Monday, January 18, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 13 - CHAPTER 7

Johnny, Kathy and Leo crouched down behind my house.
"So, why am I here?" Kathy said.
"We're gonna play a prank on Chris and you're gonna help." Johnny grinned stupidly, looking 
Kathy up and down.
Kathy looked at him innocently, pretending not to notice his studying of her. "Why? I like 
"Oh, I think you'll like this." Leo said, cringing a little.
Kathy grinned, "So, what do you want me to do?"
Well, you get to scare him to death. Leo thought.
"Go in through the window there, oh this is gonna totally freak that wimp out!" Johnny laughed
Leo looked uncomfortable as Johnny explained the plan to Kathy. 
Kathy giggled and nodded, "Okay. Give me a boost." Both Johnny and Leo almost started 
drooling as they locked arms and watched Kathy (from below view) as she climbed through 
the window.
Once she was through, the boys climbed up the tree outside the window to watch. 
Johnny snickered, "This is gonna be so great!"
Leo chuckled, "Can't argue with that." He knew it would be funny whether is was wrong or not.
They watched as Kathy crept over to Chris, who was sleeping peacefully in his bed. She 
grinned evilly, putting one leg over Chris's bed. She kneeled over him, "Oh, Chris!" She said, pinning his shoulders down with her hands and his legs with hers.
Chris's eyes shot open and Kathy kissed him. Chris pushed her away, trying hard to push her off without touching her breasts. Kathy fell onto the floor. Chris sat up and screamed one 
expected, amusing word on the top of his lungs. 
Kathy darted under the bed.
I heard Chris scream and I ran into his room. "What is it, Chris?"
"K-KATHERINE!!!!" Chris wailed. The poor kid looked horrified, but I had no idea what he 
I walked over and sat next to my brother, smoothing his sweaty hair out of his face. "Oh, did 
you have another Katherine nightmare, Honey?"
Leo and Johnny hid amongst the leaves in their tree, trying with all they had not to laugh.
Chris shook his head, he was crying like a baby. "K-Katherine.... was.... HERE!!!!!"
I kissed his forehead, "Look, I'm sure it was just a dream, Sweetie. Katherine couldn't have 
reached the window all by herself." I giggled, trying to cheer him up. Then, it hit me.
Chris's eyes and my eyes widened. Our heads snapped around and we looked out the 
Seeing nothing, we both laughed loudly, uncertainly. Slowly, Chris and I bent down and Chris lifted up the blanket to look under his bed.
To my unimaginable shock, Kathy was under the bed, staring at us. Chris screamed higher 
and louder than any chick from a horror movie and screeched, "ANGIE!!!! I TOLD YOU!!!!
SHE'S THERE!!!!!!"
I jumped back and screamed too. I can see why Dad insisted on sound proofing their room.
Mom didn't like this because she wouldn't be able to hear us if something bad happened 
(hmm....), but Dad then said I could help Chris with anything that would happen (Gee, thanks Dad).
Chris and I stood in the corner of his room, horrified. "What the hell are you doing in my 
house?" I screamed at Kathy.
Out of nowhere, we heard loud laughter. It sounded like two boys. Oh no, don't tell me....
I walked toward the window, Chris holding my hand like a little kid. I opened it and called out, "Zachary? Johnny? Daniel? This isn't funny, come out."
The laughing slowed and, after a moment's hesitation, the leaves in the tree across from the 
window parted. My heart stopped when I saw who it was. Johnny Thomas, not a big shock, 
and Leo. That traitor. "Chris," I said coldly. "Get the gun. It's under my bed." He nodded and 
left the room.
Leo and Johnny's eyes widened. Gun? They both thought in horror. Kathy started to climb out the window, "They have a gun?! You idiots! Get me the hell out of here!" She hissed. The 
boys frantically helped her out the window and started trying to get out of the tree as fast as 
they could.
Chris rejoined me at the window and handed me the gun. The water gun. "Did you load it?" I asked. 
Chris nodded, grinning. "Ammo number thirty-six."
I aimed the water gun and pulled the trigger. Leo, Johnny and Kathy were soon all covered in a mixture of eggshell, watermelon core, banana peel, and everything else we had emptied out and blenderized from the compost bin. It's kind of genius, I know.
Kathy screamed and the boys tried their best to get out of the tree. All three of them fell out of the tree, which wasn't high enough to seriously hurt them. They were on their 
heels running, covered in greenish muck.
Chris and I laughed and slapped a high-five. "So," I said, "What did she do?"
Chris shivered. "I don't like girls when they do that. Then again, I never like Kathy."
I eyed him, "What did she do and how many other girls...."
"None, but I've had nightmares. Bad nightmares."
I patted him on the back. "Go to sleep, Chris."
"Yeah." He nodded and I went back to my room.
I got into bed and tried not to think about what Katherine might have...... Something 
Johnny told her to do. I shivered and tried to go to sleep.

I'm gonna kill Leo.

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