Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 11 - CHAPTER 2

I stomped through the hall in my towel, dripping wet, and knocked hard on Chris's door. No answer. "Chris, open up!" I yelled. No answer, still. I was not in a patient mood, therefore I flung open the door and stepped in, "Chris!" I yelled. He held up a finger, he was on the phone. I rolled my eyes, "Chriiiis!" I yelled again.
"Hold on one sec," Chris said into the phone, looking at me with his I-can't-believe-how-rude-you-are look. "Anglea, can't you see I'm on the phone with Alice?"
A sopping wet Ger10 wondered into the room. I picked him up and he yowled. "Don't hurt him, Ange!" Chris said loudly.
I held the wet cat up, "He jumped into the bathtub, while I was in it!" I shouted angrily. Chris stood up, "Hold on Alice. WHAT??????" He stared at wet Ger10 and then back at me. "Oh, Angie....." He said, "I can't believe you would LET THE CAT GET WET!!"
"What is wrong with you?" I said through clenched teeth, "You're defending the cat over me? I am WAY more important than that stupid cat! I wash bird crap out of your hair, I give you your asthma medicine when you forget, I make you yogurt!" 
Chris whimpered. "I'm sorry, Angie. I just... I felt the Ger10 needed defending. I mean, who wouldn't want to defend this guy?" 
I raised my hand and Chris pouted. "Hey, let's show Mouse your new cat." I said.
Chris nodded, "Okay." he said, quickly returning to the phone. "Oh, uh, sorry Alice. Gotta go." 
He ended the call and we left to go find Mouse and Leo.
I spotted them, "Hey, Mousey. Hi Leo." 
"Hey guys." Mouse said, "So, what's up?"
I smiled, "Chris wants to show you his new friend." I tried not to grimace as I said this. I stepped out of the way, revealing Chris and Ger10. 
Chris held Ger10 up to Mouse's face, smiling stupidly, "Isn't he adorable?" As always, the cat seemed to have its same cheeky smile. 
Now here was a reaction that I would never expect from Mouse. Ever. She jumped back and screamed, "Chris! Get that monster out of my face!!!!!"
Chris blinked, totally lost and then he pouted, making his innocent face. "What's wrong? Is the mousey afraid of the big mean kitty cat?" Leo and I giggled, Mouse wouldn't take her eyes off the cat. She seemed to be trying to avoid some invisible line of fire. Every time Mouse stepped back, Chris would edge forward. "What's wrong? He's just a pretty little kitty cat. What is there to be afraid of?" Chris said sweetly, a slight look of pleased evil in his blue-green eyes.
Mouse gulped and said very slowly and very quietly, "It's not just a cat, it's a... black cat." 
We all stopped to stare at her, "What?" Leo, Chris, and I all said at the same time as Ger10 simply stared questioningly at Mouse (Which is how I like it. I swear, if that cat starts talking, I am going to kill someone). 
Chris laughed out loud, "Wait, Mouse.... Are you superstitious?" He asked curiously.
Mouse shook her head violently, "No! T-that's ridiculous!.... I'm just cautious."
Now it was my turn to laugh, "Mouse, Mouse, Mouse. Out of all people, I thought that at least you would notice that that is exactly was Alice says every time you say that she's afraid of germs, which she most definitely is."
Mouse started sweating a bit, eyeing Ger10. Chris stepped towards her and pretended 
that he was going to throw the cat at her. Mouse flinched and gasped, "Chris!" She said as we started laughing.
I patted Mouse on the shoulder, "I'll see you later, Mousey." I said, Mouse scowling. 
"That's not funny!" She called after us. I waved good-bye.
Within seconds, a small grey bird, Ger10's bird, dive bombed, swooping down and yanking on Chris's hair with its feet as it passed. "OW!" Chris screeched. "What the-" The bird did it again, and again, and three more times. "ANGIE THAT BIRD IS AFTER ME!!" Chris screamed, breaking into a run, the bird right on his heels.
I sighed, "I guess Mouse isn't the only one who's paranoid here."
At home, Chris had duct taped all of the windows in his room (which mom would not approve of) and he had a water gun ready for any petite grey bird that threatened him.
Snickering at my cleverness, I pulled out one of Chris's Garbage CDs. I put it in my CD player and skipped to the chorus of I Think I'm Paranoid, blasting it at full volume. 
I heard Chris's shriek of surprise, "Angie!!!" 
I laughed, "Enough of the battle field protection, Chris! That bird isn't gonna kill you."
Chris came in, taking off his bike helmet. "You can never be sure, Angela."

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