Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 14 - CHAPTER 1

As Leo walked past Mouse, he noticed the dark circles under her eyes were darker than usual. Her hair was messier and she pretty much looked like she hadn't slept in days.
"Mouse?" Leo said, "You okay? You look like crap!"
Mouse stared at him groggily, seeming to look at him, but not directly into his eyes. She swayed slightly, seeming unable to keep steady balance. She blinked tiredly, "What?" She said slowly. 
Leo cocked his head at her, "Hey, do you want to go to the nurse, Mousey?"
"NO!" Mouse back up against the lockers.
"Okay, okay. You don't have to go to the nurse!" Leo was confused now, then he got it. "Mouse..."
Mouse said nothing, hunching her shoulders defensively.
 "Mouse," Leo said again, taking a step toward her. "Did you..."
Mouse scowled, "Well I'm not on drugs if that's what you're asking!" She yelled.
Leo held his arms up, "Okay, okay! Don't be so defensive!" He sighed, grasping Mouse's face to make her look at him, "Mouse," He said gently, "did you steal Daniel's liquor again?"
Mouse scowled at him, saying nothing. Leo groaned. As far as he knew, Mouse wasn't an alcoholic, but she seemed to like the taste of it. "Mouse, you know you can't do that! Stealing is wrong, underaged drinking is wrong! What is wrong with you, huh?"
"Since when are you such an Angela? You're just like her!" Mouse scoffed, "I bet that's what you want."
"Mouse," Leo said softly, his voice cracking as he stepped toward her again, "You can not keep this up!"
"Why not? I'm fine! I'm not dead!"
"Well, you could be." Leo held out his hand. "Give it."
"No." Mouse hunched her shoulders.
Leo clenched his teeth, "I said give it, Mouse!"
Leo grabbed Mouse's shoulders, "MOUSE!"
"FINE!" Mouse took a smallish liquor bottle out of her coat and put it in his hands. "There! Happy now?"
Leo nodded, turning away. "Thank you, Mouse. I'm gonna make sure you can't get this." He shook his head, untwisting the cap, about to take a drink.
"Leo!" Mouse yelled.
"Sorry, sorry..." Leo said, ".... Is it good?"
"Shut up, Leo."
Leo sighed and tossed the half-empty bottle into a trash can. "Oh, Mouse. You're going to far." He said under his breath.

Chris stood in the hall, looking at one of the many posters, when he heard someone say his name. "Hey, Chris?" He turned around. It was Harold. 
Chris looked him up and down suspiciously. "Hello." he said back cautiously.
"Hey, uh," Harold said nervously. That kid seemed to always be nervous. "D-do you think I could maybe sit with you guys at lunch today? Um, you know, Alice, you..... Angela."
Chris looked him up and down. Chris hadn't exactly had the best first impression of Harold after the swirly incident and he felt that he had to get to know Harold before he should be allowed to date his sister, if that would happen. Who knows? Chris thought, He could be a wacko or something.
Chris smiled a tight smile, "Sure."
Harold nodded uncertainly and, hesitating, walked away.

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