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Cool With A "K" PART 9 - CHAPTER 10

I was talking to Alice and Mouse when the male counselor, Ken came in. Chris was with him, crying. Oh great, one of the guys probably put some poor animal in his sleeping bag or something. Ken gestured for me to come over to him. I did this and started to say, "What's wrong, Ken-" Chris hugged me and started sobbing. I hugged him, "Chris, what happened?"
"Leo!" He wailed, "I-it was Leo!" Leo?
"Don't worry, young man. He will be severely punished." Ken said in that annoying voice he had. "Um, what exactly did he do?"
Chris wiped his nose and looked around the room at all the girls staring at him. Ken nodded, "You can tell me in my office." He smiled kindly. Chris nodded and Ken lead him away.
Ken ended up instructing Chris to sleep by me in the girl's cabin, which didn't bother him at all. When it was time to go to sleep, I asked Chris, "So, um.... what did Leo do? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."
"No, it's fine." Chris said, "He just, he got mad at me. He tried to apologize about the ipecac thing and I wouldn't listen to him. He got mad and I asked him why he did it...and....
he told me it was because he was tired of being stalked by a...." Chris's voice trailed off. He sniffed and whispered the word into my ear. I stared at him, "Leo?"
He nodded, "Yes, Leo." He sniffed again.
"I'm sorry, Chris. I shouldn't have asked-" I said.
"No, you had the right to know." Chris said. We were quiet for a long time before he said, "Hey, Ange, I'm tired. So, uh, I'll see you in the morning." I nodded and he instantly dozed off.
I glanced at the 33 girls who were staring at the only boy in the room. They stopped giggling and pretended to be asleep.
"Night girls." I whispered.

Cool With A "K" PART 9 - CHAPTER 9

Alice, Mouse and I met up with Leo and we sat down at a table in the Mess Hall. "Where's Chris?" I asked Leo. He grimaced, "Johnny Thomas owes me a new shirt." 
We all looked at him questioningly, "In the bathroom, reading the toilet." 
Alice gasped, "Leo! What did you do to the poor boy?"
"Nothing! I-" Leo stuttered. Just then, John Thomas passed by the table, "Hey, nice one, Leo! He's still projectiling!"
Leo scowled, "You owe me a new shirt!" I yelled stupidly. John held out his arms, as if to say What? 
Later that night in the boy's cabin, Leo went up to Chris, "Hey," he bent down, Chris had his nose in a book and wouldn't look at Leo. Leo tried again, "Hey man, I'm sorry. But it really wasn't my idea, I swear! He thought I was gay!"
Chris looked at him, "Oh, poor baby. Get away form me, asshole." This surprised Leo, Chris had just called him an asshole and he was not going to let him get away with it. "You don't call me that!" 
Chris stood up, "Why not? You deserve it!"
"Oh, I deserve it? I didn't even do anything and now you're callin' me an asshole!"
"Didn't do anything? Oh no, you did nothing at all, Leo! You only let that kid put ipecac in my water and laughed at me when I drank it! Why did you do that, Leo? Why?"
Leo was really mad now, "You wanna know why, Chris? Because I was sick and tired of being stalked by a f--" That was it, he had done it. Leo had called Chris the insult. The "f" word. No, not that F word, that other word. Yeah, that one. He had proved to the other guys in the cabin that he was not afraid to insult Chris. Quite the audience had gathered now. Chris stood, staring at Leo, a look of hatred in his hurt, bloodshot eyes. He swallowed, tears gathering in his eyes, "Look, Leo. Calling me names isn't going to do you any good. Calling me that isn't going to help you with your life. Calling me that may help you get some beautiful but heartless girlfriend, it may help you regain your pride, but not for long, Leonard White! Not for long!" Chris's voice got louder and louder until he was yelling on the top of his lungs. The counselor, Ken, came through the cabin door. "Now what on earth is going on in here?" Chris turned around, his face red and his eyes full of tears. "Now Chris, what on earth is wrong?" Ken said. Chris rushed up to him and started sobbing, hugging Ken like some sad little kid. Ken, looking confused, hugged Chris. "Will someone please tell me what is going on?"
The boys were silent, none of them dared tattle, the other guys would later torment them if they told on Leo, that would be weak of them.
Ken shook his head and directed Chris out the cabin door. Chris choked out, "Where's Angela? Where's my sister?"
"It's okay, she's probably still awake, if she is, I'll let you see her." Ken said gently.
Chris turned around and screamed, "I hate you, Leo!" He started sobbing all over again. Ken stopped, "Leo?" Chris glared at Leo, Leo shaking his head. Don't tell, Chris. Leo thought uselessly. Chris nodded, "Leo."
Ken told Chris to stay put where he was and walked over to Leo. "Leo, report to Kelly's office." Leo glared up at Ken. "Fine." he said, stomping out the door. Ken glanced around the room at all the other boys, who were staring stupidly at whoever spoke (Which was no one except for Chris, Leo, and Ken). "Gentlemen!" Ken shouted and all the boys started talking amongst themselves.

Cool With A "K" PART 9 - CHAPTER 8

I spotted Chris coming from the cabin, wheezing. I walked up to him, "Hey, are you feeling alright, Honey?" I said. 
Chris nodded, "Yeah, Ange. I'm fine." I put my hand on his chest. "Chris, did you take your asthma medicine?" He shook his head. I sighed, "Chris, you know how important it is!" He nodded, "I know." I took him to the camp nurse. Leo passed by us, "Hey, where you guys going?"
"I'm showing him the bathroom." I said. I don't know why I said this, but I did.

While Chris was "in the bathroom", Leo saw one of the campers, John Thomas, pick up Chris's water bottle. He opened it and started pouring a brown syrupy liquid into it. "Hey," Leo said, "What are you doing?"
John looked up and grinned, "Just sit back and watch." Leo snatched the water bottle, "What did you do? What did you put in it?"
"Calm down, kid. It ain't poison."
"What did you do? Is it gonna hurt him?" Leo snapped.
"Chill, man! What, is he your boyfriend?" John said.
Leo stared at John, furious that he would suggest that. "What was it? Not poison you say?"
John grinned, "Ipecac." 
Leo snorted, "Seriously?" he said, trying to act cool. "That's wicked awesome." John nodded. 
Chris came back and seeing John and Leo's expectant expressions, he walked over to them, holding his water bottle, "Hey, what's up you guys?" He said slowly.
"Nothing." John and Leo said at the same time. They started laughing stupidly as if they had planned it. Chris looked at Leo suspiciously. Leo nodded, "Ah, it's a hot day today, isn't it Chris?" he said.
"Uh, yeah." Chris said uncertainly. "I'll see you at, Lunch."
"Yeah." Leo and John both said. Chris walked away, taking a drink of the water. Leo and John started laughing out loud. Chris turned around, "What? What did you do?" he demanded. They laughed harder. "What?" Chris yelled at them.
"Now wait about ten minutes." John hooted. Leo laughed harder. Chris stared at them blankly. Leo patted him on the shoulder, "Nothing personal, Buddy. I couldn't stop him!" They both laughed harder. Suddenly, Chris bent over and projectile vomited all over Leo and John's shirts. They stopped laughing and stared in horror at Chris. "Angie!" Chris hollered. He looked at Leo and John, "What the hell did you do to my water?" He screamed.
"What the hell was that, John? You said it would take ten minutes!!!" Leo screamed.
"I... I put the whole bottle in...." John stared at Leo stupidly.
"You idiot! He has asthma! And a weak stomach! You could've killed him! Oh, gross!" 
Leo directed Chris to the bathroom, telling a counselor that Chris was sick and he ran off to change his shirt.

Cool With A "K" PART 9 - CHAPTER 7

Nope. Mouse screamed and ran right out the cabin door. The Fembot girls blinked. I'm sure that had never happened before in the history of Sunny Day camp. Alice and I started laughing uncontrollably. The girls all looked at us stupidly, their heads all cocked to one side. 
Michelle was the first to speak, "What was that?" she said stupidly. I tried to stop laughing, "Mouse." I said, "That was Mouse." 
The girls continued staring for while before turning back to one of the group to give a makeover to.

Cool With A "K" PART 9 - CHAPTER 6

Truth or Dare was weird. I felt like such an alien. It was all questions like "Have you ever been in love? With who?" and "I dare you to confess to Johnny that you love him!"  and that kind of crap. 
After Truth or Dare, one of the girls squealed, "Let's play Makeover!" Seriously? How old was she, four? Suddenly, 33 pairs of mascara-covered eyes fell on Mouse. Mouse backed against the wall, holding her arms out for defense. A sudden sea of Oh come on, Mouse, it'll be fun! You know, you could really use it. Pleaasee Mouse? Why not? I'll pay you! Mouse's eyes glimmered, her fingers twitched. "Oh my gosh, do you think...." Alice whispered to me. I shook my head, "No. T-there's no way.... right?
"How much?" Mouse said.
Oh my god! Did I seriously just hear that?! Alice and I exchanged looks. Was this really happening? The girl who had offered the money smiled, along with the rest of the Fembots, who came up from behind the girl, holding makeup of all sorts. Mouse's face fell. Oh my god, would she really......?

Cool With A "K" PART 9 - CHAPTER 5

Leo and Chris slowly approached the boy's cabin. Chris stopped walking.... again. Leo rolled his eyes.... again. He turned around, "Uh. Hey, you okay man?"
Chris stared at his feet, "I-I don't want to go in there. What if Zachary...."
"Dude! Enough about Zachary! That whole thing happened when you were five!"
"Whatever. He's not gonna remember that."
Chris was silent. Leo nodded and kept walking. Chris slowly followed him to the cabin.
Leo opened the cabin door. There was one thought that went through Chris's mind at moment; This is pure chaos. And it was; boys from the ages 14 to 17 ran around the room, took open packages of stolen food, etc.
Chris started to hide behind Leo and Leo stepped away so he couldn't do so. "This... is awesome." Leo said, his eyes twinkling. Chris stared at him, "Are you kidding? This is most definitely not awesome! This is hell! How can you-" But Leo had already run off to make some new friends. Chris stood in the doorway for a second longer, wondering what his chances of escaping would be if he made a run for it, but he realized that his home was almost four hours away. He sighed and then quickly dodged the egg that flew at him. It hit the wall and exploded . Chris stood back up, his eyes wide. This was not the place for him, he knew that much. 
Soon, one of the boys with sandy blonde hair, maybe 16 years old or so, hushed everyone, "Hey, check out what I swiped from Ken's office!" All the boys crowded around to see. The blonde boy pulled out a PlayBoy magazine. Everyone oohed and ahed and "how did you get that"d. Chris rolled his eyes. They're just a bunch of perverted thieves! He thought, walking over to a comfortable looking corner. He pulled out his ipod and a book, feeling that he was smarter and better than the goons drooling over a porn magazine. He smiled at his sudden feeling of superiority.
When it came time that the counselors came and made the boys go to bed, Leo rolled his sleeping bag out along with the rest of the cabin. Chris came and rolled his sleeping bag out next to Leo's. Leo stopped what he was doing, "Dude. What are you doing?"
Chris looked up at Leo with his big blue-green puppy dog eyes, "I want to be by you, 
they scare me." Leo stared at Chris, he could not believe he had just said that. "Uhg, 
how do I.... Look, Chris, you are fifteen, not five. Guys this age usually feel the slightest bit uncomfortable if.... Could you just give me a little bit of space?" Chris whimpered.
"Yeah, go on." Leo said. Chris looked down sadly and reluctantly pulled his sleeping bag about an inch away from Leo's.
"A little farther, Chris." Leo said, trying not to sound too annoyed. Chris pulled his sleeping bag about two more inches away.
"A little bit more than that." Leo sighed. Chris whimpered and pulled his sleeping bag about a yard away from Leo's.
"Thanks, Chris." Leo sighed and the boys got into their sleeping bags.
"Good night Leo." Chris said. Leo opened his eyes, facing away from Chris. ".... Good night, Chris." he said, thoroughly embarrassed and annoyed.
Chris lied awake for about five seconds before glancing over at Leo. He got up and pulled his sleeping bag over to Leo so that it was right next to his. Leo opened his eyes, glancing over at Chris, "Oh, you gotta be kidding-" he whispered to himself, putting his pillow over his head.

Cool With A "K" PART 9 - CHAPTER 4

After dinner in the "Mess Hall" (waaaaaay too cheesy, the food too. I don't like cheese.) Alice, Mouse, and I entered the girl's cabin. Mouse's eyes instantly widened in disgust (Ah, so much eye-widening. Any time someone's eyes are going to just pop out of their head.) The newest Lady Gaga CD was playing loudly (I only know what it was because Chris had begged me to let him get it a few months back, I said yes, big mistake.) and the room was filled with about 30 girls in variations of pink pajamas. I guess my old green ones might stand out a bit here. They sure did. As did Mouse's grey janitor's suit thing that she always wore. As did Alice's pale yellow long-sleeved nightgown (Of course she aimed for the most modest thing she could get). I guess all of I were dressed pretty modestly, especially compared to these skanks- uh *cough* girls, girls.... Most of them were wearing either very short pajama shorts and tank tops, short nightgowns, or simply underwear and their bra. I was surprised Katherine wasn't here... Oh, look! There's Katherine. Hi Mabel! Mabel was wearing a weird pink nightgown with green glitter and such.
Enough about pajamas, I dare not go farther. Mouse definitely stuck out the most. Most of the girls here where all giggly, why-doesn't-my-cell-phone-work-here, probably-can't-chew-gum-and-walk-at-the-same-time Fembots.
Eventually, one of them called out, "Let's play Truth Or Dare!" Mouse groaned loudly, but the Fembots paid no mind to her. Alice and I looked at each other and then turned to Mouse. We both started wringing our hand, not knowing what to say. "Um-" I started, but I didn't know what else to say, so Alice saved me. "Um, Mouse.... Why don't you give Truth Or Dare a try? I could be fun!" Mouse glared at Alice, "You trader."
"Now wait a minute, Mouse!" I said, "Don't be that way! We are going to play whether you like it or not! You can decide on your own if you want to play."
Mouse raised an eyebrow and me and then smirked, stepping back a step. I looked at Alice and then back at Mouse and sighed, "Come on, Alice." We joined the game.

Cool With A "K" PART 9 - CHAPTER 3

Once we finally got there, it was actually only 12:05 (We had to get up really early). We all hopped out of the bus, carrying our duffles and sleeping bags. I snorted and tapped Alice on the shoulder, pointing out Michelle, who had two suitcases and a sleeping bag, all of them a matching electric pink. We laughed even harder at the fact that Leo was trailing behind her, carrying most of it.

We all sat on benches in the big central area of the camp. Two counselors stood in front of all the benches, smiling cheesy, creepy smiles. "Why, HELLO THERE!" The female counselor hollered, her thick southern accent making it all the more annoying. "IIII'm Kelly," she said, the male counselor jumping in beside her, "And I'm Ken!" he said. Where they brother and sister Southern Sunny Day camp counselors, or were they just creepy K-named freakos? Maybe they were fake names.... and fake accents.
Chris and Mouse looked at me, probably thinking I was crazy for referring to this as 'fun'. Alice watched the camp counselors obediently and I shrugged at Mouse and Chris.
The boy's and girl's cabins were still thar and we kiddies got ta' sleep thar and play games thar and we would have a super duper time hee-ar. Why did I have trouble believing that?
Chris broke into it sweat when Kelly and Ken explained this part. I patted him on the back, "It'll be fine." I said, honestly not believing it myself.
After a looooong talk about how much fun we would have here and how great it would be, Chris ran into an old friend. Chris gasped, his eyes widening to an insane size. "Angie...." he whispered. I looked at him, following his gaze. There, standing a few yards away, was Zachary Jones. My jaw dropped, "Oh god..." I said. Chris bit his lip, but he didn't move. "Hey, Chris!" Zachary boomed, causing a squeak from Chris. Zachary bounded over, practically crushing Chris in a bear hug. "Where've ya been, little man?" Zachary boomed playfully. "Ahh...." Chris said, there was nothing more for him to say. Zachary patted him on the back, almost knocking him over. "So, looks like yer gonna get to stay with us this summer." Chris's eyes widened a bit and he squeaked out, "T-that's great, Zachary." Zachary laughed a laugh loud enough to shake the world and said, "Please, call me Zack." Chris nodded violently. Zack turned his attention to me, he was about a foot taller than me. "Well, look who we have here, Angela Harper. You sure have grown up, haven't you?" he reached out a dirty meaty paw to stroke my cheek, but I pulled away. "Now, now, Angela. Why do you resist?" he said, a smug look on his face.
I just stood there, scowling at him. Leo saw what was happening and went up to Zack. "Hey, leave her alone!" he said. Zack turned to Leo, Leo's confidence melting from his face like butter sliding off a frying pan. Zack was way taller and probably outweighed Leo by a hundred pounds at least. Leo backed up a little, Zack edging towards him. Leo glanced at me, Oh no, I thought, What would he do?
Zack put his face up close to Leo's, "What is it?" He said, "She yer girlfriend or something?"
Leo shook his head, "Nuh-uh." he said stupidly, pointing slowly to Michelle, who was far behind him, trying to find a place where her cell phone worked. Zack stared at Michelle, then Leo and laughed. "A little twerp like you gets a gal like that? In yer dreams."
Zack turned back to me, licking his lips creepily. He turned back to Chris, who was standing frozen where he was, eyes wide. Zach patted Leo and Chris on the back, "I'll see you ladies in the cabin." He laughed loudly and walked away. Leo glared at Zachary as he walked away. "That Dumbass. Are you okay, Angela?" 
I nodded, "Uh, yeah." I turned my attention to Chris. I went up to him, "You okay, Buddy Boy?"
He was breathing heavily as if he had just been running, and then he passed out. I caught him under his arms and, wondering if I should in front of the other guys, picked him up and carried him like a baby to one of the benches nearby. I put his head in my lap. He woke up, "Wha...?" he said. I shook my head, "It was nothing."
Right now was "Socializing Time" where all the Michelles got to meet up and screech, all the Zacks got to meet up and pat (more like hit) each other on the back, etc.
Me and my friends kind of stuck to the benches until I saw some I recognized; Mabel Oakfield! What was she doing here??? I stared at her stupidly for a while. She turned her head, she appeared to be looking right at me, but that wasn't possible, she was blind....
"Hey, Angela! Is that you?" She giggled happily. Holy hell, how'd she know- "Uh, hi Mabel." I said, Alice and Chris looking at me like I was totally losing it. Mabel giggled again, "What on earth are you doing here?"
"Oh, uh, my Mom sent us here this summer...." I said stupidly. Mabel cocked her head to the side, "Us? Who, him?" She thrust out a finger, pointing directly at Chris, who flinched.
"Uh, yeah." I said, "He's my... brother...."
"Your brother, eh? Oh, how cute!" She said, laughing. What was cute about it? He was just my brother. She couldn't be talking about how he looked physically, she couldn't see.... I was really lost now. Mabel grinned stupidly, which really wasn't a good description, because there was a good chance that she was smarter than us all. She gestured to Mouse and Alice, "And I see you two are here too!" Ironically phrased. Alice and Mouse nodded, probably half expecting her to be able to tell they were nodding and began saying things like Uh-huh. Yep! Oh, um yeah- yeah we're here. Mabel happily skipped off, leaving us more confused than ever.

Cool With A "K" PART 9 - CHAPTER 2

Alice, Chris, and I were at the bus stop, the bus to Sunny Day camp waiting for us. Alice and I were frantically attempting to pull Chris off of the stop sign pole he was clinging to.  "Um, Chris, t-that pole is no doubt covered in germs, you know." Alice said gently. Chris's eyes sprang open. "No doubt?" he hollered, "That was what Angie said when Mom told us about Camp! She said, "Oh don't worry Buddy Boy! Camp will have changed, no doubt! Well what if it didn't, huh?" Alice was silent, I leaned over to her, "Don't take it personally, he's just scared." We finally pulled Chris off of the stop sign pole and pushed him onto the bus. "Why?" Alice asked, her huge hazel eyes curious. 
Mouse and Leo were already on the bus. Alice sat down by Mouse. "Story time?" Mouse leaned in, seeing the grim look on my face. Chris sat next to me, window seat. He held onto my sleeve like a little kid. "Yes, Mouse. It's story time." I said. Chris whimpered from behind me. "You might not want to listen," I told him, "I'm telling them The Story." Chris whimpered again and curled into a little ball. Mouse and Alice's eyes got bigger with curiosity. I leaned in again, "Okay, so, eight years ago at Sunny Day camp, when Chris and I went for the first time."
"I was seven, Angela had just turned eight." Chris added.
I nodded, "There is a boy's cabin and a girl's cabin, at least there was eight years ago. The girl's cabin went to the archery field and the boy's went swimming." Mouse and Alice nodded eagerly.
"Chris refused to go swimming-" I started to say, but Mouse interrupted, "Why? He didn't want the guys to see him in a swimsuit?" Chris scowled at her and I sighed, "No, Mouse." I glanced at Chris and he nodded for me to go on. "He was afraid of water."
"Bet he still is." Mouse mumbled, Alice shushing her.
"Anyway," I began once more, "Chris refused to go swimming and the counselors asked him why, he didn't answer."
Chris broke in, his voice wavering, "And later that day, five of the other boys from the cabin, t-they were all a year or two older than me, came out to where I was sitting, by the shore, and one of them said, 'So, Chris, why didn't you go swimmin' taday?' I didn't answer him, I was afraid. He and his gang started slowly walking towards me and he talked. I could feel by bare feet crossing over from the soft white sand to the hard wood dock, but I didn't stop, I didn't want the boys to hurt me."
I pictured seven year old Chris, fully clothed in his spiderman t-shirt and khaki shorts, walking backwards on the Sunny Day dock.
Chris went on, a grim look on his face, "'You wasn't scared, were ya, Chris?' the leader boy had said, I shook my head no and he grinned. He and his gang had stopped walking, I stopped too. I had thought, Why was he smiling? What was there for him to be laughing about? Oh, I found out alright. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the lead kid pushed me, I fell off the dock and into the cold lake water below."
Mouse and Alice gasped, Alice drawing her hand up to her mouth to express surprise, "Oh my gosh, you poor thing!" she said quietly.
"The water was about eleven, twelve feet deep." Chris continued his story, "I couldn't breath, I couldn't swim." He paused dramatically. "I later woke up in the Main Hall of the Big Cabin, where the Mess Hall and such were, A counselor and dozens of girls and boys from camp stared at me. I looked around, searching for my sister. Soon, Angela came to the front, her blonde hair in two ponytails, one on each side. She was wearing a mustard yellow camp t-shirt."
I stared at Chris now, "You really remember this well, don't you?"
He nodded grimly, "I sat up and called for my sister, she looked at me, looking very worried, but didn't move. She looked scared too, as if she was afraid that some weird sea creature had bitten me and I would bite her if she came too close."
I bowed my head slightly, regretting not helping him sooner.
"The counselor gestured for her to come forward and she did, giving me a big hug." Chris went on, "As I cried into my sister's shoulder, I eyed the bullies who had pushed me into the lake, they were laughing. Laughing. They had just pushed a kid half their size into a twelve-foot-deep lake! I will never forget the look of pure evil on Zachary Jones's face that day." Chris stared straight ahead of him, thinking about the epic story of horror that he had just told us.
Mouse grinned and I shook my head at her, "Mouse...." I whispered. She grinned again, "I wonder if Zack still goes to this camp."
Chris grabbed my sleeve and started whimpering wildly, "No, Angie, no! Don't let him hurt me!" he moaned. I glared at Mouse, who was smiling triumphantly. "Don't listen to her, Chris." I said, eventually calming him down.
The bus ride was about three and a half hours long, Chris and Mouse both fell asleep eventually , Mouse drooling on the window, Chris sleeping peacefully with his head in my lap. I talked to Alice most of the time. Leo had happily discovered that Michelle was going to the camp to and he talked to her and listened to her chattering to her friends for almost an hour.

Cool With A "K" PART 9 - CHAPTER 1

No, Mouse! Put that frog back! Uhg, so annoying. Chris, no pudding for you. What?! Alice, where did that yogurt come from?! Beep beep beep. What?? Oh, clock. I shut off my alarm clock and got out of bed.
So, it all started this morning, when Mom made our breakfast, but instead of just giving us our food and going back to cooking, she sat down at the table, looking at both of us, smiling. Chris and I both looked up from our food. "Mom?" I said, my mouth full of eggs, "Why are you looking at us like that?"
Chris gasped, putting a hand to his mouth. "No, Mom! Not a baby! Right? RIGHT? No!!! I can't stand another Angie!" I punched him in the shoulder from across the table, "Hey! Don't be stupid! It's not a baby!" We both paused, out eyes widening, we turned our heads to look at Mom. "Right?" we said in unison. Mom laughed, "No, no! Of course not! You two have such wild imaginations!"
Dad came in and Mom was still laughing. "Hey Honey." he said.
"Hi." Mom laughed, she gave Dad a kiss. "What's so funny?" Dad asked her.
"Chris and Angela thought the news was that I was having a baby!" She started laughing all over again, "But I was really just going to tell them about camp!"
"Camp?!" Chris yelled, smacking his hands down onto the table, his eyes wide with fear. Mom calmed herself down. "Yes, Chris. Summer Camp, Camp Sunny Day. Remember it, Christopher?"
Chris stared at her, a I-can't-believe-you-would-do-this-to-me look in his eyes. He started breathing deeply and I sat him down in his chair, "It's okay Chris, it's been eight years. The camp has changed, no doubt!" I said. He looked at me, poor kid, he looked like a frightened little kitten. "N-no doubt?" He stuttered, his hand shaking.
I looked him in the eyes, "No doubt." I smiled at him. Chris sat back, sweating a bit. Mom looked at him, looking concerned. "Are you alright, Honey?"
"He's fine, don't worry." I smiled at her, looking back at Chris. "Think about it Chris, maybe it'll be fun."
He looked at me like I was crazy, "Fun? Camp Sunny Day, fun? Did you eat some bad eggs?"
I held up his fork, a piece of scrambled egg on the end of it. "You would've eaten the same bad eggs, Buddy Boy." He nodded again, taking a deep breath.
Mom broke in, "Um, well if it helps, your little friends Alice and Mouse and Leonard are going too." She smiled warmly. I grinned, "See Chris? You can follow Leo around in the cabin! You can have a friend there!"
 Chris groaned loudly, "I don't like Leo!"
"Don't be rude, Chris! It'll be fun, I'm sure of it!" I said.
Mom put a few brochures on the table, "Um, Camp starts next Monday, it's for three weeks. You can look at brochures if you want."
Chris stared at her. "Three weeks?" Then, only half to my surprise, he fainted. "Chris!" I said, "Oh crap!" I sat him up, "Aw, c'mon, Chris! Wake up buddy!"
Mom walked quickly out of the room, mumbling to herself, Maybe camp wasn't such a good idea after all.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cool With A "K" PART 8 - CHAPTER 8

Angie sat in her little cell, hating the situation she was in, wondering how much longer she would be alive. She heard a sort of hissing sound and turned to where the sound was coming from. A line was slowly appearing in the back wall! A square was soon cut out of the wall. Oh my god, is it really.... Angie couldn't freaking believe it! Mouse and Chris emerged from the newly cut hole! "Chris!!" Angie nearly shrieked with excitement. "Angie!" He ran up to her and she hugged him hard. "Oh my god, are you okay?" Angie asked him.
Chris laughed a hollow laugh, "Me? Are you kidding? You're alive! Ange, I thought...." Angie noticed Mouse, who was standing in the corner, looking kind of annoyed that she hadn't rushed up to her and hollered, "OH MY GOSH MY YOU SAVED ME! HOW CAN I EVER REPAY YOU? YAY!" 
Angie laughed a little bit, tears were welling up in her eyes. "Mouse, I..." Angie was smiling her little heart out. "Mouse, Chris... I just can't believe you're really here!"
Mouse cleared her throat, "I'm sorry to wreck the touching moment, but we need to find Leo."
Angie smiled, "No prob'. He's right in the next room."
"Well, that's convenient." Chris said.
Mouse took out a weird pen thing and cut a hole in the wall leading to Leo's cell. Leo was sitting in a ball in the corner of the room, his head down. Angie walked over to him and bent down. "Can I give you a hand?"
Leo slowly looked up, his jaw dropping slightly, "A-Angela! How...." She held a finger to his lips, "Someone came to see you." Angie stepped out of his line of vision, revealing Mouse and Chris, standing at the other end of the room. Leo's eyes lit up, "Mouse...." he whispered. Mouse was actually getting teary-eyed, she held out her arms and Leo ran up and gave her a hug. Chris joined Angie at her end of the room. "Well, well, well." he said, "Leo and Mouse hugging, there's a sight that only comes once in a lifetime." Angie nodded.
Chris looked at her, "So, what happened while we were gone?" Angie suddenly remembered what Leo had said to her; I love you Angela Harper. She grimaced a little and shook it off. "N-not much. Not much at all." Chris grinned at her. 
"And what about you?" She asked him. Chris's eyes got a little wider, as if remembering something and then he just sighed, looking at Mouse tiredly. "Nope, you didn't miss much either."
"What, did you kiss her?"
"Ah! Gross, Angela! Are you trying to make me vomit?"
Angie laughed, "Nope, just pushing your buttons." She slung her arm over Chris's shoulder, Chris looking very annoyed. "Enough of that," he said, "let's gather them up and get the hell out of here." 
Angie nodded, "Good plan." She walked over to Mouse and said, "Hey, we need to get out of here." Mouse nodded. Leo stepped up, "But, first, Angela."
Angie smiled coyly and ran up to Leo. Mouse and Chris's jaws dropped, their eyes widened. Chris leaned over and whispered to Mouse "Oh... my.... god. What the hell? I mean-" Mouse started giggling and she snorted, soon enough she burst out laughing. "Oh come on, Mouse! You are so immature!" Chris cried. Mouse laughed and put a hand on his shoulder, "As if... you're..... more... mature... than me!" She laughed so hard at the fact Leo and Angela were now making out right in front of her that Chris thought she might explode. Chris started laughing hard. "It- it just doesn't make sense!" Chris laughed, "I know Angie, she thinks Leo's disgusting!" Leo and Angie broke apart. "What?" Leo questioned. Angie turned his head so he would look at her, "Don't listen to them, Honey." 
Then, Leo heard Mouse's voice again. "Leo? Dude, what the hell is wrong with you? Leeeeooooo?" But her voice sounded far away. What the- Leo thought, but he didn't get to finish pondering this, for suddenly, the walls of the jail cell broke and huge waves of water came in, trapping them all underneath the new Sea. Leo couldn't breath, he couldn't think. What was going on? "No! Nooooo!!!!!"
"WHAT????" Leo bolted upright, breathing heavily. His black hair and his shirt were completely drenched and Mouse was standing in front of him, holding a glass cup upside-down, looking at him like he was crazy. Leo frantically looked around, he was so confused. "Angela! Angela! Where is she? Where did you go? Angela?! Chris? Chris! He was right there-" 
"LEO!" Mouse grabbed Leo's face, making him look her in the eyes, "Leo.... what the hell are you talking about?" She said very slowly. She let go of Leo and he looked around the room, his Study Hall. Almost everyone had left, but about seven or eight kids still remained, staring holes into him. "B-but..... Angie.... s-she was there and.... and....." Mouse looked at Leo like she was trying to remember the number of the town's best Psychiatrist. Leo looked back at her, a weird, wild look in his eyes, "And Chris! He was wearing a unitard!" Some of their classmates giggled. "A-and so were you!" He pointed a finger at Mouse, she drew back a little bit. "And Angie! Oh, Angela.... she was so...."
Mouse sighed, "Leo, let's go to Lunch, okay?" Leo looked at her stupidly, "Uh, yeah... yeah...
Mouse and Leo passed Chris and I in the hall. Leo leaned over to me, "Call me!" he whispered loudly. Mouse turned him away from us and made him keep walking. I turned to Chris, "What was that?" Chris shrugged, "I have no idea." We both blinked and slowly looked back at Leo and Mouse. Leo was chattering on to Michelle and making odd hand gestures, Michelle staring at him stupidly and nodding. Maybe this was a language she could understand.
At lunch, we got to hear Leo's whole story about how he was kidnapped by a team of Freaks and Mouse made us wear unitards and how Chris was extremely unattractive in one (Leo put extreme emphasis on this, Chris rolling his eyes). How the kidnappers kidnapped me and Mouse and Chris had to go to the hospital. How he and I were trapped in a huge prison. How Mouse and Chris came to save us, and then..... we paused at this part, his face reddening, all of us looking at him with confusion. How a huge wave came and drowned us all, Mouse snorted when he explained this, Leo scowling at her and wringing out his shirt. "Well," Alice gently patted Leo on the back, "That sounded like some dream."
Leo thrust his arms out dramatically, "But it was more than a dream! It was- amazing..." Leo turned his gaze to me and I leaned away from him a little. He stared at me for a second, Chris giggling, me staring at Leo (But in a different way, think more Why is he staring at me like that? What a creep! and the like). Mouse cleared her throat loudly and Leo sat back down, staring at his food.
At recess, Leo was jumping around like some mentally challenged ninja, while Chris, Alice, and I stood quite far away from him, wondering what on earth had gotten into him.

Cool With A "K" PART 8 - CHAPTER 7

Mouse and Chris peered through the thick bushes. It was dark out and they were hiding behind a group of bushes, peering at a large building that went deep into the ground.
"I think this is it." Chris whispered. Mouse nodded, "Yeah, I would guess. The SUV is parked outside a mysterious looking building. Uh-huh, this is it." Without another word, she started creeping through the bushes, slowly edging towards the building. Chris stood in the bushes for a second more before following her. "Well, you don't need to be harsh." he mumbled.
They crouched next to the building, peeping around the edge of it. Chris groaned, "Guards, of course. Big ones, too." 
Mouse grinned, "Not a problem." 
Chris eyed her curiously, "What do you have in mind?" Mouse opened a pocket in her belt and pulled out a movie-type grappling hook. Chris looked confused for a second, but then he smiled, "What's next? Do you have an inflatable life raft in that belt of yours too?"
"Two. You have the parachutes." Mouse said casually, keeping her eyes on the grappling hook she was holding. 
"What?" Chris said.
"Um, I think it's yours." Mouse quickly grabbed Chris's collar and checked the number on the back. "Yep. You have the parachutes." 
Chris now felt that he required no further explanation and focused his attention on the grappling hook. "So, what are we going to do? Throw the thing onto the windowsill up there, you pull us up, take out a crowbar and brake open the window and we get inside?"
"No, silly. Before we do all that I have to kill the security system." Mouse said. Chris was officially stumped. "Now that's just annoying." he said as Mouse took out a box of small tools and cracked open a box of wires on the side of the building. Mouse started to clip a latch that was connected to the string of the grappling hook onto Chris's belt. "Hey!" he said, "I can do it myself."
Mouse looked up at him innocently, "Of course you can, Pumpkin." she squeezed his cheeks and he pulled away, trying to clip the latch onto his belt, but failing. "Here, I'll do it, you baby." "Hey! No!" Chris growled. Mouse looked a little offended, "What? Am I offending you? Is this too suggestive for your childish mind? Come on! I'm a girl, you're a gay guy, this shouldn't bother you." She clipped the latch onto his belt. Chris scowled, "Why do you keep saying that stuff? I have feelings too."
Mouse looked at him calmly, clipping a latch onto her own belt. "What? Are you claiming that you're not gay? Because I won't believe you."
"Well, no but- Just stop Mouse! I know what you're doing!" Chris said. She really knew how to get under his skin.
"Is that so?" Mouse grinned.
"Yes! You're trying to get me to say it! You know, but you just want to hear me say it. You're just doing it to bug me!" Chris hissed at her. 
Mouse smiled at him, "Oh, you've figured out my plan! Good job, Cookie. Do you want me to put a gold star on your chart tomorrow?"
Chris pushed Mouse, knocking her a little off balance, but she easily caught herself. "Ooh, what was that? You're not going to hurt me. You won't, because you can't. You don't have the nerve or the strength." Mouse put her face up close to Chris's. Chris was starting to get more angry now, "Oh Mouse! Don't think I can't beat the crap out of you!"
Mouse laughed loudly and patted Chris on the shoulder, "Good luck with that, Sugar." She bent back down and cut a thick blue wire in the power box on the building. She looked behind her, "Oh," she said, "Come on, let's go." Chris could've sworn that Mouse's hair was thicker and richer and longer than usual, but he didn't take it in as an important detail and shook it off. "Chris, put your arms around my neck." she said, a serious look on her face. Chris grimaced distastefully, but did what he was told when he saw her serious expression. Mouse pulled on the string of the grappling hook and began pulling them up higher and higher off the ground. Chris looked down nervously, "Uh, Mouse? D-do we have to do this? I-isn't there another way." 
"What is it, Chris? Is Mister Macho afraid of heights?" Mouse said.
"Very funny." Chris sighed, he was already getting quite tired of this rescue mission. They were soon perched on the windowsill near the top of the building. Mouse started busily shoving a miniature crowbar into the windowsill. "Chris, whatever you do, don't.... look.... down." He did, "HOLY HELL MOUSE!!!!! HOW HIGH UP ARE WE???? OH GOD! I JUST HAD TO LOOK DOWN!" he screeched.
Mouse chuckled, "I knew you would, that's why I said it." Chris scowled at her. The windowsill made a loud crack sound and Mouse pulled the glass out of the frame. "Come on." she whispered to Chris, crawling into the open window. "A-are you sure this is a good idea?" Chris worried, rethinking the risk of this plan. Mouse looked at him, "Oh, I suppose you're right, Chris. Let's just ditch this and leave Angie and Leo here and call it a day. Maybe we can pick up some ice cream on the way home."
Chris shook his head with frustration, hating Mouse's sarcasm, he climbed through the window after her.
It was cold and drafty in the building. Chris and Mouse were in a huge room with a high ceiling and the walls were covered in sheets of metal. "It's like a giant air duct..." Chris said, his voice echoed through the huge metal room. "Shh!" Mouse hushed him, "We have to be quiet, they can't know we're here."
Chris cocked his head, "Who....?"
Mouse rolled her eyes, "The kidnappers, Dumbass!" Chris scowled at her. They heard voices coming from what sounded like a long hallway behind the large metal door in the room. "Oh god, Chris!" Mouse whispered, "Were do we go???"
"I-I don't know!" Chris whimpered, "Are we gonna die? They're gonna kill us!" Tears filled Chris's eyes and Mouse rolled hers again. "God, Chris! You are such a baby! They're not going to kill us!"
Chris wiped his nose and they heard the voices again; a man and a woman. Chris and Mouse began frantically running around the huge room, in search of a hiding place. Mouse stopped running around like a maniac and pressed her ear against the metal wall. She knocked on it gently, Chris looked at her, totally confused.  Mouse shifted to another part of the wall and did it again. The voices were getting closer. 
"Mouse, what are you doing?" Chris hissed. 
"Shh." she instructed him. She knocked on the wall a few more times and to Chris's surprise, the last knock sounded different. Mouse's eyes lit up and she quickly took out what looked like a pen, but clearly wasn't, for she took off the cap and pointed it at the wall. A thin red beam shot out of it and began cutting through the steel wall. Chris cocked his head and watched with bewilderment. "A laser..." he whispered to himself.
Soon there was a large square shape cut out of the wall. It fell and Mouse caught it, gently setting it against the wall next to it. 
She climbed through the hole, "Come on, Chris!"
Chris looked behind him at the door nervously, "B-but... won't they see the hole?"
"I'll take care of that." Mouse whispered. Reluctantly, Chris did what he was told and climbed into the hole. This is so weird, it's like I'm in some cheesy spy movie.... Chris thought, wishing that he would just wake up from this dream and Angie would be back home...
Mouse sealed the metal square back into place and they crawled through the tunnel behind the wall. It was a truly odd sight; The tunnel was about eighteen inches wide and went on forever, the walls were covered in hundreds, probably thousands of different colored wires. There were thick wires hanging from the ceiling. 
They traveled through the tunnel for almost an hour before Mouse held up a hand to stop the possibility of Chris talking. "I hear something." she whispered.
"What?" Chris asked curiously, but a little bit afraid of what the answer could be.
Mouse took out the weird laser pen and started to cut a hole in the wall in front of her.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cool With A "K" PART 8 - CHAPTER 6

We were thrown back into the dark, musty room from before. It was cold and dark and we were miserable. We were sitting on the floor, huddled close together. I looked Leo's way, though I couldn't really see him, "What are we going to do?"
Leo sighed, "Angie, I really don't know. I don't know how we'll get out of here, I don't know how we'll stop stop Mouse and Chris from falling right into the trap...."
"Assuming they're still alive." I could feel my eyes start to moisten. Leo looked my way, not saying anything. I felt him put his arm around me and I bit my lip. What was going to happen to us? Were Chris and Mouse still alive? Were the people here going to kill us? Was Mouse going to come try to rescue us, only to fall into the trap?..... Would she come and rescue us successfully? A little shimmer of hope crept into my heart. "There's still a possibility that they'll come for us.... and not get killed, a-and then we can all go back home, right?" I said, trying to smile at Leo.
Leo shook his head, "I don't think so, Angie, not this time. This is it, we're finished."
My smile faded and I nodded. Realizing he couldn't see me, I said, "Yeah, i-it was just an idea."
Leo turned my way, "A-Angie?" I looked at him.
"Um, there's something I should probably tell you," But he never got to finish, for just then one of the big muscular workers came in. He grabbed our collars, holding us just barely off the ground, and dragged us out of the room.
He turned out to be taking us to a more suitable jail cell, where we couldn't escape. It also turned out that his name was Jymm. Jymm unlocked two cells with big wide barred doorways and tossed us each into one. The cells were side by side. As gross and perverted as I sometimes thought Leo was, I almost missed the comfort of his arm around my shoulder, telling me that we could get through this and figure out a way to help Mouse. Jymm slammed and locked our cell doors and left. I slid down to a sitting position, my back against the wall. I curled up into a ball and, feeling stupid ever though no one could see me, started crying. I had been crying so much lately, my tear glands would soon enough dry up. "Angela?" I heard Leo's muffled voice. "Angie, can you hear me?" Surprised and relived that I had someone to talk to, I put my ear against the cold stone wall. "Leo?" I said, "Um- yes! Yes, I can hear you!"
"Oh, okay. Good!" Leo said from the other side of the wall. I couldn't help but smile, then I remembered Mouse and Chris. "So...." I started to say, but I got all choked up and stopped myself. 
"Um, what I was going to say before, um, I have a confession...." Leo said slowly.
"Well, um............"
Why was he doing that? Was it something really bad?
"Uh..." he started again, "I......I looked up your skirt while we were watching Uptown Girls at your house!"
I had the feeling that wasn't what he was going to say, but I had no idea what else he could've said, so I didn't say anything. Silence. "Uh....." I said eventually.
"Uh-huh. I know, I'm so bad." Leo said, but he didn't sound like he was bragging, he sounded nervous. I raised my eyebrow in confusion, this having no effect, Leo being on the other side of the wall. "Was that really what you were going to say Leo?" I sure was prying a lot for someone who had no idea what he would've said if that wasn't it.
"Um.... no." Leo sighed. Well, didn't expect that. I could hear Leo breathing kind of deeply.
"Leo?" I said. He gasped as if I had startled him. "Uh- okay! Um, it was.... it was....."
"Geez, Leo! Just spit it out!" 
"I love you, Angela Harper!" Leo shouted, sounding frustrated. Okay, didn't see that coming either. More silence. I sighed and leaned my head against the wall. This was all so much, I mean, we were trapped in a huge prison, my brother and Leo's step sister were in danger and probably headed right into a trap, Leo comes out with this not-related-to-anything statement that would usually just make me squirm, but now I just don't know what to say. My brain was in total overdrive, millions of thoughts going through my head, I couldn't think about any one thing. Chris, Mouse! Don't come! You'll get killed! Are we going to live? Are they going to live? What did you just say Leo? No! Don't try to save us, Mouse! How will we get out of here? I felt like screaming. We both remained silent. Leo broke the silence, "Uh, Angela?"
I let out a long, slow, stressed breath, realizing that I had been holding my breath. I closed my eyes. "Yeah, Leo?"
"I-I was just gonna ask if you were okay...." he tried to change the subject, "So, h-how are we going to get out of here?" 
I groaned, "I don't know, but we have to, don't we?"
"Yeah." Leo said sadly. 

We were both lost. This sucked.

Cool With A "K". PART 8 - CHAPTER 5

Mouse sat up in her bed, arms crossed. She thought about all that had happened earlier that day. Her brother and best friend had been captured, Chris had come mind-bogglingly close to death, and she could do nothing to help her brother and her friends, for she was stuck in this stupid hospital bed. Now, don't think that because Mouse has the ability to screech loud enough to pop your eardrums within seconds that she also has magical healing powers too. Mouse had a sprained wrist and and broken nose and the hospital wouldn't let her leave. She also couldn't leave because she had to be there for Chris. Poor Chris, he had already gone through a major situation with being hit by a truck and now this. His injuries this time weren't nearly as bad, but he was still torn up. Broken ribs, mostly.
Mouse glanced over at Chris, who was sleeping in the hospital bed closest to her. I should probably get to sleep too. She thought, yawning. But no! I can't! Angie and Leo need me. So does Chris. I got them into this mess and it wouldn't be fair of me to just leave them. But Chris, he can't leave the hospital.... Mouse sighed, her brain was so full right now, maybe sleep would be the best thing for her. She slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep.
The hospital let them leave the next afternoon, but required a parents phone number. "Why the hell would they need that?" Mouse whispered to Chris.
"I don't know! Just give them your Mom's cell number!" Chris hissed.
"No, we can do better than that." Mouse said. So they gave the hospital "Their parent's phone number" that took Mouse about three seconds to come up with.
"Nice job." Chris told Mouse as they walked towards where the SUV had driven off the night before. Mouse looked at him, "With what? Letting your sister get captured?" Chris shook his head, "No, you just seem so calm. I mean- the whole situation..." Chris stopped himself and sniffed. They stopped walking. Mouse didn't know what to do now. "Um," she said, leaning over to hug him. She felt so awkward, Chris wasn't one of her absolute favorite people. She cared about him enough to be worried when he was dying, but not enough to feel comfortable hugging him. Chris sniffed again.
"Uh, there there." Mouse tried to comfort him. Well, that was stupid. Mouse thought. Comforting wasn't really up her alley and so she wasn't at all used to this. Angela was usually there to take care of her childish 15-year-old brother, so Mouse had to do nothing. Chris was crying now. Stop it, you big baby! Mouse wanted to hiss at him like she usually would, but she understood this time. He wasn't used to this kind of thing.
"Hey. we'll find them, okay?" she said. Chris nodded and they continued walking.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 8 - CHAPTER 4

My head was throbbing, I could hear my heart beating loudly in my ears. My breath was coming out in short, pained puffs. What happened? Where was I? How did this happen? Was I dead? No, that's ridiculous.... or was it? The pain in my head was unbearable. My arm hurt too. "Uhhhgg......" I heard a terrible sound, then I realized it had come from me. I groaned again. "Angela?" What was that? "L-Leo?" I moaned. I opened my eyes, it was dark. I tried to sit up and I almost screamed. I felt like someone had shot me in the side of the head. I sat up slowly, the ground was cold and grainy, as if someone had poured sand on the floor, but not enough to make it anything near comfortable. "Yes, Angela. It's me, Leo." My eyes started to adjust to the dark and I saw Leo's rough form. I could tell that he was pretty torn up. He had a huge gash on his cheek and his hair was messed up. Suddenly, I remembered what happened and without trying to stop myself, I started sobbing. Leo put his arm around me and I cried into his shoulder. "It's okay. It'll be alright..." He said, trying to sound like he meant it. I cried and cried until I couldn't cry anymore. I wiped my nose. My face was covered in a gross coat of blood, snot, dirt and tears. "Chris!"' I said loudly, "Mouse! Where are they?" I started to panic. Leo wrapped his arms around me. "I... I don't know." he said, and I started crying again. A door was flung open, hitting the wall with a loud bang, making me wince, and light poured into the room. I shielded my eyes. A large figure was clearly visible, standing in the doorway. One of the men from before came in and picked us up by our shirts and slammed the door behind us.
The huge man brought us into a brightly lit, smallish room with a table and three chairs in the center. He thrust us down into two of the chairs and sat down in the other. We silently waited for the creepy man to explain why the hell we were here. "Um, excuse me." Leo addressed the man, I looked at him like he was crazy. The man grunted at Leo.
"Um, i-if you would, would you mind telling us what the hell is going on?" Dang Leo, that was real smart.
The man growled a little and we leaned away from him. There was a little rap at the door that made Leo and I jump. I man got up and opened the door. In walked a different man who was dressed in a suit (ooh, scary!) and he had glasses. He looked very business-man-like. He sat down at the table and the first man left. The man in the suit smiled at us and we scowled back. The man laughed, "My, my, you're very intimidating, aren't you? Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Theodore Michel. You call call me Mr. Michel if you'd like." He smiled at us again. We kept scowling and he laughed again. Leo said, "Okay, why don't you just cut the crap and tell us why the hell we're here." Michel laughed again and said, "Now, now. Let's not get anxious! I'm getting to that part." This guy is so weird. I thought.
Michel leaned in, folding his fingers together. "Now," he said, wiping his stupid grin off his face. "The reason you two are here is that girl you two are often with. Tiffany White." Our eyes widened and we looked at each other. "Wait!" I stood up, shaking, "So, you're telling us....." I swallowed, "That..... Mouse's real name is Tiffany? That is so stupid!"
"Yes." Michel said flatly, looking disappointed. Leo sat me down and looked at me, almost impressed with me, which I didn't get. "Good job stalling." he whispered. 
"Stalling?" I cocked my head and Leo raised and eyebrow at me and looked back at Michel. Michel sighed and continued talking, "So, the reason you're here," I snapped back into focus.
"Is your friend, Tiffany White. She has something very rare that we need. She was too hard of a target to get ahold of ourselves, so we tried getting you as bait, so that she would come to us." He gestured to Leo. "But that didn't work, so we got you as well." He gestured to me. "Now we have two hostages and we are waiting for her to come and rescue you. We will capture her and take away what we rightfully deserve."
Leo and I looked at him questioningly. "So.... what is it?" I ventured. 
Michel smiled, "Tiffany Payton White possesses a superhuman power, think, just think......" he paused dramatically, "Black Canary, or Banshee and the like."
I cocked my head stupidly and Leo rolled his eyes at me. "Angela! Black Canary! DC Comics?"
"Oh my god Angie, don't tell me you've never read any DC Comics?"
"No, I haven't actually. DC Comics are for little boys to burn their brains out with." I crossed my arms and Leo rolled his eyes again. Michel cleared his throat and we remembered what was going on. Michel leaned in dramatically again. He looked at us back and forth. "Ultrasonic Screech." He said. We took this all in. "Kind of like a bird?" I asked.
"Kind of like a bat." Leo said. 
Michel smiled evilly. "Precisely, and this power is very valuable." I looked up, realizing what he was getting to, I gulped. "Um, so how would you.... extract... this... power?" my voice cracked when I said 'extract'.
Michel smiled again. "Shall I explain? Or do you very intelligent children understand what I am saying without further explanation?"
We nodded, "W-we're fine, Sir." Leo said, taking a deep breath.
So that was what was up with the eyes and her mood changes and all that, Mouse has some weird powers and these men want them. I won't let them hurt Mouse, they won't get her, not as long as I'm alive.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 8 - CHAPTER 3

Mouse flew at the guy who was holding Leo and the guy dropped Leo on the ground. Mouse punched the guy in the face over and over and over. She screamed, "Leo! Get away! Fast!" The guy jabbed Mouse's pressure point and Mouse fell to the ground.
The purple-haired woman threw a punch at Chris and shockingly, he dodged it. Chris dodged a few more and the woman roundhouse kicked him in the stomach. He fell to the ground. He couldn't breath, he felt like someone had just crushed his lungs into the back of his ribcage, which she very well might have done. Chris tried to get to his feet, only to fall back down. 
Mouse lay on the ground, she opened her eyes slowly. The guy who she had attacked ran fast, chasing after Leo. Oh, no you don't! Mouse thought. She reached out and grabbed the guy's ankle and he said a lovely hello to the cement street.... with his face. Mouse got up and ran to Chris. She picked him up and put her arm around his waist. "Chris! Chris, say something please!"
"Uhhhg, damn it! That hurt...." Chris groaned, blood was pouring out of his mouth. Now, to help Angie. She was lying on the ground about 25 feet away, blood too pouring out of her mouth, she struggled to try to get up. She looked at Mouse. "Angie!" Mouse shouted. No! The guy who had hit her had a large sack. He picked Angie up and dropped her into it as if she were a rag doll. Chris gained consciousness and his eyes widened in horror as the team tossed his unconscious sister into the SUV and climbed in. "No!" he screamed, a gargling sound blending with his voice and he started coughing up blood. The SUV started to drive off. "Stay here!" Mouse instructed Chris. She started running as fast as she could after the SUV. Leo and Angela were both in that SUV and she would do whatever it took to get them back. She jumped onto the rear bumper of the car. Her boots instantly started slipping off of the slippery metal. She desperately tried to stay on. A hairy hand holding a pistol slithered out the window, aiming the gun right at Mouse's head. There was shouting and the gun shook and fired, just grazing Mouse's shoulder. She cried out. Mouse, you can't leave them.... But she had no choice. Mouse let go of the moving car and fell hard on the ground. She gasped and quickly sat up, watching the car drive away with her friend and her step brother. Mouse remembered Chris and ran back to where she had left him. He was lying on the ground, motionless. There was a pool of blood around his head. "Chris!" Mouse limped over to Chris and helped him sit up. She sat on the ground next to him. Chris stared of into where the SUV had driven off. "They took my sister...." he choked out, his voice sounded like he was trying to talk with water in his mouth. He started coughing again and Mouse put her hand on his back. "I know." She said, "I know they did...." Her eyes were hot with tears, stinging her face as the tears blended with the blood from her nose. Her leg and head hurt badly. "Come on, we need to get to somewhere safe." Mouse said, helping Chris stand. She herself was having trouble with this, so they hooked their arms around each other's waists and walked to the nearest hospital. Chris didn't even mention the thought of calling the hospital or 911, he had been in a ambulance one too many times and didn't want to go through it again, so they walked for two miles before Chris collapsed. "Oh Chris! No! No! No!" Mouse cried. Blood loss. She thought. She had to do something, fast! She took out her cell phone and dialed 911. After 20 minutes, an ambulance came and took them away. When they were all in the ambulance, Mouse thought. I'm lucky to be alive. Chris is here, dying, Angela and Leo- well, anything could happen, they could already be.... Mouse started crying.
"Don't worry, we are going to help your friend, he'll be alright." One of the doctors in the ambulance reassured her. Mouse nodded and didn't say anything for the whole ride.

Cool With A "K". PART 8 - CHAPTER 2

I invited Alice, Mouse, Leo, Jamie, and Chris to go to the mall today. We were all piled into Alice's car, on our way to the mall. We were all chatting and listening to the radio. Soon enough, Fergalicious by the Black Eyed Peas started playing. "Oh my god, this is my favorite song!" Chris squealed excitedly. I rolled my eyes. Oh great. Then, he started singing alongOh my god, Chris! I thought. 
"Fergalicious definition Make them boys go loco They want my treasure So they get their pleasures from my photo!" he sang loudly. 
"Shut up Chris!" I shouted. 
Alice laughed, "Calm down, Ange! Let the boy have his fun!"
I sat next to Chris, totally annoyed. He didn't stop, "I ain't easy, I ain't sleazy I got reasons why I tease 'em boys just come and go like seasons" he sang, "Fergalicious-"
"CHRIS!!" I yelled, "Shut up!!!!" Chris leaned closer to me, pouting. "What is it, Angie? You don't like my singing?" He batted his eyelashes at me. All of my friends laughed. "God, Chris! You are so annoying!"
"Chill, Ange!" Leo said.
I sighed and crossed my arms, hunching my shoulders. I glanced over at Chris, who was smirking. When he noticed I was looking at him, he started singing quietly again "That puts them boys on rock rock and they be linin' down the block just to watch what I got" I scowled at him, he stopped singing. "I'm the F to the E, R, G, the I, the E
And can't no other lady put it down like me. I'm fergalicious!
" He sang at full volume. "Damn it, Chris! Shut up shut up shut up!!!! You are mostdefinetly NOT fergalicious!!!!!" I punched his arm over and over. Everyone laughed. I glared at them. "I'm sorry Ange, you're just so touchy!" Alice laughed. I sat in a pissed-off silence for the rest of the ride.

Okay, the mall was really fun. Me and five of my friends ran around the Mall for hours, not really buying much, but we got a lot of food (thank you, Mouse!) ran around, etc etc!
Alice dropped me and Chris off at our house at late o' clock. We went to bed.
At about 2 A.M., I heard a scratching sound at my window. What? I thought sleepily. I opened my window and to my surprise, Mouse was standing in the tree right next to the window! "Come on!" she whispered. "What the hell?" I said, "What are you-" "It's Leo!" She said. Leo is her step brother by the way. Mouse practically pulled me halfway out the window. "Mouse! Stop!" I whispered. "I need shoes, Dummy! Let me get Chris."
"Fine." Mouse sighed.
I put on my red robe over my faded green pajamas and I pulled on my sneakers. I literally pulled Chris out of bed, putting my hands under his arms and making him stand. "Come on Chris! Your girlfriend is in trouble!" I whispered. Chris looked up at me tiredly. "That's not even funny." he said, yawning.
I helped Chris out my bedroom window and we all jumped down. Once we got to Mouse's house, I said to Mouse, "Okay, what's wrong?"
"He's gone." Mouse said. "Leo is gone." We were all silent. "Gone?" I asked, "What do you mean.... he's gone?"
"That means he is no longer where he was the last time Mouse saw him." Chris explained. I elbowed him. "Where do you think he went?" I asked.
"I have no idea." Mouse said in her same gravely tone, but she didn't sound as tired as usual. Maybe she's nocturnal, I thought. "Well, that helps a lot." I said grumpily. I took it back after I said it. Mouse actually looked sad. Her eyes looked different then usual. Instead of their usual puke-green color, they were more purple-ish. Weird. "So, uh... you want us.... to help you find him.... at 2:06 a.m.?" I asked.
"Yes." Mouse said, sounding stressed.
I sat back, "Well. Okay then." I had no idea what to say. I had always thought Mouse was a little bit out of it, but was Mouse seriously crazy? Should I trust her? Wait- What was I saying? I had known Mouse for years and I couldn't just flake out on her when she actually needed help. "So what do you want me to do exactly?" I said. Mouse took a deep breath and started explaining her master plan. "Okay, so here's the plan...." she actually took out a map of the city and started saying cheesy movie-type lines like "and then Chris will take 19th Avenue and turn onto blah blah blah."
And get this; She lead us into her garage and took a ring of key off her belt. She stuck a blueish silver key into the lock of a tall gleaming silver thing that looked kind of like a refrigerator. Mouse opened the doors of the thing and revealed three batman-type unitard-like suits. At the exact time, standing on either side of her, Chris and I looked at her and said "No."
Mouse looked at us questioningly, "Why not? They're waterproof, bulletproof, stinkproof, anything, you name it!" We crossed our arms, each raising an eyebrow at her. Mouse held out her arms as if to say "What?", totally confused. 
"I am not wearing a unitard." Chris said. Mouse stared at him, "Why not? You're gay!" Chris was silent. I bit my lip, now she'd done it. After a long he's-so-gonna-kick-your-ass silence, Chris sighed, "Mouse, that doesn't.... mean... anything." That was it. He'd admitted it to her. Even though Mouse totally knew, Chris had never actually told her. Come on," Mouse said, "We can be like super heros, saving the world!" She started jumping and kicking things in the garage, looking like a complete moron. "No, Mouse. That's just stupid. Is Leo seriously missing?" I asked her, a little bit too insensitively. Mouse stopped running around the room and looked at me. "Yeah," she nodded sadly, "Yeah, he is."
"Well, why don't you just leave it to the police?" Chris said gently. Mouse looked up, "He's my brother, I can't just leave him."
"Step brother." Chris corrected and I elbowed him again. I stepped forward, "And why is it that you think we can help you find him?" I asked, totally stressed now.
Mouse opened her mouth to speak, but closed it again. She tried once more and yet again retracted. "Uh..... I don't.... know. I-I honestly don't know...." 
I groaned, "Mouse!"
"I know, I know! I.... I'm sorry. I just needed someone here...." I couldn't believe this, Mouse was actually in a tough situation. Mouse was never in a situation that she couldn't fix herself. Out of peanut butter? No worries! Just go to Angie's house to pick some up! Bored? No problem! Gather some of the girls from our school, pull a mean prank on Chris, and hide a camera so that you can all watch and laugh at him! Etcetera, etcetera! But now, Mouse actually needed help with something. Her brother was missing and she came to us for help. I walked over and put my hand on her shoulder, she looked up at me sadly. I looked at her eyes; they were that weird color again, kind of a deep purple. I cocked my head and Mouse looked confused. I shook my head. What was I going to say? Oh yeah! "Don't worry Mouse," I said, "We'll help you find Leo." She nodded, biting her lip and to my surprise, her eyes were filling with tears. I glanced at Chris, his eyes were wide. I could tell that he really wanted to whip out his phone and take a picture, but he knew better. Also to my surprise, Mouse held out her arms and I hugged her. Hugging Mouse isn't something that most human beings are used to, so this was kind of new to me. We broke apart and Mouse walked over to Chris. "So..... what do you say?"
Chris didn't say anything, he looked annoyed and I gave him a look. We exchanged a physical conversation by making stupid faces at each other that roughly translated to: No! Come on, Chris. What has she ever done for me? Well, nothing, but come on! He's her brother! Step broth- Shut it, Chris. Whatever! Please, she's our friend. Your friend. Not mine. What do you mean? I find it hard to call someone who puts cockroaches on my head in science class and shouts "You have just been cockroached!" my friend. ........ Please? Uhg! He looked back out Mouse, her eyes looked so weird, they were all purple and- and....... pretty? Is it possible for Mouse to be..... pretty? She looked different then usual, not just her eyes seemed to change. Her hair was less oily and gross than usual. Chris groaned and after a moment of pouting, he said "Fine Mouse, I'll help you find Leo." She smiled a big, happy smile, which was also a different look for her. Another surprise, she jumped up and gave Chris a kiss on the cheek. Chris stood where he was, his eyes wide and confused. He slowly turned his head and looked her up and down. "Is there something wrong with you?" Mouse looked down, "Sorry." she said. Mouse was just being so weird tonight. Too many Swiss Rolls? I can't say, but I guess the only way to find out would be to join her.
The suits. I don't know what the point of them was, but Mouse made us wear them. I thought that we had already gone as far as saying yes to going with her, so what else could we do that would be worse? I put mine on and so did Mouse. Chris, however, took a lot more arguing and yelling and threatening. When Chris turned his back on us I offered yogurt. His fingers twitched at his sides, he blinked. Finally, he turned around, "Fine."
Chris put his on and we were a team of Batman jrs. I mean, they didn't have like the bat ears or masks or anything, it was just the suits themselves. Enough about that, I don't dare explain more. "So this is Leo's rescue team," Chris complained, "three complete losers that just totally out-lamed themselves. Oh god, this is so embarrassing."
"Shut it, Chris." Mouse said. Her eyes were a darker purple now. Now I was really curious. What was going on with Mouse? She was acting all weird and those eyes.... With that, we began the search. We all split up and began searching the town. This was ridiculous. Why did Mouse think we could find Leo by tearing the town apart? I needed to put a stop to this. I called Chris's cell phone. It rang, and it rang, and it rang. Hello, Christopher Harper can not come to the phone at the moment, please leave a message. What the heck Chris? Answer! Answer! I met up with Mouse. "Were the hell is Chris?" I asked Mouse. She shrugged, "I dunno." She said.
Chris ran up to us. We looked at him questioningly. "Sorry," he said, "Something went wrong with my phone, I answered it but something went wrong and it just hung up."
I shrugged, "Don't worry about it, it probably ran out of batteries." Chris nodded. What was that? Headlights.... Headlights! Chris! Mouse! Car! Mouse jumped back and I pushed Chris out of the way and we landed on the sidewalk, head over heels. A large black SUV drove by us at full speed. I stood up, helping Chris to his feet. "Idiots! Geez, were they trying to kill us?" 
Chris brushed himself off, "Probably some stupid drunk teens." he said. I looked at the street where the SUV had exited the scene, "Maybe so, or..... maybe... not..."
Chris and Mouse looked at me, "You okay, Ange?" Chris said. 
I shook the thought out of my head, "Um, yeah. Yeah, I... I'm fine." Chris didn't look convinced. "I'm fine." I said. They nodded. I heard an engine groan and I slowly turned around. The SUV was coming back this way. "Hey!" I shouted, catching Mouse and Chris's attention, they jumped out of the way and the SUV crashed through a brick building. We all slowly stepped forward. There was light and smoke streaming out of the huge hole in the brick wall of the building. With some sound of metal car doors being thrown to the side, four figures emerged from the smoke. There was a woman with purple spiky hair and tight leather clothes and leather fingerless gloves, two men with bulging muscles, and- and.... Leo! One of the men was holding Leo by the back of his shirt! Leo was tied up and had a gag in his mouth. When saw us he started screaming a muffled sound that sounded like "Mouse! Angela! Help me! Chris! Help! Help!" The guy holding Leo above the ground shook him and he groaned. "Leo...." Mouse whispered. I glanced at her, "Mouse," I whispered. She didn't look at me, her eyes were glued to Leo. "Mouse, " I whispered again. "We can't, they're huge. We can't take them." Mouse lunged at the guy who was holding Leo. "MOUSE!" Chris and I screeched. We sprung into action, which was probably one of the stupidest things we have ever done. Mouse jumped onto the guy's shoulder's. The guy dropped Leo and Leo landed on his shoulder. "Leo! Get away! Fast!" Mouse shrieked and the guy grabbed her shoulder and jabbed her in the side of the neck. Mouse fell to the ground. Leo was frantically scrambling away, or at least trying to. I was against the other man. He was bald and about twice the size of me. He grabbed my ankle and with my other foot I kicked him in the face. The guy's hand flew to his face and he pulled on my ankle with his other hand. I fell hard, I started coughing. I put my hand on the back of my head. Ow. Come on, Ange. Don't give up now, they have Leo! I tried to stand up, when I noticed that Chris was in a battle of his own. He was against the purple-haired woman. Oh no, poor Chris. I mean, none of us had much battle training, but Chris had a bad history of coming home with injuries. In other words, he was fighting for his life. The girl threw a punch and, amazingly, he dodged it. There was a few short seconds of dodging and jumping back and the like, and then the girl roundhouse kicked Chris in the chest, knocking him over. I gasped. Chris was out cold. I jumped to my feet and punched the guy I was fighting right in the nose. I have no idea how I got this incredible strength. Anger? I don't know, but what I do know is that I just punched a 200 pound guy right in the nose. I smirked stupidly and the guy recovered and next thing I know I was on the ground, pain seeping into my jaw. Blood poured out of my mouth. Hmm... This was new. My vision started to get blurry, I saw Mouse stand up and help Chris to his feet. I must have missed something while I got punched in the jaw, because Mouse's opponent was on the ground and the purple-hair woman was rushing to his aid. My vision was getting worse. I couldn't see. The last thing I saw was Mouse shouting something, her arms around Chris, keeping him up. The guy who had punched me was coming towards me, his team following.