Friday, January 22, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 14 - CHAPTER 8

The wedding.
Chris and I sat next to Alice..... in the pews. Yep, that's right, Alice's mom had not wanted her own daughter as a bride's maid. We watched the wedding go on. Weddings are kind of boring, it occurred to me. I glanced at Alice when the priest said the line, "You may kiss the bride." She sat perfectly still as she watched Chad kiss her mom. Smiling peacefully, Chris took out a tissue and wiped the tears off his cheeks. Such an emotional kid.

The after party was pretty fun, one could say. Chris and Alice danced, Alice's mom looking pretty impressed. After all, Chris was the one who taught Alice to dance. Then Chris and I danced, then Alice and I. I couldn't dance as well as them, but it was still fun.
Now, the moment of truth. Chad and Alice's mom inspected the cake Alice and Chris had taken hours to make (lots of hours if you count the clean-up time). Alice's mom cut a small piece out of the cake and took a bite. Her eyes widened and she turned to face Alice. I half expected her to spit cake all over her daughter, which would've been a disaster. But no, instead she said, to my great surprise, "Great job, Sweetie." 
She turned to Chris and said, "Alice was right, you can cook!"
Alice and Chris stood, staring in shock at her. Again, to my surprise, Alice's mom laughed and smashed a piece of cake onto Chad's face. I would never suspect Alice's mother to be the starter of a cake fight because she is one of the biggest neat-freak perfectionists I know (and I know quite a few).
Soon, cake was flying all over the room. Thank god Chris didn't freak out about getting cake all over his clothes. We were all throwing cake, even Chris, Alice and I.

Wow, I guess weddings can be fun.

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