Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 14 - CHAPTER 3

Mouse?..... Hey, Mouse.......... Mousey, wake up....... Mouse, what's wrong?
We were in the French room. We had been trying to wake Mouse up for about ten minutes now, but she was out cold. Weird. Usually even she didn't sleep this long.
"Maybe she's dead." Chris said, grinning. "Let's poke her with a stick or something." 
I snorted. "Tempting, but not a good idea. Imagine if she woke up, you'd be in the hospital again."
Chris cringed when I said this.
As we tried to wake her up, Leo stood in the corner, eyeing Mouse. He almost looked sad, it was weird. I walked over to him, "Why do you look so guilty? Did you kill her?"
Chris made an anxious sound and I hushed him. Leo shook his head, "Um, no. She's alive." I hope. Leo thought.
Chris poked Mouse's head. "Wake up. Or not, if that's what you want. You know what, maybe you don't need to wake up-" Mouse's hand shot up and grabbed Chris's neck.
"Shut it, Chris. I'm trying to sleep." She mumbled. 
Chris clawed at her hand, "Mouse.... Mouse, I can't..... breathe...." She let go and Chris gasped for air. 
"I hate to say 'I told you so', but...." I said, Chris glaring at me.
Jesse came into the room. We all turned to look at him. "What?" He said, "I forgot my books." We all stared at him. He shrugged, "You guys look all tense. Is she dead or something?"
Chris said dreamily, taking a step toward Jesse, "Oh, I wish!"
We all looked at Chris and he cleared his throat. "Um, I mean, she's fine. She's sleeping.... But wouldn't the world just be so much of a better place...." 
Mouse sat up, choking Chris again, "I'll send you to a better place, Panty Boy!"
"I don't wear panties!" Chris wailed, clawing at his throat.
"Oh, you soooo do!" Mouse grinned. Chris glanced at Jesse, realizing that his 'secret' could've easily just been revealed (which is funny, because you would think confessing love to Jesse would've already indicated that Chris was homosexual).
Chris's face turned red and his eyes widened. I couldn't tell if it was from embarrassment or from Mouse choking him. "Mouse, let go!" He cried. She loosened her grip and Chris stood up straight, blushing. "Um, heh heh." He laughed stupidly, running his fingers through his hair.
Jesse stood in front of us, looking confused and uncomfortable. "I.... I have to go meet Jamie at the lockers...." He said stupidly.
The smile slowly faded from Chris's face. Jesse was trying to ditch us. Chris sighed, looking Jesse up and down and looking pissed. "I'll see you later, Jesse." He said, an edge to his slightly-feminine voice.
Jesse stood there, frozen, for a second. I recognized the feeling of wanting to leave without being rude, I could see it in his eyes. Even so, I remained silent.
When Jesse didn't leave, Chris gestured for him to leave. "Go on."
"Uhh....." Jesse said.
Chris nodded, "Uh-huh. Good dog. The door is right their." 
Looking offended, Jesse left the room. Chris stood with his hands on his hips. "What a shallow douchebag."
Mouse, Alice and I exchanged looks. Chris turned around, pursing his lips. "Well, what are you staring at? Is it so unnatural for one to call someone a douchebag?" He said, an irritatingly mocking tone to his voice.
"Uh, no...." I said, shrugging at Alice.
"Um," She said , "Douchebag?"
"Asshole?" Chris suggested, "Jerk? Smartass? Jerk?....... Jerk?"
We were silent and, turning on his heels, Chris diva-ed out of the room.
"Somebody's upset." Mouse rolled her eyes. Leo had stayed quiet the entire time, not even stopping to laugh at Chris's embarrassment.
"You okay, Leo?" I asked him.
"Yes!" He said as if on cue. Hmm....

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