Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 10 - CHAPTER 6

Chris, Leo, Michelle, and I went to Burger Wonderland on Monday. We all sat at a table near the door.
Just then, Jamie and that guy, Jesse, came into the restaurant. Chris was filling a cup with soda at the pop machine. He saw them come in and cocked his head slightly, his eyes sparkling. I snorted. Chris giggled and stared stupidly at Jesse. Jamie was talking to Jesse. She looked at Chris and stifled a laugh, seeing his expression. Jesse looked at Chris. Chris continued staring, meanwhile his cup was overflowing with coke. "Chris!" I said.
"What?" Chris looked at me and then down at his now wet sleeves. "Crap!" The klutz frantically tried to keep from the soda spilling all over the floor and failed miserably. Chris ran over to us and ducked under our table. "Hide me, Angie!"
"Chris! You dummy! Get out from under the table!" I hissed.
"No!" Chris whimpered, trying to hide. Jesse and Jamie watched the chaos for a bit and they started to walk over. Leo and I hissed at Chris to get up. Just before they got to the table, we managed to pull Chris to his feet. His eyes widened as Jesse got closer to the table and frantically started trying to fix his messy hair, only making it worse. Mouse was watching from the cash register and Leo and I were trying hard not to laugh. Jesse looked Chris up and down. "Hey, uh. Is everything okay?"
Chris stood, frozen for a bit. I snorted, but managed to stop giggling... temporarily. "Uh.... yeah." Chris said, "Y-yeah. Everything is.... great." he managed a smile.
"Yeah, Chris enjoys spilling coke all over himself as a hobby." Mouse smirked as she walked by." Well, check that off your To-Do List." 
Leo and I were giggling furiously while Michelle stared stupidly at Chris and Jesse, her tiny brain trying to put the pieces together. (As you can see, Michelle is not the brightness bulb in the tanning bed).
Chris scowled at Mouse, blushing a bit. "No, that's not what happened." he said, "T-the button just.... wouldn't turn off and the soda came out a bunch." Leo and I laughed more at Chris's word vomit.
Jesse nodded, "Okay, I'll see you guys later." 
"Bye, Jesse." Leo, Mouse, and I called 'dreamily'. "Bye bye." Chris waved a little, in a trance from exposure to extreme stupidity and embarrassment. Jesse hesitated and then waved back.
When they left to go sit at another table, Chris turned to face us. "Did you see that? He looked right at me and talked! With his face!"
We all laughed (except for Michelle, who still didn't fully understand what was going on).  "Good for you, Chris." I said, patting him on the back. 
Leo stared at Chris like he was the spawn of all weirdness.  "Dude, that... was really weird."
Chris nodded uneasily. 
Michelle suddenly stood up, "Wait! Everybody hold on a second!" She held her hands out in case any of us were going to stop her. "So.... are you saying.... that Chris... is in love with... Jesse?" She said slowly.
"I am not!" Chris said.
Mouse snorted, "Oh, no, not at all. You just like hiding under tables and giggling like some psycho every time you see him."
Chris blushed and looked down at his feet, very frustrated at where this argument was going. 
Michelle continued, "So... He does... But that wouldn't make any sense, cuz..... Chris is a guy... and Jesse's a guy. You're both guys, Chris."
Chris nodded and said quietly, "I know that, Michelle."
"Good job, Michelle. You figured out something new today!" Mouse said, clapping her hands.
Michelle laughed stupidly for a second, really out-idioting herself. "So," She said loudly. "Does that mean that Chris is gay?"
"No!" Chris said, "No, Michelle! Bad! It does not mean that! I am not! Oh, I can't believe you! Silly, silly girl! Grr, so mad."
Alice came over to us, "Hey, guys, is everything okay?"
"YES." Chris said, "Everything is just fine and dandy over here! I spilled coke all over and I hid and he talked and now they're making fun of me!" he leaned on Alice to whimper in comfort. Alice looked kind of surprised, but patted Chris on the back gently. "There, there." She said uncertainly.
I smiled, shaking my head at my brother's ridiculousness. Chris looked up and saw Jamie and Jesse staring at him. "No! Angie! Hide me!" Chris stupidly ducked under the table again. 
At the exact same time, Michelle and Jesse said, "Did I do something wrong?"
Michelle giggled, clapping her hands stupidly, "We said that at the same time!"
Chris moaned, "WHY ME?" Jesse, Jamie, and Michelle cocked their heads to one side. "I don't get it." Michelle said, "Why does Chris get all nervous when they come here? Ohhh, is it Jamie that you're in love with?"
"I politely disagree with that statement, Michelle." Chris said. "No, I am not in love with Jamie." Okay, and that means what? 
"Then why do you keep acting all weird?" Michelle asked. Then she rediscovered something, "Wait! Everybody hold up!"
"Oh, god, is she going to say it again?" Chris said quietly.
"So.... are you saying that.... Chris... is in love with-"
"THE DOG THAT LIVES ON JACKSON STREET? Sure! Cute pooch, isn't she?" Chris yelled. Everyone in Burger Wonderland turned to look at the freak confessing his love to a dog. I put my head in my hands and Leo and Mouse started laughing again. Poor Jesse, the kid was so confused.
Michelle stared at Chris now. Any more input for her tiny little mind might set her on Self Destruct mode. "But I thought you were in love with Jesse?"
Chris laughed a loud fake laugh. "Me? In love with Jesse? Nooooo, don't be ridiculous! That would just be weird! You know, because I'm a guy and he's a guy! Ha ha ha ha ha!" Wow, it had never occurred to me how bad my brother was at lying.
Poor Jesse looked so lost now, but he was starting to get it. He didn't figure it out right away because he doesn't really know us. "Uhh..." he managed, taking a deep breath, "Okay. So, this has been an awkward conversation. You know what, I think Jamie and I should be going now."
"See you later, Jesse!" There goes Chris's word vomit again.
"See you, guys." Jesse called, walking away quickly. 
"Bye!" Jamie called politely.
When they were gone, Chris put his head down on the table, groaning. "Ohhh, Leo, your girlfriend has done it!" 
Michelle looked at Leo innocently, "What did I do?"
Leo mouthed, Oh my god...
Alice said, "Hey, um, Mouse has to get back to work. Sorry. Umm, You can keep talking, but a little quieter, if you would. My apologies, boss's orders."
"It's fine, Alice. Don't worry about it, Chris and I have to get home anyway." I smiled, 
looking at Chris. "You're not gonna puke, are you?" Chris shook his head. 
"Come on, let's go Buddy Boy." I said gently, helping him stand back up and we left.

Alice sighed. How did I end up with such an odd bunch of friends? She thought.

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