Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 15 - CHAPTER 7

"OOWWW!!!! ANGIIEEEE!!! HEEELLLLPP!!!!!!!" Chris was screaming on the top of his lungs. Mabel had him pinned down on a lunchroom table and was threatening to break his arm. I stood helplessly at one end of the lunchroom. I was the one who told Mabel about Chris and Geoffry, it was my fault. I felt awful, I had brought this on my little brother. How could I? Alice and Leo yelled at me to come save my brother, but I couldn't move, it was like I was frozen there. Was I afraid of Mabel? I mean, anyone can pin Chris down within seconds, even a blind girl. Maybe that was what scared me, she was blind and usually super cheerful cupful of sunshine, but now I see her sitting on my brother's back, threatening to break his arm. 
Chris howled again, getting my attention. Everyone in the room was watching now, screaming and cheering Mabel on. Alice and Leo stood near the wall, frantically trying to get me to come over. Harold was huddled by them, looking stressed. Gee, I wonder why anyone would be stressed in a serene situation like this. Seeing the tears running down Chris's cheeks as he screamed my name and Mabel twisted his arm harder, I couldn't believe what a bad person I was.
I broke into a run, jumping over tables to get to them faster. Hopeful smiles broke across Alice and Leo's faces. I think Mouse was on Mabel's side. Oh crap, now I was there, but what the hell was I supposed to do? Punch her? I don't think so, she'd kick my butt. I started to panic and I halted to a stop. The crowd gasped and Mabel froze. Stupid crowd, now she knew I was there. 
Not letting go of Chris's arm, Mabel turned around slowly. "What do you want, Angela?" She said coldly. "Is there any reason why I shouldn't break this boyfriend-stealer's arm?" 
The crowd laughed stupidly.
I swallowed, feeling small all of a sudden. Why couldn't the magical Geoffry come save the day and face his own psycho girlfriend? "Um.... because..... because he didn't do anything! It was Geoffry.... he...."
"Angie, don't!" Chris cried, whimpering as Mabel twisted his arm to shut him up. 
"What did Geoffry do?" Mabel asked solemnly. I swallowed, glancing at Chris. He shook his head violently, "Don't, Ange." He whispered. I looked back at Mabel, who had an expression on her face that read, I'm waiting. 
I swallowed again, "He didn't do anything. I made that up, it was a joke." Bye Chris, bye Mom, bye Dad, bye Alice, I'll miss you all. Mabel let go of Chris's arm, stepping off the table, a scary, intimidating look on her face. Being blind probably couldn't stop her from world domination. The crowd remained silent as they watched. As I've said before, fights are a big part of our school and I don't know how we never get caught, maybe the teachers have given up by now. All I knew was that anything that could possibly turn into a fight excited the crowds at our school. 
Chris and Alice watched me in disbelief, they both looked scared. I don't even know where Geoffry was during this whole thing. Mabel stopped in front of me, scowling. "What?"
I nodded, half expecting her to be able to see it and then said, "Yes, it was wrong and I'm sorry. It was a mean joke that obviously led to trouble."
Mabel glared in my general direction and I braced myself incase she would hit me. She didn't she simply said, "I'll let you off the hook this time, but this time only." 

With that, she spun on her heels and left.

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