Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 16 - CHAPTER 1

So, we were back to regular life now, for a while, anyway.
This quarter, we had to take Heath. This didn't bother Leo in anyway and Mouse intended to just sleep through it. I was sure none of the information would be able to process itself through Michelle's thick skull, so I didn't worry about her. I didn't really care about it, I would just try to be mature about it. I must admit, I was a little worried about Chris for when we would watch the Live Birth tape. I wasn't sure Alice would be too excited either, but I didn't say anything to her.
Straightening Chris's collar like Mom did when he was five, I said to Chris, "Okay, Sweetie, now you can close your eyes if there's anything scary, okay?"
Chris crossed his arms, "Please, Angie. What's so scary about a Heath video? I think you're just being immature."
I sighed, turning to go into the Heath room, "Okay then, I guess you'll be perfectly okay with watching the life birth." 
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the blood drain from Chris's face. I turned around, gesturing for him to follow me. "Come on, Sweetie."
He rushed up to me and took hold of my sleeve. I grinned at him and started whistling Beethoven's 5th as we entered the Heath room. Chris and I sat down at a table, next to Alice. 
"Hi, guys." She said, scrubbing the table with disinfectant wipes. What a shock. Alice has kind of a pathological fear of the science room because of all the stuff we have to do and how 'unsanitary' it all is.
Our Science/Health teacher turned on The Miracle Of Life, a film from the 80's about how babies are made, yada yada yada. I'll tell you, it was a lot more then all that stork crap. Leo was extremely interested in the video, which I couldn't help finding a little bit disturbing, knowing Leo. Mouse slept. Chris seemed to be pretty cool about it for most of the film and Michelle just sat there, staring blankly at the screen and smacking her gum. Alice didn't take it so well, she sat in the fetal position in her seat, curled up, almost trying to hide from the video.
Then, the moment of truth, (da da da daaa!) the Live Birth part of the film. Almost everyone cringed and I glanced over nervously at Chris, who stared at the screen in pure horror.
Alice had the same expression on her face as Chris and, after a few seconds, she collapsed and I caught her.
"Oh great, not again!" The science teacher said, sighing, but not carelessly. She took Alice to the nurse's office, leaving the student teacher in charge and we continued our movie.
I glanced at Chris again, "Chris, you don't have to watch."
"How does it fit through? Doesn't that hurt?" He said, gesturing to the screen.
I chuckled, "Well, yeah, but don't worry, Buddy. You don't ever have to go through that, you're a boy." I must say, I might've died a little bit if he had objected to that.
Chris started breathing heavily and put my arm around him. He said, "Ange, when you have a child, do I have to watch?"
"No, Honey."
Chris started wheezing and I said under my breath, "Oh, crap."
I raised my hand and asked the if we could be excused. I took Chris out into the hall and gave him his inhaler. At this moment, a couple of football players walked by and started making fun of us. Crap, stupid jerks. 
We both went back in and Chris said he was okay to watch the rest, but he held my hand the whole time. I was surprised Leo took it so well. After we watched the video, he wouldn't stop blabbering about how interesting it was. Talk about split personalities! 

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