Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 13 - CHAPTER 5

Jamie, Chris, Mouse, Leo, Kathy, and I sat on the jungle gym thing outside at recess (recess, that sounds so childish, but what else do you call it?).
Chris studied Alice, who was a few kilometers away. "I wonder if Alice freaks out every time she has her period." That sounds a lot more like something Leo would say, to me.
"What makes you say that?" Kathy said.
Chris grimaced, "I don't know, it's just so gross! I mean, if you're not prepared for it, then you get blood all over your underwear, it's just disgusting!"
Five pairs of eyes fell on Chris as five heads cocked to the side. "How would you know?" Mouse said. 
Leo grinned and said to Mouse, "How would you know?" Mouse punched him and we laughed. 
"How would I know?" Chris said, "Well, to start with, not only girls need to know how the human body works. Second of all, Angie is always leaving her used pads on the sink! It's so disgusting!"
"CHRIS!" I hollered without thinking, "THAT WAS ONCE!"
Leo cracked up and Chris continued, "I'm sorry, Angela, but it was more than once and you scarred me. Therefore, I feel that it's only fair to share the experience with your friends."
I felt all my blood rush to my face. "Chris," I said firmly, "don't."
He ignored me. "It's just so gross because during her period Angela would just leave her used pads on the sink and I would have to throw them away! So gross!"
"CHRIS!" I yelled at him. My friends were laughing hard now. I glared at my brother. 
"Seriously, Angela. What a unsanitary habit!" He said.
"You've been hanging out with Alice too much, saying 'unsanitary'. You are so unfair, that was once!"
"Was not."
I was starting to really get pissed off and embarrassed. "Chris, stop it."
"And then there was this one time when she was on the phone with Mouse and Ger10 was hungry and I was doing homework, which we all know is immensely important-"
"Immensely? Seriously, Chris?"
"Hush, Angela." Chris continued, "So I asked her to feed the cat and she put an onion in Ger10's bowl! An onion!" 
I rolled my eyes, "Dramatic much, Chris? Why are you doing this to me? Why now?"
Chris looked me up and down, as if deciding whether I could take his deal. "I'll stop if you promise not to leave your used pads on the sink." 
My friends were dying laughing now, I tried to ignore them. "Why now?"
"Why not?" Chris smiled smugly. I hate his good comebacks. "So, will you?"
"Sure, Chris." I said through clenched teeth. My face was burning up now.
"Promise, Angela? Do you promise to never again leave y-" Chris said, I cut him off.
"YES! I promise, Chris! Geez!" I said. Chris smiled triumphantly, my friends laughing behind him. Usually, I didn't mind his smirk. I guess I'm most often on his side, but now I couldn't stand it.
I glared at my friends and I got off the jungle gym thing. "I'm gonna go find Alice."
I stormed off, my friends calling after me, "Oh, come on, Ange! Don't be that way!"

At lunch, Chris came and sat across from me. I tried not to look at him. "Hey, Ange." He said.
"Hm." I said, not looking up from my.... um.... macaroni? Pudding? Mashed potatoes? Meatloaf? I really wasn't sure, tasting it didn't help me figure it out.
Chris watched me eat for a while before smiling and saying, "Hey, look. I'm sorry, Ange. I know I embarrassed you,"
"You think?" I said without looking at him.
Chris nodded and continued, "But Mom and Dad never knew about that disgusting habit of yours because I always picked up after you."
"Why does it bother you so much?"
"Because it's gross!" Chris said, sounding offended.
"Why didn't you tell on me?" I asked.
Chris grinned, "Because I wanted to make you learn the hard way. Think about it, this way is just so fun." I glared at him and he cleared his throat, "I truly am sorry, Angie. That was wrong of me to do."
I sighed. He looked serious now, but I could tell, knowing my brother, that if I didn't forgive him soon he might start crying. "Fine, okay, Chris. Apology excepted."
Chris smiled and hugged me. Of course.
Mouse, Leo, Alice and Kathy came to the table. "Oh, so we're giving out hugs now?" Kathy 
grinned evilly. "No!" Chris and I said at the same time, sitting back down.
Kathy grinned, "Oh, is this because of earlier?" She sat down by Chris and his shoulders 
tensed. "Well, I must say, Chris," Kathy said, "You were kind of a bitch to Angie."
Chris raised an eyebrow at her and she smiled. Leo snorted and Alice hushed him.
Chris crossed his arms, taking a deep breath. He's good at controlling himself, I'll give him 
that. "I was just making sure she wouldn't keep up with nasty habits. Habits like that can be a problem in collage, at work, at home once you're married. I could go on...."
"Please don't." I said, slumping down in my seat.

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