Monday, January 25, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 15 - CHAPTER 10

Chris held up a red dress, "So, is this a casual thing or fancy or what?"
I nodded, "Casual, very casual. Not fancy at all, as un-date-like as possible." 
Chris tried to hide his grin. "What?" I said.
He shook his head, "Nothing, you're just so silly." Look who's talking, Mr. Everything-a-phobic. 
I raised an eyebrow at Chris and he sat down on my bed. "Why did you say yes to Leo? You don't like him like that, am I correct?" 
I wrinkled my nose at the thought of Chris not being correct. "No, I don't. Ah, I don't know, Chris, I guess I was just trying to be nice. This week is my 'nice week', you know."
Chris looked at me, annoyed. "What? You call trying to erase my emails nice?"
"Oh, come on, Chris. Those were some pretty stupid emails." I said shortly. 
Chris rolled his eyes, "If you hate Geoffry so much then why do you invite him to this thing tonight?" 
I sighed, blowing my bangs out of my eyes. "Because I can't do this alone. If I went on a date with Leo alone, years of therapy couldn't get me through it. Plus, the double date thing was Leo's idea...."
Chris pursed his lips, "So, what are you gonna wear?"
"What are you gonna wear?" I said. 
Chris grinned as if he had waiting for me to say that. "I quote Kurt Hummel, every day is an opportunity for fashion."
I groaned, "Stop talking about that stupid show, Chris."
He looked offended, "Glee isn't stupid!" Sure. "Anyway, I'm going to wear my special sweater vest!" He squealed excitedly.
I snorted and my jaw dropped involuntarily, "Dude, are you serious? You have a special sweater vest? Oh, how perfect for a date! How attractive!"
Chris glared at me, "You know, you're really bad at this 'nice' thing." 
I shrugged, "I know, it's a curse."
We heard a knock on the door and I felt the blood rush from my face. Chris laughed, "Hey, you look a little pale, Sweetie." Hey, I'm the one who's supposed to baby him! 
It was Leo. "Hey, Leo." I said. Leo was wearing his usual jeans and a t-shirt. I was so glad he hadn't dressed up. "'S Geoffry here yet?"
"Nope." I said flatly. I was hating myself for agreeing to this. Maybe it wouldn't be that bad.... pshaw! Yeah right.
Geoffry soon arrived and I tried not to groan. Chris smiled stupidly at Geoffry. "Hi, Honey." Make me puke.
Geoffry smiled at us all and I managed a tight smile back. I don't know what it is, I just get a creepy vibe from that guy. He bothers me for some reason.
We decided to go watch a movie and go for ice cream afterward. I know, too classic, Leo would like it. But if that bastard tries to kiss me, I'll make him regret it.
Of course, about fifteen minutes into the movie, Leo reached for my hand. I quickly pulled it away without looking at him. Leo glanced at Geoffry and Chris, sighing. Chris had his head on Geoffry's shoulder and they were holding hands.
Leo glanced at me. Don't do it, Leo..... Leo slowly put his head on my shoulder, imitating Chris. I gritted my teeth, Leo was lucky that all I did was whisper sharply, "Leo...."
"Sorry." He said, quickly sitting back up.
As the movie went on, Leo attempted and failed several more times to hold my hand or put his arm around me. Looks like the boys win. Maybe I should try to get Leo and Kathy together again, but no, Kathy is too much of a rebel. She can't have just one boyfriend, it just.... doesn't work. 
In short, Geoffry and Chris make a much better pair then Leo and I. They're so sweet to each other, while Leo's just creepy. Uhg, I can't believe I got myself into this mess! I thought miserably, What am I going to do? 
Suddenly, Kathy came out of nowhere and said, "Hi guys!"
Chris, Leo, and I almost had a heart attack. Chris huddled closer to Geoffry (either I was too far away or I wasn't Chris's favorite anymore, which would break my heart).
Kathy sat down at our table, right in between Geoffry and Chris. I tried not to laugh (note: we went to a nearby ice cream parlor after the movie). 
Kathy grinned, "Oh, what a surprise to run into you guys!" Sure, a surprise... "So, what's up, Chris?"
Having no protection, no sleeve to hold on to, I was surprised Chris didn't have a nervous breakdown right there. "F-fine, Kathy. I'm just.... on a date."
Kathy giggled, "A date, huh? With Geoffry?" She sounded like she was trying to hide her jealousy and surprise.
Chris nodded, "Yep, with Geoffry."
Getting bored, Kathy stood up, "Bye, guys. Nice to see you here." With that, she frolicked off to who knows were.
I yawned, "I'm tired. Let's go home, Chris." 
Chris drew himself away from his conversation with Geoffry and said, "What? Why?"
Leo said, "Yeah, why?"
I groaned, "I said, I'm tired! Doesn't that mean anything to you?" This was supposed to work! 
Leo nodded slowly, "O-okay. Um... I can walk you home-"
"Nope! No need, we're fine." I grabbed Chris's sleeve and rushed out the theatre door a bit too quickly. I felt kind of rude, but I needed to get the hell out of there. Chris waved sadly at Geoffry and he waved back with the same sad expression. Guilt trip much?
Once we got to our block, Chris said, "Well, that was rude."
"I'm sorry, Chris, but you don't know what it's like to have to date Leo." I said, "You can't argue to that unless you know something I don't....."
Chris grimaced, "No, you're right, I have no argument, I have never had to date Leo."
"That's what I thought, now come on, it's getting dark. Let's go faster." I said, grabbing Chris's hand
"Uhhhgg...." Chris complained, "Angieeeee. I don't like running."
"We're not running," I said, breaking into a run, "We're walking home quickly to avoid being eaten by the night spirits."
Chris sighed, "Oh, come on, Ange. I don't believe in night spirits anymore, that's kid stuff."
"Uh huh." I said, grinning as Chris looked around cautiously at the shadows.

Immediately when we got home, Mom attacked us at the door, firing us with questions. How was your date, kids? How did things go with Geoffry? What about Leo? Did you kids have fun? 
I groaned, blushing a little, "Mom, it wasn't a date."
"It was great!" Chris's eyes lit up, "Me and Geoffry had so much fun! I don't know about Angie, but I had fun!"
Mom smiled cheesily, "That's great, Sweetie!"
Dad sat silently on the couch, pretending he couldn't hear us. Poor Dad, all uncomfortable. I knew how he felt, I was hating this. Chris always blabbing about his new boyfriend in front of me and Dad, I was almost on Dad's side.
"I'm going to bed." I said loudly, kind of trying to draw attention to myself.
"Night, Sweetie." Mom said, glancing at me and then turning back to Chris to hear how the 'date' went. A little hurt, I went down the hall and into my room, flopping face-down on my bed. I fell asleep instantly, hoping I wouldn't have nightmares.

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