Monday, January 25, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 15 - CHAPTER 9

"Well, I guess they're kind of cute together." I said, smiling a little as I watched Chris give Geoffry a daisy. He looked just like a little kid. Leo and I were sitting on a bench outside at recess, enjoying the weather.
"Uh-huh, sure, Angela." Leo said, grimacing. "You don't think it's weird at all?"
"Mm?" I said dreamily. I don't know what was wrong with me that day, I guess Chris and Geoffry's happy-go-lucky relationship had kind of gone to my head.
Leo sighed, "You don't think it is at all creepy that your brother is dating a guy?" He said slowly. 
I shook my head dopily, "Nope. It's love, Leo, it's natural. I suppose you don't believe in the Harold and Maude approach either?"
"The what?- Uhg, what's up with you, Angela?" Leo looked at me, looking a little worried.
I closed my eyes, breathing in the warm spring air. "Isn't it such a great day, Leo?" I smiled stupidly, patting the space next to me, "Sit."
Leo blinked, probably wondering if I was a clone or a robot. Then he grinned, scooting closer to me. "I guess it is a pretty nice date- day. Day....."  
I clenched my teeth, trying to ignore Leo's stupid comments and just enjoy the nice day. Leo put his head on my shoulder and I hesitantly put my arm around him. He was only getting away with this because of my sudden good mood, otherwise he'd be face-down in the sand by now.
Jamie and Alice passed by a few yards away. Seeing my arm affectionally around Leo's shoulder, they blinked in confusion. Jamie said something to Alice and she shrugged, cocking her head at us. 
They walked on and Alice smiled sweetly at Geoffry and Chris, who were lying in the grass, pointing out clouds like they do in movies. Ah ha ha, sooo cheesy. Now, now, Angela, good mood day! Don't make fun of the youngsters.... heh heh.
"You know what," Leo said, "I think you, me, Geoffry, and Chris, I think we should go on a double date." I had to try with all my power not to make a hateful comment. 
I laughed lightly and sighed, a fake smile plastered across my face, "Ah, Leo, you think that's actually going to happen. Ha ha...." I laughed sweetly, trying to cover up my comment that I couldn't stand not making. 
Leo laughed hollowly, "No, seriously." He said, trying to take advantage of my good mood. Good luck with that, buddy. 
"We should. Like, uh.... you and me and then Geoffry and Chris can come too." Leo grinned stupidly, wincing when he mentioned Chris and Geoffry. Maybe I could try it, I mean, it's my good mood week, if I could last that long. But I couldn't do it alone, Geoffry and Chris had to come. For some reason I can't last more then ten minutes on a date (I'm serious, ten minutes is my record). But, this is Leo we're talking about. Ew, I don't want to go out with him! Then again, it's my 'nice week', the one week where I don't threaten to rip Leo's brains out when he says something stupid.
I said with mock enthusiasm, "Oh, well I thought you and Michelle were still together."
Leo shook his head, "No, not really." Crap.
I sighed, and, closing my eyes, said through clenched teeth. "I guess I can ask Chris and Geoffry if they like the idea." 
Leo's eyes lit up. Oh no, what had I done? "So you'll do it? You'll go out with me? Really?" 
I looked around frantically, "Shh! Stop saying that!" Seeing Leo's face fall, I smiled tightly, "I mean...." I swallowed and made myself say, "Sure."
The smile returned to Leo's face and he said, "Yes! Okay, what time?"
"Dude, I still have to ask Geoffry and Chris if they want to come."
Leo nodded, "Okay! Go ask, now!" He beamed stupidly and I tried not to roll my eyes. I got up and brushed off my skirt, walking over to Chris and Geoffry. 
I bent over them and said, "Hey, guys. Am I interrupting?" 
Chris shook his head and said politely, "Nope. What's up, Ange?" 
I sat by them in the grass and they sat up. I couldn't help smiling, I must say, they do make a pretty cute summer couple. "Leo just invited us to a...." I gritted my teeth, glancing at Leo who nodded excitedly. "Double date. You two and.... us."
Sunday? Leo mouthed to me and I shrugged, trying to smile. "Sunday?" I suggested to Geoffry and Chris. Chris blinked, looking from me to Leo then back at me. "Uh, sure. What do you think, Geoffry?"
Geoffry smiled, "That would be great." He took Chris's hand in his and smiled at him. I tried not to puke all over them, it would be uncivil. Sure, they were cute, but that doesn't stop them from being over-the-top cheesy.
"We can meet at my house." Geoffry smiled warmly. Yes, their couple is cute, but there is no way we're meeting at Geoffry's house. I don't even want to set foot in that hellhole, let alone let Chris go there.
"Oh, it's fine, we can meet at my house!" I smiled a big cheesy listen-to-me-or-I'll-kill-you smile and everyone nodded.
I nodded and stood up. Leo grinned, "Okay then, it's a date!" I tried not to cringe when he said 'date'. Sunday. That was in three days.

So that was it, I had to go out with Leo. I hate this 'nice' thing.

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