Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 14 - CHAPTER 2

At lunch, Chris and Harold came to sit down. I smiled at them, "Hey, you guys! I see Harold decided to join us today!" I chattered perkily. Shut up, Angie! Shut up!
Harold laughed uneasily and I chattered endlessly for a while. Kathy spotted us and broke into a grin. She walked over to us and leaned in between Harold and Chris. "Hi, guys! Hey, Chris, who's your friend?" She smiled flirtatiously at Harold, who cringed a little. Smart boy.
Chris drew back, startled. Then, the look of dread at Kathy's presence faded from his face and he grinned. "Oh, Kathy. This is Harold."
"Hi! I'm Kathy!" Kathy beamed at Harold who made a ahh... sound and looked down uneasily. Kathy giggled, "How cute!"
Chris gestured for Kathy to come closer and he whispered in her ear, "I think Harold likes you, he said he thinks you're cute." So that's what the little rat was doing! He was trying to get Kathy interested in Harold and out of his own life! I rolled my eyes.
Kathy giggled again and sat down in between Chris and Harold, "Is that so?" She said, crossing her legs and showing a bit of her thigh. Harold cocked his head to the side, he obviously hadn't heard what Chris said to Kathy. He glanced at me for help and I said, "Hey, Kathy. Did you know Jacob just broke up with his girlfriend?" Jacob is one of the "hottest" of the football players. You know, perfect tan, perfect teeth, perfect I-throw-littler-kids-into-garbage-cans muscles. 
Kathy squealed excitedly, "Oh my gosh, are you serious??" 
Nope. "Of course!" I smiled innocently.
Kathy squealed again, almost fully forgetting about Harold and running off to go flirt with Jacob.
Once Kathy was gone, I leaned in and explained, "Harold, that's Kathy. I don't think you'd like her."
"Who would?" Chris sighed, looking tired. "She has kissed me, without my consent, twice. She snuck into my house once, she sang Love Game by Lady Gaga to me at auditions...."
"That was why you looked so sick?" Harold said, cocking his head. Chris nodded.
"She kissed me once too." Leo said, more smugly than disturbed, though. 
"She's kind of like...." Chris held his hands out in front of him dramatically, "an evil kissing fairy." 
I snorted. He was so right.
Chris hesitated before patting Harold on the back gently and saying, "She's not really your type." 

"Hey, Angela." Harold stuttered as I walked to recess. 
I smiled, "Yeah?"
"Uhhh....." Harold blinked, looking at his feet. "Um, thank you for letting me sit with you today." I nodded, "Oh yeah, any time!" Was I being to cheerful?
Harold nodded, blushing a bit. Oh geez.... "O-okay. I'll talk to you later.... Angela...."
I smiled and walked away.
Chris chuckled, walking up to Harold, "Oh, Harold, you have such a way with women."
Harold laughed nervously, "Yeah? Well, what about you?"
Chris pursed his lips and was silent for a moment. "No, not really. I spend too much time being bullied to date." He turned away dramatically. "You know, being pelted with paint balloons, being given wedgies," He turned back to Harold, looking at him with big, innocent blue-green eyes. "Given swirlies."
Harold chuckled, "Hey, uh, about that. I think we, you and I, I think we got off on the wrong foot. I think..... I think we can be friends, right?"
Chris chuckled and gave Harold a fakey smile. "Sure, Harold. I'll see you later." Chris patted Harold on the shoulder as he walked by, leaving Harold standing alone in the hall.

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