Monday, January 4, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 10 - CHAPTER 8

Day five. Eric went up to Mouse, "Hey, uh-"
"No, she doesn't have a boyfriend."
Eric blinked, "Uh, what?"
Mouse looked at him, "Alice. Don't you like her?"
Eric looked nervous, "Well, not really- Well.... She's cute, I guess..." Mouse smirked. She had succeeded in making one more person on her list feel uncomfortable. 
Creepy Neighbor

"Oh, but, um. That wasn't what i was going to say." Eric stuttered. Mouse tried to look shocked, "And I thought I was psychic!"
"So, um, will you manage the Drive Thru today?" Eric said, flinching as Mouse stepped toward him. "Why?" She said.
"M-M.r Anderson said so." Eric stuttered again. Mouse groaned, "Fine. I will if you leave, Lover Boy." Eric nodded and scrambled off.
Mouse sat at the microphone for the Drive Thru, bored out of her mind. Suddenly, a familiar voice came up on the speaker, "Oooh Moouuseeeyy?" 
"Oh my- What? Alice! What are you?" Mouse almost fell out of her chair. Alice giggled, "So, how's Madison's shift?" 
"This isn't funny, Alice! Are you even going to order anything?"
"Of course not! The food here is pretty much fat and salt, it's gross!"
"Wait," Mouse said, "How are you in the Drive Thru?"
"I got my car back! That means a can get a better job, I can drive now!"
"Hey, I'm sorry Alice! I won't do that again! Just please, you're really creeping me out now, with your whole 'appearing in the Drive Thru' thing...."
 Alice laughed, "Sure, you won't. I'll talk to you later, Mouse."
"Uh huh..." Mouse said, and the speaker fell silent. Mouse half wondered if she had just imagined her conversation with Alice just then.
Alice ended up quitting her job, Mouse right behind her. Alice got a better job. Mouse just dropped the whole job thing. She quit the old one and left it at that. "Jobs are stupid." I quote Mouse. 

So that was that. No more Burger Wonderland for Alice or Mouse, I was getting sick of the food anyway. (Why couldn't they work at Dairy Queen?)

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