Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 30 - CHAPTER 12

Mouse tore through the hallway, looking frantically for somewhere to go. She retreated to the girl's bathroom and locked herself in a stall. 
Mouse sat down on the toilet and thought for a moment. Hot tears filled her eyes and she wiped them away, sniffing quietly. She listened for a moment and, hearing no one else in the bathroom, put her head in her hands and cried. 
"Stupid fricking Geoffry." Mouse said quietly to herself, "That jackass always gets away with whatever he wants." 
Like kissing Chris? She thought. She slammed her fist angrily against the metal stall wall.
Sh-t, Chris doesn't even want Geoffry. She thought, But he gets him anyway. 
Mouse slowly looked up in realization. 
But I don't want Geoffry either, do I? Of course I don't. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. 
Tears streamed down Mouse's cheeks and she wiped them away with her sleeve in protest.
"I hate Geoffry." She whispered shakily, "I hate stupid Geoffry."

During recess, Chris sat on a bench by himself. He had his jaw propped up on his hand and a look of deep thought on his face.
Geoffry... He thought, What is wrong with him? Out of all the people, why would he kiss me? 
Chris' stomach lurched slightly. 
Geoffry kissed me... No, it wasn't like that. He was just being a jerk. Uhg, shut up, Chris. You're making it sound like you actually want him. 
Chris shifted uncomfortably, I don't want him, do I? Psh, that's ridiculous. He's just messing with people for his own entertainment...

But why me?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 30 - CHAPTER 11

On Monday, I sat in homeroom, talking to Alice.
Then, the door opened and Geoffry came in. He stood in front of the door, smirking proudly, until kids started to look at him. 
Geoffry walked across the room with Alice, me, and some other students watching him. 
Chris was reading a book and didn't look up. Geoffry walked right to him and grabbed his wrist, pulling him out of his seat. 
Chris, who hadn't noticed Geoffry, was completely defenseless. Geoffry grabbed Chris with both hands and kissed him dramatically.
Alice and I gawked at them. Chris' hands waved helplessly in the air. 
Mrs. Green leaned around her computer to look at them.
Geoffry leaned away and grinned. Chris just stared at him, stupefied.
"Mr. Harper, will you please save all of that for outside of school?" She said, sounding annoyed. 
Chris turned his head and gawked blankly at her. "What?"
Mrs. Green gave him a look and said, "That behavior is not appropriate for school, Mr. Harper."
"And you're telling me this?" Chris asked, "But it was- he just- Geoffry-"
"And Geoffry Canning!" Mrs. Green squealed, "Get out of my classroom! And go straight to yours!"
"Oh, sorry." Geoffry said coolly. He smirked and waved flirtily at Chris, walking to the door. 
As he left, he tugged down his pink skinny jeans by his belt loops so we could all see his underwear.
Geoffry left the room and Mrs. Green looked even more angry than she did when Monica chewed her out the week before. 
Chris fell limply into his chair, speechless.
When we went to our first hour classes, I snickered to Chris, "Well, that was one hell of a kiss."
"Shut up!" He hissed. 

Chris got into the lunch line after Mouse. He was still in a bad mood from that morning.
Tina got in line next to him and said, "Good afternoon, Chris."
"Hi, Tina." Chris murmured. 
The lunch lady plopped food onto their trays and Tina said, "So, I heard that Geoffry kissed you."
Staring at his tray, Chris shook his head, "Tsk, he has. Quite a few times, actually."
"I meant today." Tina said, "And he did it without your permission, didn't he?"
Mouse looked at Tina. 
Chris sighed, "Yeah, he... Wait, how did you know that?!" 
"Well, I-" Tina began.
"Do other people know?" Chris cried defensively, leaving the lunch line with his tray.
Mouse stood next to Chris and listened silently.
Tina said quietly, "The kids in your homeroom class do."
Chris and Mouse stared at her and she added, "I'm sorry, it's not any of my business. I wanted to make sure you were okay."
Chris softened up a little bit. Walking with Mouse and Tina, he said quietly, "Well, that's nice of you... Yeah, I guess I'm fine..."
Mouse tensed next to him.
"If he does anything like that when teachers aren't around, you should let me know." Tina said, smiling a little and pulling at the blue sash over her shoulder, "Hall monitor." 
Chris smiled, "Thanks."
Mouse turned and walked the other way.
"Mouse...?" Chris said. 
She stormed through the lunchroom and dropped her tray on the lunch table where her friends always sat. 
Watching her leave, Tina said, "I wonder what's wrong?"
Chris shrugged, "I dunno... Want to sit with us today?"

"Sure, thank you." Tina replied.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 30 - CHAPTER 10

Geoffry didn't come to school for the next few days upon being suspended for running around the school naked.
Mouse, Chris, and Alice seemed to all be in a good mood. So did all the 10th grade teachers. I understood, 'cause I was, too.
"I didn't realize that Geoffry being gone would have such a big impact on the school." Leo said to me on the second day of Geoffry's suspension. 
"Why not?" I said, looking up from my math homework, "Everyone hates him. It's about time we get a break."
Leo grimaced, "Not everyone hates him. He's not that bad."
Chris said from his desk behind us, "Look, Leo, we all know how much you love Geoffry, but please. This is our day off."
Leo rolled his eyes, "Okay, really, Chris? You're saying that I love him?"
"Yes..." Chris said quietly, "What's it to you?"
"Guys, do your work." Ms. Potter, the study hall teacher, said.
I looked down at my homework. When Ms. Potter walked away, I said in a low voice, "Chris, everyone knows that you still have a thing for him."
Leo looked at me, then over his shoulder at Chris. Chris' face turned red and he stared at us for a minute.
"I do not." He hissed. 
Leo and I grinned at each other and went back to our work. 
I swear, I could hear the smoke shooting out of Chris' ears.
"I don't love Geoffry." Chris whispered to us.
We ignored him and he recoiled in angry silence.

Chris walked out of Study Hall in a furious fog. He thought to himself, I still love Geoffry? Why the hell would they think that? Uhg, I hate that moron. Streaking? How freaking unoriginal. 
Then, someone tapped on his shoulder.
Chris turned around and said, "Oh, hey, Lester."
"Hi, Chris." Lester said, taking a step toward Chris, "I just, um, I overheard your conversation with Leo and Angela in last hour and... What you had with Geoffry was precious. Savor that."
Chris stared at Lester in a mixture of confusion and fear. 
Lester pulled his plastic sunglasses out of his curly hair with some difficulty. He put them on, nodded at Chris, and walked away. 
Chris rubbed his temples and walked to lunch.