Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 12 - CHAPTER 6

"Can you believe Katherine Parker is wearing her cheerleading uniform in class?" I asked Alice.
"Her hot cheerleading uniform!" Leo said, amazed. "It is orange though...." What does Leo look for in a girl? Hotness. That's pretty much it. I guess you could say Kathy was a perfect target for him, she's pretty, she's a cheerleader, she hasn't slapped him yet as long as he's known her. Perfect.
Leo watched as Kathy flipped her super long ponytail over her shoulders. I rolled my eyes. "Why don't you ask her to come to prom with us?" I asked him.
He swallowed. "What if she says no?"
I was quiet for a minute. "Uh, talk to Chris." My brother was better at this stuff than I was.
Chris took my place and sat down by Leo. Leo must really like Kathy because he looked right at Chris when he was talking, obviously listening to him. "I don't think she'll say no. Sadly, she didn't seem to mind when you were staring at her breasts a few months ago."
"Which time?" Leo asked stupidly and Chris sighed.
"Never mind." Chris said, "I think you should ask her to prom. She seems to like you. You'd make a cute couple, but if things turn out well and you get married and have kids, I will not babysit the little monsters."
"I'm going to ask her." Leo said.
"What, now?" Alice asked him. Leo nodded. He stood up and walked over to Kathy. He said something to her and she smiled, nodding and she gave him a kiss on the cheek. Ah, Kathy, you gotta love her.
Leo walked back over to us, a smug look on his face. "She said yes."
"Cool! Good for you, Leo." I smiled.
"Should we ask her to go dress shopping with us?" Alice asked.
"NO!" Chris and I said at the same time. "Well," I said to Chris, "She's Leo's date. We should help her out."
"Are you insane?" Chris hissed at me, "That girl is a monster!"
I grinned, "Are you still upset about what happened, Chris?"
Chris sighed, "Angela, she kissed me. She should not be allowed to do that!"
I laughed, "Come on, Chris. Give the girl a break, let's invite her."
Chris sighed, "Fine. But she does not get to help Alice and I pick out our prom outfits."
I snorted, "Chris, you guys are doing that again this year?"
He nodded, "Yes! This year, it'll be even better."
"I don't know, Chris. It's kind of hard to top a pink vest with a matching tie and mahogany pants. Along with a pink silk dress with a velvet red sash for Alice. And don't forget your shoes-"
"It was a custom made set that I designed!" Chris cried out, I laughed again.
"Hey, Katherine!" I said, catching her attention. She smiled at me, sliding off the desk she was sitting on. She walked over to us, pretending not to notice Leo staring at her in her orange cheerleader uniform. "Hi, Angela, Chris." She smiled at Chris and he smiled tightly.
"How would you like to come with us to go dress shopping for prom on Saturday?" I said politely.
Kathy cocked her head to the side, "Us?"
"Oh, Alice, Chris and I." I said and she nodded.
"Sure! I'd love that. Thanks." Kathy said cheerily and she skipped off.

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