Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 11 - CHAPTER 5

 In French, Leo was sitting behind me, Chris next to him, Jesse in front of Chris, Jesse next to me.
In exact unison, Leo and Chris leaned over. Leo smelled my hair, Chris smelled Jesse's hair and they both sighed dreamily.
Without turning around, I said, "Leo, what are you doing?"
"Nothing!" He said, probably blushing. I rolled my eyes, glancing at my lovestruck brother, who was sighing dreamily. Oh, Chris. You're so weird.

Chris was in the school library, his outfit complete with his ever so fashionable nerdy reading glasses. Daniel, the captain of the football team, and a few other football players approached Chris. Daniel was holding a dusty, moldy book, a stupid grin on his face. "Hey, Chris!" He said. Chris whirled around and tried to smile, "Oh, uh, hi Daniel."
Daniel shoved the book at him, causing dust to fly through the air, settling itself around Chris. Chris coughed.
"I thought of you when I read this. I think you might like it, it's about a gay nerd with asthma." Daniel laughed evilly, his gang laughing along.
Chris stared at Daniel in horror and he instantly started coughing and wheezing hard, falling to his knees.
Daniel and his gang started laughing heartlessly, enjoying their 'harmless' prank of giving Chris an asthma attack. Then again, they honestly didn't care if it was harmless or not.
Chris was on his knees, wheezing and trying to get out short, painful breaths. A crowd started to gather, people wondering what the commotion was.
Alice rushed over, making her way through the crowd, "Chris! Are you okay, Chris?" She gasped. 
Tears ran down Chris's cheeks as he struggled for breath, wheezing rapidly. Alice helped him to his feet, but he only fell back down. "Angela-" He tried to say, his voice gravely.
The majority of the crowd started laughing as Daniel stood up proudly. Alice couldn't believe it. How could people be so heartless? Chris was having an asthma attack right in front of them and they were laughing! 
Alice stood up and shouted at Daniel, "How could you do this to him?! How would you feel if he died?" Alice's eyes filled with tears and she tried to help Chris stand again.
"Ooohh! Look, his girlfriend is standing up for him, how sweet! Oops, did I say girlfriend?" One of the football players chimed in. They all laughed.
Alice screamed, "Help! Someone get some help!" Chris wheezed helplessly.
Leo came in to see what was going on. He saw Alice and Chris and ran to them. "Chris! Alice!" He joined Alice at Chris's side, "What's wrong?"
"He's having an asthma attack." Tears ran down Alice's cheeks as she said this.
"What do we do?" Leo asked. 
"Hook his arm over your shoulder." She said. They both did this and carried Chris to the nurse, the football team and the rest of the crowd laughing at them.

I rushed to the school nurse's office when I heard what happened. Alice and Leo were sitting on either side of Chris, Alice had one of his hands in hers. "It will be okay, Chris." She whispered soothingly in his ear, like she was talking to a baby.
The nurse explained to me what happened and I felt a feeling of pure hatred toward Daniel, now more than ever.
I went over to Chris, Alice, and Leo. Chris tried to sit up and I helped him. "Are you okay, Sweetie? I'm so sorry I wasn't there to help you. Don't worry, I'll get back at Daniel, I will."
Chris sighed, "It's okay, Ange. I'm fine."
"Are you sure?" I asked and he nodded.
At the end of the day, we passed Daniel on the way to the bus and he grinned. I glared a soul-chilling glare at him, but it didn't seem to chill his soul. "Come on, Chris." I said to my brother, putting my arm around him and we walked to the bus.

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