Monday, January 11, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 13 - CHAPTER 1

Yesterday, at recess, I saw Mabel Oakfield. She turned her head, she looked like she was looking right at me. "Oh, hi Angela!" I was a little startled when she said this. I hadn't said anything. 
Mabel giggled, "Oh, I see Chris and Alice and your another friends are here too. Well, I don't see them, of course!" Alice and I exchanged a look.
"Hey, Mabel?" I said, trying to ask my question without offending her. "If you don't mind my asking, how did you know we were here?"
Mabel giggled again. Geez, that girl is starting to get on my nerves. "Well," She said, smiling. "I know because one of you smells like a barn, one of you smells like cheap Aveda knock-offs, one of you smells like Purell, one of you smells like, oh, perfume! One like shampoo!"
I nodded, half expecting Mabel to be able to tell I nodded, and she frolicked away gleefully. 
"So," I said, "Who was who?" 
Alice asked, "Who was the one who she said smelled like a barn?"
Leo, Chris, and I all pointed to Mouse and said, "Mouse." Mouse shrugged.
"Aveda knock-offs?" Alice asked.
"Leo." I said casually.
Leo looked at me. "Hey!" He said. 
Mouse smelled his hair. "Yep. It's Leo."
Leo sighed. "Well," He said, "we all know who smells like purell here." Alice blushed.
"The shampoo is Angie." Leo said, "She always uses WAAAAAY too much of that L'Oreal crap." I glared at him and he retracted. "B-but in a good way." He smiled and I rolled my eyes. 
"And, perfume?" Alice said quietly, thinking over the number of remaining contestants.
"Chris." Mouse said shortly. I guess she was back.
Chris looked offended, "What?" Everyone looked at Chris.
I smelled his shirt and laughed, patting him on the back. "Sorry Buddy, that would be you." Chris pouted as we all laughed.

We all went to Mouse and Leo's house after school for a "Movie Night".
"So, what should we watch?" Alice said.
"No horror films, please." Chris said quietly.
"Why?" Mouse said. "Are you afraid you'll cuddle up to Leo for comfort at the scawey pawts?" Chris scowled and scooted farther away from Leo.
Leo's five-year-old sister, Mary, sat down by Chris. "I agree with The Creepy Gay Kid. I don't like scary movies."
I scowled at Mouse, "The creepy gay kid?" I said through clenched teeth, trying to keep a straight face (heehee, get it?)
Mouse shook her head in a way that indicated that she did indeed teach Leo's little sister to call Chris names, but she was pretending that she didn't. Chris tried to keep from yelling at Mouse and said, "Ange, she's five, cut her some slack. Mouse, I'll swear at you later."
"Oh, so you swear now?" Mouse said with mock surprise. Chris rolled his eyes.
Somehow, we ended up watching the newest Saw movie. Chris and Alice held each other's hands, staring at the TV in horror. Leo, Mouse, and I watched the movie casually. Leo tried to slip his hand into mine four times, me reacting by pulling my hand away without taking my eyes off the TV screen.
About 30 minutes into the movie, Chris and Alice's stomachs gave in and they both rushed to the bathroom. It's a wonder that they could somehow both puke into the toilet at the same time. Poor Alice.

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