Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 12 - CHAPTER 9

On Monday, Leo wouldn't talk to any of us. Well, I don't know, maybe he would if we said something first, but he didn't say anything until lunch.
"Michelle hates me." He said shortly. Alice, Chris, and I said nothing.
"Did I miss something?" Mouse said loudly.
"Yeah," Leo said, "Angela made my girlfriend dump me."
"Hey!" I said loudly, almost shouting. "I did not! I told you to ask Kathy to the dance because you liked her and I was sure that she liked you!"
"If you hadn't done that than I would still have my girlfriend!"
"Stop blaming it on me! It's not my fault you ran into Michelle at the dance! It's also not my fault  that Kathy kissed you!"
"Shut up, Angela!"
"You! You didn't stop her! You could've!"
"Don't put words in my mouth, Angela!"
"You know it wasn't my fault!"
"What if I didn't care if she kissed me!"
"Well apparently you didn't because you let her, that was your choice Leo. Don't blame it all on me!"
It was a full-blown argument, the yelling kind. We were screaming at each other like some angry unfitting couple right before they got divorced. Both of us were standing on our seats, leaning over the table to yell at each other. Chris was trying hard to break us up, hating to see his friends fight, but we wouldn't let him.
Suddenly, Leo's hand came around and slapped me across the face, my head snapping to the side. I stared at Leo in shock, he had just hit me! I didn't hit him back, I just stared in disbelief. "You just......" I said, my voice shaking.
People were staring at us now, eager to see if I would tackle him and start trying to kill him. Girl Fights and Guy vs. Guy fights were interesting enough, but Boy vs. Girl fights were pure gold at this rotten school.
Leo looked surprised, as if he couldn't believe he had done that. "Angela.... I-I'm so sorry....." He stuttered. I got up, picking up my tray and I headed out the lunchroom door.
As the door closed behind me, I heard the crowd say "Ooooh, you've really done it now."
I decided I was going to pull a Harold and eat my lunch in the bathroom, where I could be alone. The thing about wanting to be alone, is sometimes you kind of want someone to find you too, so they could comfort you.
As if on cue, Alice came into the bathroom. I looked up at her. Neither of us said anything for a while.
I waited until Alice opened her mouth and then I said. "I know, the public bathroom and food that hasn't already been eaten and digested do not make a good combo."
Alice looked at me curiously and I couldn't help grinning at myself. I had taken the words right out of her mouth. I love Alice.
"Um," Alice cleared her throat. "Leo... is very sorry, Angela." My smile faded instantly.
She went on, "He felt really bad about yelling at you like that and...." Alice paused, "You know, um, slapping you."
"Why didn't he come apologize himself?" I said sharply.
Alice smiled kindly, "Well, he tried. And Angela, do you remember what I said about how often boys might not want to speak their true feelings? But not just the boys, the girls too." I can see why Alice and Chris are such good friends, they both sound like they learned English from reading the fortunes from fortune cookies.
I sighed, "Maybe I could.... apologize.... I suppose...."
Alice nodded, "Even if you don't think it's your fault, which I agree with you that he's just looking for someone to blame, I think things would turn out better if you apologized."
I nodded, I understood where she was coming from. I got up, tossed my lunch into the garbage can and headed for the door. I could feel Alice's stare and I sighed. "Fine. I'll wash my hands."
Alice nodded, pretending that she didn't just use her OCD brain control powers to make me wash my hands.

We went outside for "recess" and I approached Leo. "Hey," I said. Leo turned around, looking kind of startled. "Hi...." He said. We were both quiet for a while and then, we said at the same time, like what happens in corny drama movies, "I'm sorry." We both laughed a little. I held up my hand. "It's fine. I'm sorry, Leo."
Leo nodded.
Out of nowhere, we heard Chris say from behind us, "Aww, you two are so sweet! But you aren't going to fall for the bastard, are you Angie?"
Leo and I both rolled our eyes, Alice giggling at Chris's side. I looked at Leo. No, I wouldn't fall for him. He's Leo, creepy stalker somewhat perverted Leo. A horrible partner, but one heck of a friend.
Leo squeezed his eyes shut, his fingers crossed. "Fall for the bastard, fall for the bastard, pleeeaase fall for the bastard...."
I laughed, "Good luck with that, Leo."
Chris and Alice had their heads rested on each other's shoulders and they had their right hand on their hearts. 
"So touching!" Chris said, actually tearing up. Alice handed him a tissue from her blue box that she carried around everywhere. 
"I know!" Alice said, choking up. No, Alice! Don't let him drag you down into his emotional world! Chris sang loudly, "We all need somebody to leeeeeaann ooon! Lean on me!" 
Alice joined in, "When you're not strong, I'll be your friend, I'll help you caaaarry ooooon."

I love my friends.