachary scowled and turned to face Leo. 
"Don't think I didn't see you." He said, bending over to Leo's height. "Angela is mine." 
He whispered, and Leo cringed from Zachary's bad breath. 
Zachary stood up straight and Mrs. Green said, clasping her hands together. 
"Well, it looks like you already know some students in here!" She laughed.
Zachary and Johnny said at the same time, "Yes, Mrs. Green."
"Oh, and so polite, too!" She gushed.
John glanced at Leo and then at Chris and made kissing noises. 
Leo rolled his eyes and Chris was too frightened to even notice.
After a short introduction, Zachary and John sat down in the back row. 
Chris fainted again and I got up to help him. 
"H-he'll be fine!" I said. 
Zachary and Johnny snorted and Alice shot a look at them. They pretended to be scared.

Mouse didn't care that they were there, or that any of us were, for that matter.

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