Friday, January 8, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 12 - CHAPTER 1

I giggled, getting Alice's attention. I gestured to Chris, who was staring dreamily at Jesse. I rolled my eyes.
We were in Study Hall.

Jesse glanced at Chris. Seeing that Chris was looking at him, Jesse waved awkwardly. 
In a trance, Chris waved a flirty finger wave. Jesse looked confused and uncomfortable and he slowly turned away.
We couldn't help it, Alice and I started laughing our heads off, Leo sat next to us uncomfortably. Chris blinked, "What?" He said, looking at me. 
We laughed more, Chris looking at us, so confused. "Jesse's going to be afraid of you now." Mouse said, "Nice one!"
Chris sighed, "I quote Alice from Alice In Wonderland; I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it." 
"Oh, Chris." Mouse said, "Of course, you are the only person I know who quotes Alice In Wonderland."
Chris sighed again, "Why am I like this? I give Angela dating slash flirting advice all the time, but I can't even be around Jesse without acting like a fool."
"Yeah," Mouse said, patting Chris on the back. "Sucks to be you." He glared at her.
"Just try to act natural and everything will be fine." I said. 
Chris nodded, "I know what to do, it's just that I always panic whenever I'm around him. I don't know what's wrong with me."
Mouse opened her mouth, anxious to volunteer an answer, but I shook my head at her. I said, "Maybe you should try to be friends with him."
Chris looked at me like I was crazy, "Are you joking? You don't become friends with your crush, that's ridiculous."
"And why is that so ridiculous?" Alice asked, kind of quietly.
Chris held his head high, "Girls, Leo, don't get argumentative with me because I'm right and you're just afraid to admit that you were wrong."
We held up our hands in a what? gesture and I said, "Chris, what the heck are you talking about?"
He sighed at my apparent stupidity. "Angela, you just- UHG! I'M LEAVING!" Chris stormed out, leaving us so confused. "What the heck was that about?" I said.
"Somebody's moody." Mouse said.
"Oh, oh!" Leo started jumping up and down stupidly, which really wasn't usually something to expect from him. "I know! I know! We learned about this in Heath! He's going through puberty! That's why he's so moody!"
We all stared at Leo. What the heck had gotten into him? And usually he didn't like to 
talk about sexuality unless it was about girls.
"Well, you really out-Chris-ed yourself in the maturity department," Mouse said, "And 
totally out-I-have-no-idea-what-you're-talking-about-ed yourself in the there's-something-wrong-with-your-brain department."
After a few minutes, Chris came back in and sat by us. "Chris?" Mouse asked. "When 
was the last time you had your period?" Leo snorted and I rolled my eyes.
Chris stood up, an edge to his high-pitched somewhat-feminine Chris voice. "What is 
wrong with you? I suddenly am in a bad mood and you just decide to make it worse for me? How rude. You're a disgrace, Mouse."
"Ooohhh, now I'm scared. I'm a disgrace!" Mouse said playfully, but mockingly. Chris 
turned around and marched up to her. "Look Princess, you may think you're so impressive, mocking me like that, but you aren't the most feminine yourself!"
Mouse yawned, "And this means to me.....?" 
Chris stomped his foot, "UHRG! YOU ARE SO ANNOYING!" He stormed out of the room one last time.
I said to Mouse, "Hey, maybe you shouldn't be so hard on him, he's sensitive."
"You think?" Mouse said, "Come on, Angie, where's your sense of humor?"

After school, the football team was tramping through the halls, cheering loudly about 
their victory in the game they had just won. Then, they heard an infuriating, cold, angry 
voice yelling, female, and a weak, desperate whimpering voice, female? Male? The 
football team couldn't tell.
They turned a corner to see Mouse holding a senior boy off the ground by his collar 
(think out the likelihood yourself. Mouse is really short, but really strong). The football 
team stood, gaping in awe as Mouse screamed at the boy, causing him to scream and 
whimper and promise to never do something ever ever ever ever again. Mouse punched the victim in the stomach and he fell to the floor, out cold.
The football team came out from their hiding place and started clapping, patted Mouse 
on the back. Mouse glared at them as Daniel, the team captain, bent down to her level. 
"Hey, kid. We have somethin' we'd like ta ask you. Huddle!" He and the rest of the
football team closed into a tight circle, leaving Mouse out. They whispered, "I think we 
could use her," and "I don't know, she's pretty small...." and "AND she's a girl!" and "But did you see how she totally beat that senior dude to a pulp?" and "Should we be afraid of her?" The whole team turned to look at the guy who had said this and then shook their 
heads at his ignorance. "I think we should invite her."
"I agree. Break!" Daniel said and the circle broke apart. "So, here's the thing." He turned to Mouse, who was surprisingly still there. "We saw you kick that senior's ass. We think we could use you on the team."
Mouse raised an eyebrow, thinking this over. "I don't know, it's not really my thing...."
I series of "Aww, c'mon Mouse!" Arose from the football team. After a few seconds of thinking, Mouse said. "Okay. I'll do it."
The football team congratulated her and departed.

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