Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 10 - CHAPTER 4

Day two on the job, here I come. Thought Alice. She went into the kitchen area of the Burger Wonderland restaurant. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped as she saw something 
scurry across the floor.
"And that'll be $3.69." Mouse said tiredly. A blood-curdling scream irrupted through the 
fast food restaurant. "MOUSE!!!!!!"
"What?!" Mouse whipped around.
"MOUSE!!!!!" Alice screeched again. Mouse ran over to her, she was standing on a chair. "What, Alice what?! I'm here, what?" Mouse said anxiously. Alice bit her lip, shaking her 
head. She pointed towards the floor, "No. Mouse!"
"Oh." Mouse said, seeing the furry brown rodent scurry across the floor. Alice screamed on the 
top of her lungs, "THERE'S A MOUSE IN THE KITCHEN!!!!!" Alice's knees shook beneath 
her and she collapsed. One of the other employees, Eric, held his arms out and caught her. 
Employees and costumers were now screaming and running this way and that, shouting things like, "Kill it!" and "A mouse in the kitchen!" and "We'll all get diseases!"
One of the employees caught the mouse in a jar and let it outside. The restaurant calmed 
down and Eric set Alice down on a chair, Mouse ran over to her. "Hey, Alice! Alice, you okay? Wake up!" Alice whimpered and slowly opened her eyes. "What?" She said. Eight pairs of eyes stared angry holes into her. Alice studied their faces, messed up hair, 
sweaty faces, etc. 
The boss, Mr. Anderson, stepped forward, "Alice, Mouse, you're fired." 
Alice's eyes widened, "Oh no, please no Sir! Oh, please, Sir! I need this job! It's the only job close enough to home for me! Oh, please, Sir, please! This job is very important to me!" Alice had pretty much covered it all, so Mouse just nodded. Alice awkwardly 
looked around the room at all of the angry faces that she had made angry. Mr. Anderson looked her up and down. He bent down to be almost at her level, "Fine. You get one more chance, but that is it." Alice smiled, "Oh, thank you so much, Sir! You won't be sorry, 
I'll be a hard worker!" She couldn't help but but glance over at Mouse as she said this.
Mr. Anderson glanced over with her, Mouse looking a little offended. "Hey, uh, bye the way," Mouse said, "I thought that you, Alice, might be better at the bathroom duty than me 'cuz, um, you know, you clean and you're good at it. Yeah?" Alice nodded slowly and 
Mr. Anderson smiled, "Well, Alice. You can't go unpunished for this little mishap with the mouse. Yes, Mouse. That's an excellent idea." Alice looked back and forth between 
Mr. Anderson turned to the employees, "You can all go home early today, it's not as if we have much for customers." Everyone started to leave, but the boss stopped Alice and Mouse. "Except you two. Alice, clean up this mess and Mouse, you too!"
"What did I do?" Mouse said loudly.
Mr. Anderson grinned evilly, "What did you do? You lost so many costumers for us by 
being rude, loud, and simply just- just.... yourself." Mouse looked offended. She snatched the broom out of the boss's hands, tossing Alice the dustpan. Alice caught it and 
squeaked a little. "What?" Mr. Anderson said, clearly he was regretting ever giving these girls a ;second chance'.
"It-it's just.... how many people could have...." Alice set down the dustpan and took out 
her little blue box. She took out a disinfectant wipe and picked up the dustpan again, the disinfectant wipe wrapped neatly around the handle. Mr. Anderson was about to say 
something about this, but Mouse mouthed, Let it go. They set to work cleaning the 
kitchen area. Mr. Anderson opened the front door, "See you tomorrow, girls. Don't leave until this place is spotless if you want to keep your jobs."
"Wait," Alice said, "You're leaving?" 
Mr. Anderson laughed a deep hollow laugh, "What? Did you think I was going to stay 
here to babysit 'ya?" Alice looked down, shaking her head.
Mr. Anderson nodded, "See you tomorrow, girls." He said and he left.

Soon, Leo, Chris, and I jogged up to the Burger Wonderland restaurant where Mouse 
and Alice worked. We ran up to the door, hoping they would still be their. They were, 
Alice and Mouse were cleaning up a monstrous mess. They were both wearing the same ugly orange and red uniforms. Leo was staring intensely at Alice's butt and Chris, being
the gentleman he was, snapped his fingers in front of Leo's face, "Leo, don't!"
Leo blinked, "Wha?" I rolled my eyes, pulling on the door, locked. I knocked on it, trying to get Alice's attention. Alice looked up from her work. She smiled a grateful, tired smile. She ran over to the door to let us in. "Hey, you guys." Alice said, giving me a hug, then Chris, then pausing at Leo. Leo held his arms out and Alice shrugged, giving him a hug. Leo smiled dreamily. He likes girls, Leo can never settle for one, he likes them all 
(except for Mouse and our guidance counselor).
Mouse popped up from behind a counter, her messy brown hair in a carelessly-done 
ponytail. "'Sup guys." She said tiredly. "Hey, Mousey." I said, "So, guys. How was your second day?" They were both silent. What? I thought, The place is still standing, you didn't set it on fire obviously.
"So, what happened?" I said.
Alice sighed, "It.... it was pretty bad."
Mouse nodded, "Yeah, totally! Alice was like 'omg! Mouse!' and I was all like 'what?' and she was like 'MOUSE!!!" and I was like 'What? I'm right here.' and she was like 'no! 
Mouse!' and people were like 'ahhh omg it's a mouse! We're all gonna die! Run for your lives ahhhhhh' and then Mr. What's-his-face was like 'you're fired'-"
"Wait, you got fired?" I interrupted.
"No, silly Angela." Mouse said in a 'duh' tone, "Alice went all oh-please-sir-I-beg-of-you-please-I-need-this-job-I'm-gonna-cry on 'em and shockingly, he said he'd give us another chance and Alice has to take laboratory duty tomorrow..."
"No, Mouse. Lavatory, not laboratory." Alice sighed. "Oh, public bathrooms are so 
Leo's eyes had found their way back to Alice's breasts. "Leo, stop it!" Chris hissed. Leo blinked, "Huh, oh." He chuckled stupidly. Alice eyed him and blushed, pulling her collar 
up the best she could. Mouse grinned at Alice's 'ridiculous' modesty. I clapped my hands together, "Hey, Chris! You should take Leo home now."
Chris whined, "Why do I have to?"
"Because I said so and I'm your big sister. Now go." I said, appreciating my olderness.
Chris reluctantly escorted him to the door and I heard Leo excitedly say to Chris, "Did 
you see what Alice was wearing?"
I shook my head and began helping clean up.

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