Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 16 - CHAPTER 3

Well, I must say, I had kind of a weird Valentine's Day. 
All day Leo followed Mouse around, singing 'Happy Birthday'. Freak. 
Kathy stalked Chris even more than usual (creepy to think about, I know. You're probably thinking about it right now, "More than usual?"..... *shiver*

Chris walked down the hall to 4th period, glancing behind him; Kathy was going around, holding something in front of people and talking. 
Chris quickened his pace, glancing over his shoulder. 
"Crap, Kathy. Don't notice me!" He whispered to himself, almost in prayer.
"Hi, Chris!" Kathy called out, giggling. 
Chris noticed what she was carrying; A video camera!
Kathy put her arm around Chris' shoulder and held the camera out, pointing toward them. She giggled, "Hi, Chris! Hi, everybody!" 
She waved at the camera. Chris was so confused. 
Kathy went on, "This is Chris! We're gonna get married someday!"
Chris shot her a surprised look, "What?!"
Kathy shushed him and whispered, "I'm making a tour video of the school. Stephanie offered to use it for the end of the year party if I filmed it!"
Then she added, "Wave to the camera, Chris!" 
Chris blinked and slowly waved at the video camera.
Kathy giggled and whispered loudly to the camera, "Isn't he the cutest? Yeah, like I said, we're gonna get married and he's gonna be my husband."
"Kathy!" Chris hissed. 
Kathy grabbed his collar, "Shhhhh...." 
She smiled sweetly at the camera, putting it in Chris's face, "So, what do you have to say, Chris? Wouldn't we be so great together."
Chris shook his head slowly, looking tired of being pestered by this lunatic, "No, we wouldn't, actually. While I would go to collage and try to get a good job, you would crash my dorm and say 'Come on, Honeyface! Let's ditch this place and live far away in the mountains where I can harass you without your sister there to save you!'"
Looking a little offended, Kathy wiped her frown off her face and giggled, shaking her finger at him, "Now, now, Chris. Don't tell lies, it's not good for your brain." 
She ruffled Chris's hair and he combed it back into place.
Kathy held out the camera and giggled at it, "Well, well, it looks like I'm going to have to edit that part out! Ha ha ha! See what you did, Chris? Naughty, naughty!" 
She playfully slapped Chris's shoulder and he took a step away, eyeing her hatefully.
"Bye, Chrissypoo!" Kathy frolicked away and ran up to a girl named Julie. "Guess what? Julie said that I'm her best friend in the whole wide world!" 
She giggled stupidly and Julie said, "What? No I didn't-"
"Oh, looks like we're going to have to edit that part out too!" Kathy shook her finger at Julie, "Bad girl, Julie."
Chris clenched his teeth, stomping all the way to 4th hour, which he would no doubt be late for. 
Chris hated being late for things. It was rude, it deducted points in the class, it made the teacher angry. And all because of Kathy.... What could be worse?

Chris came into French late, which was weird for him. He looked angry as he quietly slipped into the room. He sat down next to me, "Hey, Angie."
"Hi. Is something wrong?" I asked. 
Chris shook his head, "Nah, Kathy just won't stop following me."
Hmm.... Nope, nothing out of the ordinary.

I sat by my friends at lunch, waiting for Chris, who hadn't arrived in the lunchroom yet. 
"There he is." Alice said, pointing across the room. 
Kathy trailed behind Chris, holding a video camera and chattering, "Why don't you want to be in my video, Chris?"
"Because, Kathy, you scare me!" Chris snapped at her without slowing down. 
Kathy sighed, "Oh, I get it." 
Chris turned around, looking at her. 
Kathy went on, "You're still mad about the whole thing where Leo and Johnny and I came to your house and I came in through your window...."
Chris snorted, "And a heck of a lot more than just that."
Kathy grasped Chris's hand in hers and said innocently, "Chris, am I too clingy? That's why you're upset, isn't it?"
Chris said, "Uh, yeah. That's exactly why, actually." 
Kathy let go of his hand and he stomped over to our table. 
Kathy squealed, "Ooh, this will be perfect for the drama scene in my movie!" 
I couldn't help rolling my eyes.
Chris sat down next to Alice and complained to us, "Uhg! Kathy is so annoying!"
"Uh-huh." I said in a 'duh' tone and Chris rolled his eyes.
"Don't be a smart-aleck, Angela." He said. 
Ooh, I made him mad. Oops.

So, that was my Valentine's Day. I found out that Leo was following Mouse around and singing 'Happy Birthday' was because Mouse hates her birthday, it being on Valentine's and all....

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