Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 15 - CHAPTER 6

At lunch, durning passing time, and pretty much every other chance they got, Geoffry and Chris would talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. By now I've gotten tired of listening to their conversations. However, Mouse was extremely interested in them when they came to school on Monday. Geoffry offered to walk Chris home at the end of the day. I rolled my eyes and Mouse watched with extreme interest. "Angie! Aren't you watching this? Aw, I wish I had a camera!"
"Since when are you a romance junkie?" I asked flatly.
Mouse shook her head, "Never, but I'm a sucker for humiliating your brother."
"Oh, yeah."
We watched as Chris nodded and linked his arm through Geoffry's. Oh my god, I wanted to puke. 
I groaned, "This is like some stupid romance movie." 
Mouse nodded excitedly, "Yeah, but with two guys! Dude, this is gold! You better watch out though, there will be a mob after them for a while. The football team, other popular guys, their followers, Mabel."
My face fell. Oh crap, Mabel. That could be pretty messy. I remember having to listen to Mabel blab about how much she loved Geoffry and what a good boyfriend he was and such. Chris kind of stole her boyfriend. I mean, Geoffry kind of started it, but she wouldn't hurt him. Chris, however, is an open target.
"Hey, you okay, Ange?" Mouse said. I swallowed and nodded, turning to take the bus instead of having to walk home with Chris and his new boyfriend.

Leo wasn't as enthusiastic about Chris and Geoffry's togetherness. He had been avoiding Chris even more than usual and had stopped sitting with us at lunch all together. I was halfway there to joining him, this was driving me nuts. It was like when Chris befriended Kathy (before we knew what an evil demon she is) and we had to listen to them chatter all night long. But this was almost worse, it was like that combined with an old cheesy romance movie. All the catch-phrases Geoffry used; "Don't worry, I won't let you fall.", "I'll walk you home.", "You know, Chris, I think you're really cute.", "I'm your night in shining armor!"..... Okay, he didn't say the last one.
I couldn't stand this anymore, but what would I do to end it.....? No, I couldn't do that, it could be dangerous...... Well, I'll give him a warning.
What I did then was one of the darkest deeds of my life. *Psycho music* No, I didn't kill anyone. *Music fades* I walked up to Mabel Oakfiled, a serious look on my face. 
"Hey, Mabel." I said sharply. 
She turned to face me, smiling. "Oh, hi Angie!"
I hesitated. Come on, Ange, do it! You have to! I took a deep breath. "What would you say if I told you your boyfriend was cheating on you?" 
Mabel's face fell and I could've sworn she was looking right at me. "What?" She said, sounding hurt. 
I stared at her, wondering if I was doing the right thing. I made myself say it, "Chris." 
Mabel's hurt expression turned into a dark scowl, which was kind of scary on her. "What?" She said the same word, but instead of sounding close to tears, there were icicles dripping from her words.
She thought about what I had just told her and said, "Thank you for telling me." 
After that, after seeing that cold look in her eyes, after seeing her storm off like that, I regretted ever telling her.

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