Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 15 - CHAPTER 4

"Alice! Jamie! Come over now!" I screamed into the phone, which I had set on three-way with Alice and Jamie, as you might have guessed.
"Uh, okay." They both said, hanging up.
I sat on the floor, right next to the front door, waiting. The doorbell rang and I immediately opened the door. "Alice? Jamie? Hi! Come in!" They were both there and I pulled them into the house.
"What's wrong, Angie?" Jamie said.
"I think Chris is sick!" I sputtered, shushing them, "We have to be quiet, he can't see us." I slowly pushed Chris's door open a crack. He was lying on his bed, singing to the cat his own version of And I Love Her by The Beatles. "And I love him! Bright are the stars that shine, dark is the skyyy.  I know this love of mine will never diieee. And I love him...."
I started hyperventilating, "Oh my god..... oh my god.... he's losing it! My baby brother is losing it! Oh god, what do I do?" 
Alice gripped my face with her hands, looking into my eyes. "Ange! Calm.... down. Chris is fine. Let it go, he's not dying." 
I stared into her eyes, totally freaking out. "He's singing, Alice." I said in kind of a worried, weird tone, "He loves him, he loves Geoffry. My baby brother is in love....."
Alice took a deep breath, Chris had taught her to stay calm in all situations, including the ones where your friend has a nervous breakdown. "Ange, it's fine for you to call him that, but he's not a baby any more, he's fifteen. That was his first kiss, right?"
I nodded, "Unless you include spin the bottle and Kathy attacking him, but yeah, this was the first real one."
Alice nodded too, "Yes, and how old were you when you had your first kiss, Angela?"
I thought about it and said quietly, "Thirteen."
Alice smiled, "See, Angela? You were two years younger than Chris is now. You need to let him grow up." 
I sighed, annoyed by Alice's cheesiness. "Okay, but you know he's gonna freak if that wacko does anything remotely sexual."
Alice nodded, "Yep."
Jamie was so lost by now, "What the hell are you guys talking about?"
Alice and I looked at each other. Oops. Okay, time to tell Jamie. We explained the whole thing to her with the homework and the drive in and the.... ki... that, yeah. Jamie blinked, nodding slowly. "You mean.... Geoffry like that creepy guy who always sits by Chris at lunch? You mean..... Geoffry like.... Mabel's boyfriend?"
I bit my lip. Alice looked at me and I shrugged. "Oops." I said and she shook her head at me, laughing a little.
"Hey, it wasn't my idea." I said.
We all peeked back into Chris's room. "The kiss my lover brings, he brings to me-e. And I love him." Chris sang stupidly to Ger10, who sat in front of him with its same cheeky grin on its cat face. I really don't like that cat.
"Mabel is gonna kill him if she finds out." Alice said. That actually hadn't really occurred to me, but she was right. Crap.
I gritted my teeth, "Let's just hope she doesn't."

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