Friday, January 22, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 14 - CHAPTER 7

Alice walked up to Chris, "Hey, Chris."
Chris smiled at her, "Hi, Alice. What's up?"
Alice smiled, "Well, um, you know how my mom and chad are.... getting... married. Well, my mom said that I could make the cake for her after party and I was wondering if you wanted to help."
Chris grinned, "Sure! That sounds fun."
Alice laughed nervously, "And, um.... I was wondering...." Chris nodded for her to go on.
"My mom would kind of kill me if I trashed the kitchen...."
"It's fine, we can use my kitchen." Chris affectionally put his arm over Alice's shoulder.
"Thank you so much." Alice smiled at Chris.

Chris walked up to me, "Hey, Angie."
I smiled at him, "Hey, Chris. What's up?"
"Ange, do you think Alice and I could use the kitchen today?" He said, using his big blue-green puppy dog eyes on me.
I smiled at him sweetly, "Sure, Honey."
Chris's eyes lit up. He's just like a little kid. "And- and do you think we could go grocery shopping?"
I laughed, "Sure, wait- What for?"
"Cake stuff." Well then.
"Sure, buddy."
Chris grinned at me, "Thank you, Angie!" He attacked me in a hug.
"Yeah, no problem. Now get off."

"Two eggs next," Alice said. Chris put two eggs in her hand and she cracked them open and into the bowl. 
"Alice, be careful!" Chris said, "Don't put the shells in."
"Oh...." Alice began carefully picking the egg shells out of the cake mix. "Uhg, I'm a mess!" Alice gestured to her flour-covered apron.
Chris laughed, "It's all part of the fun!" He glanced at Alice, who was busily reading the cookbook. 
Grinning, Chris slowly reached into the flour bowl and scooped up a pinch of flour. He aimed and flicked the flour at Alice. She whirled around, her mouth open in shock. Chris bit his lip, snickering. "You're like a cute little flour snow girl."
Glaring, Alice took a step toward Chris and he backed up, his smile fading. Without saying anything, Alice reached into the nutmeg bowl and flung it at Chris, who shut his eyes just in time. Brown powder covered his face. Alice giggled as Chris wiped the nutmeg off his face, shaking his head like a wet dog, sending nutmeg flying through the air. They both laughed and started throwing ingredients at each other.
Well, now the kitchen was a mess. Chris and Alice sat on the floor, laughing.
"Well, we should probably work on the cake now." Alice said. Chris chuckled, nodding.

I opened my front door, leading into my kitchen. I dropped the shopping bags I was carrying. The kitchen was trashed; There was flour and sugar and bowls and spoons everywhere.
I looked around the kitchen, in shock. "Chris! Alice!" I called out. I heard giggling and Chris and Alice came out from the hallway. 
I held my arms up, gesturing to the kitchen. Chris laughed. "Hi, Angie."
"Hi?" I asked in disbelief, "Hi? What, was there a tornado in here? What did you do?" 
Alice fought back a laugh. "We're baking a cake for Mom's after party."
Chris nodded, "Red velvet."
I snorted, "Chris, you can't make red velvet cake."
Chris crossed his arms, "Oh yeah?" He picked up a tiny little pan and tore off a piece of red velvet cake from it. "We made a little one for us." He explained, putting the cake in my mouth. I chewed it slowly, "Oh my god, this is amazing!" I exclaimed. 
Chris and Alice smiled proudly, saying at the same time, "Thank you." They both gasped and whirled around to face each other. They said in exact unison, "One, two, three, you owe me a soda!" They started laughing. Whoever said "Great minds think alike", they are so wrong. 
I rolled my eyes. "Okay, guys. Let's see the cake, then it's clean up time."
They nodded and uncovered the cake. It was beautiful. It had three layers and was about two or three feet high. The cake was covered in pale blue frosting and it read Congrats, Rachel and Chad! in pink icing with little white doves on it.
"It's beautiful, guys!" I said, smiling. "I love it."
Alice chuckled nervously, "Let's hope Mom and Chad do too. That's the tricky part."
Chris nodded, "Rachel is a little hard to please."
"You think?" I remembered once when Alice and I were in fourth grade, we came home from day camp and we had made collages. When Alice showed hers to her mother, she had said to little eight-year-old Alice, "It's too messy!"
I was so happy our parents weren't like that. Chris probably was too, I can't imagine how much he would've suffered if Mom never let him sleep in their bed when he had nightmares.
"Well," I said, hugging Alice, "Good luck, Sweetie." 
Alice nodded, "Thanks. Hey, do you guys want to come to the wedding?"
Chris and I looked at each other, "Are we invited?" I asked. Alice shook her head 'no'.
Chris and I shrugged, "Sure." We both said. We were going to a wedding.
The thing about agreeing to go to a wedding, is that means Mom and I had to listen to Chris blab about what he should wear for about two and a half hours straight.
Mom helped me try on an old flower girl dress from when I was ten. Of course, too small. "Wait a sec...." Mom said, "I think I might still have...." She walked out of the room and I followed her curiously. She came back with a big white bag for fancy clothes that was probably old because it had a yellowish tint and it was dusty. I watched as Mom unzipped it and pulled out a pretty white dress. 
She smiled, "This is the dress I wore as a bride's maid at Jodie's wedding."
I stared at the dress, smiling at its beauty. Then I realized what she was saying. "Oh, no. Mom, I can't wear this! I'm a klutz, I could kill it!"
Mom laughed and said, "Ah, whatever. It doesn't fit me and you need a dress. Here, I'll help you put it on."
I changed into the dress and admired myself in the mirror. I looked good, I guess. Dad came in the room and eyed us. "Angela's not getting married, is she?" He half joked. It's kind of hard to tell when Dad is joking. "Not to the Leonard kid, right?" His smile faded.
I looked at him in a are-you-f***ing-kidding-me way and said, "Ew, no Dad." He laughed and Chris came in, dressed in a white suit with a black necktie and black shoes. "Hi Dad."
Dad whirled around and sighed, taking in Chris's outfit choice and running his fingers through his hair. "Uh.... Hey, Chris.... New clothes?"
Chris nodded excitedly, "Yep! I bought it yesterday. Like it?" 
Dad glanced at Mom and she nodded at him. Dad turned back to Chris, "Yeah, it's great, Chris." Chris beamed, happy to hear something positive from Dad and he frolicked back to his room cheerily.
Dad sighed, making a face at Mom and she shook her head, "Dan, you need to learn to support your son."
Dad was about to say something back, but then he looked at me and I said, "Okay, I'll leave then."
"No, no, Angela. You can stay, it's fine." Mom said, "Oh, this dress fits you great!" I nodded. 

I hope this doesn't turn out too bad.

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