Monday, February 1, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 16 - CHAPTER 8

Kathy ran up to Chris excitedly, screaming, "Hey, Chris!"
Chris jumped, putting his hand in his heart, "Kathy! You scared me! Oh, what do you want." He tried not to sound too rude.
Kathy looked at him excitedly, "Hey, Chris. Um, well, I was wondering...."
Chris sighed, but let her go on. Kathy giggled, blushing, "Do you want to go out with me this weekend?"
Chris sighed again, shaking his head. Kathy's smile faded and Chris put his hand on her shoulder. Lowering his voice, Chris said as politely as he could, "I'm sorry, Kathy, but I've already told you, nine times as of now, that I have a boyfriend. I don't want to go out with you, okay? I'm sorry, but I don't love you. You're just going to have to except that." He smiled kindly, patting her shoulder. 
Chris almost felt bad, seeing Kathy look so sad, but he tried to ignore it. In case Kathy got angry,  Chris turned and walked off, leaving her standing in the hallway.... alone.

"Chris, I think Kathy is staring at you." Leo said, leaning over to see past Chris and Alice. Chris and Alice turned around to look and quickly turned back.
"Oh my gosh, you're right." Alice said. Chris was looking around nervously, leaning down and close to the table.
We all glanced back at Kathy, except for Chris. She was sitting a few tables away and she was holding a metal fork, bending it with two fingers. There was a surprising look of hatred in her eyes. Everyone kind of assumed Kathy was just a psychopath, but maybe not. I know this sounds bad, but I wasn't really used to Kathy having any feelings besides OMG-I-love-you-Chris mode.
Now, Kathy was definitely not in that mode. She was burning holes in the back of Chris's head and tears filled her eyes. This wasn't a look I recognized, but Chris, however....
Chris turned around to look at her. Instead of just whipping back around in fear, he stared back at her. He had a kind of 'I'm not going to hurt you' look on his face, a sincere look. Kathy's face softened, but she hardened it back up and scowled more.
"That was what she looked like when I first met her." Chris said, almost a sad tone to his voice. I remembered when Chris had first met Kathy; She had been crying over some stupid guy and Chris came to comfort her. For a while they had been inseparable, then we realized what a wacko she was.
Kathy scowled at Chris, but he didn't flinch, he just watched her with that sincere look in his eyes. We all watched curiously too see what would happen next. Chris held up his hand and waved at Kathy, "Hi." He said softly.
Kathy's face softened again and she whimpered. 
Chris nodded, "It's okay, I don't bite." Dude, are you serious? It was like some cheesy film were the nature freak stood in the bushes, trying to lure out some wild animal.
Kathy stared at him, tears still filling her eyes. Kathy has an interesting approach to feelings. When she cries, she doesn't try to hide it like most teenagers I know. Kathy let the tears run down her cheeks, what an emotional girl. What had Chris done to her? She knew that he had a boyfriend, he's told her eight times.
Chris put his hand down and hesitantly gestured for Kathy to come sit with us. A small smile crossed her face and I felt kind of bad for hating her.
Kathy stood up and ran over to us, hugging Chris. "I'm sorry I was mad, Chrissypoo!"
Chris hugged her back and laughed nervously, "I-it's okay, Kathy." He glanced at Alice and I for help and we shrugged. It was his problem now.
"Oh, you're so great, Chris!" Kathy gushed, "I WANNA MARRY YOOUUU!!!!"
Chris blushed a little, wrinkling his nose, but smiled tightly when Kathy looked at him. 
With that settled, Kathy smiled and frolicked away. 

What a weird kid.

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