Friday, January 1, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 10 - CHAPTER 1

"No, Alice!" Alice's mother said firmly. Alice's palms were sweaty, her huge hazel eyes wide with stress, "Please, Mother! Please... I've wanted to go to France for years, I need your help."
"No means no, Alice!"
"Please, Mother. This summer, please...." Alice begged. 
Her mother sighed, running her hands through her thin hair, "Alice, you're being unreasonable. Why, Alice? Why are you doing this to me now?" Alice sighed, not knowing what to say. Her mother got an idea, "Well... I suppose you could go," Alice's eyes lit up, her mother continued. "if you can pay for it yourself." Alice's face fell, she thought about what her mother said. "What if I got a job?" She tried. Her mother smiled, "That would work." Alice's mother picked up the newspaper, "Here, find a job, apply for it."
Alice sighed, picking up the newspaper as  her mother left the room. She searched through the newspaper, scanning for a job. Finally, she found one that might work for her.

Mouse, Leo and I were meeting Alice at the mall this week. When Alice sat down with us in the mall cafeteria, she tossed a newspaper down onto the table, the section with job ads.We looked at her curiously. "Okay," Alice said, "I need to find a job. I searched through 
the paper and I found one, but I need a partner for it. For some reason no one I asked 
would do it with me, not even cousin Tyler!"
"Well, normal kids don't work in the summer." Mouse said, I corn dog in her mouth.
"You could be a lifeguard, got the body for it." Leo said, Alice's face turned red and she
glared at him.
I sighed, "What job, Alice?" Alice pointed to a circled ad in the paper and Mouse laughed out loud, "Burger Wonderland?"
Alice nodded, "Yes, Mouse. It was the only one close enough to home for me to ride my bicycle, my car is in the shop."
I gasped, "Your mom won't give you a ride?" 
She shook her head, "No, I'm getting this job for my sake, I want to go to France and she doesn't care."
"Oh, France! What a marvelous choice!" Chris practically appeared out of nowhere. Oh 
geez! Uhg, I forgot he was coming. "Chris! You scared me!" I cried out. 
He shrugged, "Sorry, Ange."
Alice shook her head, "Anyhow, yes, I would like to go to France. Have you ever gone 
there, Chris?" 
Chris sighed and shook his head, "No, but I've read all about it. A truly miraculous place, it is." He took out his iPhone and searched pictures of France to show us. "Thank you, Chris. I'm sorry to say we're getting a little off topic." Alice said gently. "So, I need a
partner for the job, otherwise I can't apply."
"I'll do it." We all stared in shock at Mouse. She had just offered to do work. Mouse 
doesn't work. "Mouse?" I said.
"Yeah." She shrugged, "I could use some extra dough, too."
Alice hesitated and then nodded, "Alright, Mouse. You can be my assistant, but you
need to do your share of the work." Mouse held her hand to her heart, "Sure."

Alice and Mouse were going to work at Burger Wonderland together. This should be 

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