Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 11 - CHAPTER 4

Leo was running through the hall as fast as he could when he passed Chris, who was calmly walking. "Dude!" Leo turned around, "What are you doing? You're gonna be late!"
"Oh, relax, Leo!" Chris said calmly.
Leo sighed, "How are you always so calm? Well, not always. I guess you can be pretty obnoxious sometimes, like when we were at camp and you wouldn't stop following me, or when Mouse put that cockroach on your head. Oh man, that was funny!"
Chris sighed, putting his arm around Leo's shoulders. "Oh, Leo. Just stop and smell the flowers sometime. If you rush through life, you could miss something important. You know?"
Leo eyed Chris stupidly, shrugging his arm off. "Um, no, I don't, you know 'cuz we're
inside and I don't see any flowers. But what I do know is that I'm late for class. See you,
Leo broke into a run. Chris waved slightly, sighing to himself. "Leo, Leo, Leo. Will you 
ever learn?"

When Chris and I came home, Ger10 greeted us at the door. Chris picked him up, "Ooh, who's a sweet little kitty? Coming to the door to meet us!" I sneezed.
"Bless you, Angela." Chris said, but not in his usual polite tone, more like omg you sneezed. What if my precious cat gets contaminated with your filth? I was starting to seriously hate that cat.
At school the next day, Leo, Chris, me and even Alice had decided to do a little test. 
"Mouse Trap" Leo had called it.
"So, we set up various traps for Mouse and see how she reacts." Leo explained, "I'm 
guessing they'll be good reactions, judging by her reaction to Chris's cat. And, she gets mad, she doesn't cry like Chris."
Chris sighed. Alice said, "So, what kind of traps do you have in mind?"
Leo smiled evilly and we all edged closer to him, waiting for an answer. Leo explained 
his master plan. "Let's get to work." We all put our hands in the middle like they do in 
movies and said, "Mouse Trap!"
Right before lunch, Leo and Chris dragged a ladder in front of the lunchroom doors. Most kids just passed through like nothing had changed, but when Mouse got there she froze.
She stood in front of the door, her mind trying to work the situation out. Lunch food door blocked door blocked no food for Mouse no no food lunch door blocked no food Mouse 
ladder bad luck. 
Her brain just couldn't filter the information. No lunch? Was this even possible? This 
was one of the very few problems that Mouse couldn't seem to solve herself. What to 
Mouse stood frozen, totally stumped, as Leo, Chris, Alice and I watched from behind a wall.
Mouse hesitated and started to walk away. We all gasped, in total shock. Mouse was 
about to walk away from lunch because of superstition! I couldn't believe it! None of us 
I walked up to Mouse, "Hey, Mouse. Where are you going? Let's go get some lunch!" 
Mouse shook her head, "No!....... Ladder...."
Leo stepped in front of us, "Hey, look Mouse. This ladder is completely harmless." He gave the ladder a kick to show just how harmless it was. it tipped over, hitting one of the 
ceiling lights, causing the ladder to spontaneously burst into flames. Girls and guys 
screamed, running this way and that screeching, "FIRE!!! FIRE!!! HELP! HELP!"
Chris and Alice came up to watch the chaos with us. Alice slowly drew her hands up to her face, covering her mouth in shock. Chris put his arm around her comfortingly.
Mouse patted horrified Leo on the back, "Nice going, Slick."
Leo said weakly, "Well at least we can go in now."
Chris, Alice, Mouse, and I all glared at him and he shrugged. We went to lunch, leaving 
the chaos behind us.

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