Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cool With A "K" PART 30 - Chapter 17

Mouse sat in her desk in the French room, waiting grumpily for class to start. Chris stormed over and slammed his books down on her desk, making her jump. Mouse looked up, then grinned.
"Oh, hey, Christina. How's your time of the month treating you?" She said, smirking, "You look kinda pissed."
"When exactly were you planning on telling me that you had a thing for Geoffry?" Chris asked loudly.

Mouse frowned and, her voice low, said tersely, "I do not have a thing for Geoffry."
Chris snorted, "Yeah, you do."
He looked straight at her and his expression looked hurt, "It all fits together. You love him a-and that's why you've been acting all weird."
"I do not-" Mouse started.
"And that's why you made out with him when we were playing Seven Minutes in Heaven at your house." Chris went on, his voice wavering.
"What's it to you?" Mouse snapped. A couple of kids looked over and Mouse scowled back. She stood up and grabbed Chris' arm, pulling him into the hall. She said, more quietly, "What's your problem? Why does it matter to you?"
Chris locked eyes with her, his brimming with tears. Mouse's shoulders sagged and she said, sounding annoyed, "Oh no... You've gotta be kidding me."
She put her hand on her hip, putting her face in the other. Chris tried to say something, "Mouse... I know that it's-"

"You know, I really don't get what the hell is wrong with you." Mouse said, moving her hand from her face, "I've been trying to get you- I've been trying to understand what the hell goes on in your head ever since you started dating that stupid Geoffry guy and guess what? I have no f--king idea!"
Mouse pointed accusingly at Chris and snapped, "After all the stupid crap he did to you, you're still after him."
"Then why are you after him?" Chris scoffed.
Silence. Mouse stared at him, her lips tight. Down the hall, the bell rang for class to start.
Chris sighed heavily. He nodded toward the French classroom and said, "Come on, we have to get to class."
Mouse stomped forward and shoved Chris forcefully in the chest, making him stumble backward. He caught himself and said, "Seriously. We need to get to class."
"Why do you keep avoiding talking about Geoffry?" Mouse said.
"Why do you?" Chris snapped back.
Mouse clenched her jaw and Chris said tiredly, "I think you know perfectly well why we're trying to avoid this conversation... We're afraid."
Mouse glared daggers at Chris and he continued, "We're afraid that talking about Geoffry together will ruin our friendship-"
Mouse gave a hollow laugh, "We're not friends!"
"Let me finish, Mouse." Chris said firmly, "We... Are also afraid to admit that we're in love, and that he won't feel the same way about us."

Mouse scowled, then she smiled tightly.
"That's cute, Chris." She said bitterly, "Here's the deal. You already know that Geoffry loves you."
Chris studied Mouse, taken slightly off guard. It seemed to take Mouse a moment to realize what she had just said. She and Chris stared at each other, both trying to figure out what to say next.
Mouse slowly let her shoulders relax and she stood away from Chris.
"Let's go to class." She muttered, turning and walking away. 
Wordlessly, Chris nodded and followed her down the hall.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cool With A "K" PART 30 - CHAPTER 16

As I walked to homeroom the next day, Geoffry ran up to walk next to me.
"Look," He said calmly, "I know that you and I have kind of a bad history..."
I gave him a nasty look, "What do you mean by that?"
"I mean that I dated your brother and you've never liked me." Geoffry said, smiling, "Except for when I first got here. You were so nice to me. I probably never would've fallen in love with Chris if it wasn't for you."
I stared straight ahead, quickening my pace. Geoffry added, "Well, I probably could've, but you contributed. You were an accessory to our love."
"I hope you're not trying to get something from me, Geoffry, because all I feel like giving you now is a kick in the balls." I snapped, looking at him.
Geoffry chuckled and looked down at his feet as he walked, "No, no, nothing like that. I just thought I should point out who you're putting me up against, Angela. It's me against Mouse."
"Yeah, you said that yesterday." I muttered, walking even faster. Geoffry sped up, too. He continued coolly, "You said that I'm worse than she is, but that doesn't mean something couldn't be going on with her. Maybe you should talk to your friend about her issues instead of me. I mean, you don't even like me."
I knit my eyebrows and looked at Geoffry. He kind of had a point.
Geoffry looked back at me and smiled warmly... Were there no loopholes? He was just saying something intelligent and there was no catch?
"Oh," He added, "And I know what it is that's bothering Mouse."
Well, I could've seen that coming a mile away. I asked, "What, Geoffry?"
Geoffry grinned widely, quickening his pace to pass me, "She's in love. With I think you know who."
I slowed to a stop, letting Geoffry walk off to his homeroom. My brain slowed down, too. It was like someone had jammed something in there to keep it from working, like a broomstick or a bag of marshmallows... Or a giant wad of bullshit.
I shook my head and opened the door to my homeroom class. No, come on, Ange. Who are you gonna trust? Mouse or Geoffry? Seriously?
But it all kind of made sense. Mouse has been acting totally weird lately and she's been extra mean to everybody... Especially Geoffry.
My eyes widened. I rushed into my classroom and sat down by Chris, slamming my books onto the table. Chris jumped and I said, "Chris!"
"Hi." He said, looking surprised. 
"Chris, I have to tell you something." I said quickly.
Chris recovered and said, "Okay, what?"
I grinned and leaned into the table. Chris did, too.
"Mouse... Is in love." I said intensely.
Chris studied me for a moment and cracked a grin. He laughed, "No way."
I nodded frantically, "Yeah! It totally fits! That's why she's been acting so weird lately!"
"Okay, okay. With who?" Chris asked excitedly.
"Alright, ready for this?" I said, "Mouse... Is in love with Geoffry!"
Chris stared at me and the smile slowly faded from his face. There was an odd, still pause.
"What?" He asked quietly.

Just then, Alice walked into the classroom.
"Hey, guys." She said, setting her books on the table on the other side of Chris.
Chris was still staring at me. Uh-oh. Did I mess up?
I studied his face and said, "Chris?"
"I have to go." Chris said, pushing back his chair. He got up and quickly left the room. 
Alice and I looked at each other.
"Should I go get him?" I asked.

"No, no," Alice shook her head, sitting down where Chris had been, "We still have five minutes before first hour. What happened?"
I shook my head, "I dunno, I just told Chris this crazy that Geoffry told me and he got all weird."
"Well... What did Geoffry say?"
Now that I had put it in the context of something that Geoffry had said, it sounded a lot less true. I felt stupid.
I shifted uncomfortably in my seat and said, "Well... He, uh... He told me that Mouse was in love with him."
Alice raised her eyebrows, "And you told Chris that?"
"Well, yeah. I didn't think he was gonna freak out about it." I said, scooting up to Alice, "Alice, Mouse has a crush on Geoffry. This is as weird as it gets, but it explains everything."
"How does it explain everything?" Alice asked, looking exasperated. 
"It all fits together," I explained, "Mouse has been acting all weird lately, has she not? She's been a total dick to everyone."
Alice's shoulders relaxed a bit and she said flatly, "Ange, she's always a total dick to everyone-"

"No, no, I know. I mean she was even worse." I said, getting frustrated, "You seriously haven't noticed her being weird?"
Alice pursed her lips. She shrugged and said, "I guess I have."
I nodded and she cracked a grin, "But... In love with Geoffry? Really?"
"I know... And I think it might be the truth."
Alice chuckled, "Wow, that's weird."
She looked up and said, "Now, I have a question."
"Why the hell would you tell Chris?"
I sat, feeling stupid again. "Well... I don't know! I just did! I had to tell somebody and I thought he would think it was funny for some reason."
I turned in my chair to look at the door out of the classroom, where he had just left, "He seemed really upset."
Alice nodded in agreement.

Chris shoved open the classroom door, storming into the hallway. The door drifted closed behind him and he stopped walking. Where to go?
Chris looked down the hall; it was deserted. He blinked back tears and walked down the hall until he reached a group of lockers. In between the rows, Chris sank down to the floor, his back against a locker. He pulled his legs up to his chest , his hands in his lap. Now, he was safe.
Chris stared at a spot on the floor for a while, thinking. Then, he began to cry. His sniffles echoed quietly through the hall. He covered his face with his hands, tears running down his cheeks.
He looked up and stared at the lockers in front of him. He wanted to get up and kick them. Just kick him and kick him and kick him.
Chris looked up at the clock. He sighed and muttered to himself, "Time to go back to class."

Just before we had to go to first hour, Chris came back. He stormed into the room and I said, "Hey, buddy."
Chris shot me a dirty look, then looked me up and down, like he was trying to decide how to react to my greeting. He picked up his books and looked down at the floor, mumbling, "Hi, Angie."
I frowned and followed him out of the classroom, "Hey, what's going on?"
Chris ignored me and I put my hand on his shoulder, "Hey..."

"Not now, Angie." He snapped, shrugging off my hand.
I reluctantly let him go, watching him disappear into the crowd of students filling the hall. I sighed and walked off to my first class.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Cool with a "K" PART 30 - Chapter 15

I slung by backpack over one shoulder and pressed my hip against my locker to hold it shut against all of the crap inside it. I put the lock on and started walking. Leo joined me and said, "Hey."
"Yo." I said. "What's going on?"
Leo sighed and shrugged, "I dunno..."
He paused, then said, "Do you think things seem to be getting kind of... Weird?"
I looked at him and asked, "What do you mean?"
Leo shrugged again, knitting his eyebrows, "Ah, I don't know. It seems like... Sometimes everything will be fine and normal, then things will just suddenly get all weird and..."
He paused. I offered, "Not normal?"
"Yeah, that."
We turned a corner and I said, "Eh, I don't know. I guess I know what you mean. What seems so weird to you this time?"
"Well, I guess there's..." Leo's voice trailed off as he looked at something ahead of us. I followed his gaze and saw Mouse storming down the hallway with Geoffry on her trail.
"Come on, Mouse." Geoffry was saying.

"Piss off, Canning, for the last freaking time!" Mouse shot back over her shoulder.
Geoffry snatched at her backback. Mouse whirled around and slapped his hand away.
"Geoffry!" She yelled, "F--k off! For God's sake, leave me alone!"
Geoffry stared at her, a grin breaking across his face, showing his white teeth. He looked like he was about to start laughing. He straightened up and said, "Sure thing, Mouse. I'll talk to you tomorrow."
Mouse gritted her teeth and turned away, storming our way.
"Hey, Mouse." Leo began, but she shoved past him, walking in between us. She pushed open the doors leading outside and stomped out. Leo and I exchanged a look.
Geoffry turned and started walking leisurely away, his hands in his jeans pockets. Leo and I stormed over to him.
"Hey!" I snapped, grabbing his shoulder and turning him around.
Geoffry said, smirking, "Oh, hello, Angela. Leo."
I spat, "What did you do to her?
Geoffry smiled warmly at me. "I didn't do anything, love. Except for maybe being too charming and handsome and irresistible."
"Come on, man. Why's Mouse so pissed off?" Leo said.
Geoffry turned his smirk to Leo and said smoothly, "Oh, Leo. Remember when we took Julien down together? We were such good friends then."
I started, "Well, I don't think you guys really took him-"
"Yeah, I remember that." Leo snarled, "It was just a few weeks ago."
"Exactly!" Geoffry said, beaming, "We could be friends again!"
Leo scowled, pointing a finger in Geoffry's face. "Look. I don't know what you did to my step sister, but I will never be your friend again."
I nodded beside him, putting on my most menacing face.
Geoffry smirked and said, "Okay, okay. So, do you wanna catch a movie sometime?"
Leo nodded, "Oh, sure, bro. I mean- no!"
I rolled my eyes and snapped, "Geoffry! I don't know what you did to Mouse, but you need to stop messing with her!"
"Why do you think I did something to her?" Geoffry asked.
Leo snorted, "Because it's always you!"
I snarled, "You sexually harassed my brother, then you did the same thing to Alice!"
Geoffry looked like he wanted to argue with us, but he tightened his lips and said smoothly, "Point taken... But think about this."
Leo and I crossed our arms at the same time and Geoffry continued, "We're not talking about me verses Alice or Chris. We're talking about me verses Mouse."
He grinned, "Am I worse than her?"
Scowling, I spat at Geoffry, "Hell yeah, you are."
Leo shook his head, looking at him in disgust, "You are one crazy S.O.B."
On that, we spun on our heels and walked away. As we exited the building, Leo leaned over and said, "That was so freaking awesome."
"I know, we're so cool." I said calmly, and I gave him a high five.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cool With A "K" PART 30 - CHAPTER 14

Geoffry walked purposefully across the lunchroom, holding his lunch tray. He walked up to the table where Tina was sitting. She was wearing a bright orange and yellow sweater and her purple hair was in buns on either side of her head. Her navy blue Hall Monitor sash was draped over one shoulder.
Geoffry forcefully put his tray down on the table and sat down across from Tina. She looked up from her lunch, chewing slowly.
Geoffry stared at her with his eyes in slits.
After a while, Tina asked, "May I help you?"
Geoffry flinched, sitting up straight. He didn't take his eyes off her and he slowly picked up his fork. 
Tina watched him nervously. She watched Geoffry hold up his fork, then thrust it into his mashed potatoes. He scooped it back up and took a quick bite.
Tina gave him a puzzled look and Geoffry said, "What? I have to eat, too."
"Alright." Tina said, nodding. She set down her spoon and folded her hands on the table. "So, what brings you here?"
Geoffry, who hadn't stop staring at her, said, "Oh, I just thought that since we're enemies now, I should keep a better eye on you."
"Enemies, Fackler." Geoffry said, putting his hands on the table as well, "Don't even try to stop me. There's no rule that says I can't stalk you to keep you from ruining my life."
Tina stared at him, a look of complete confusion on her face.

I studied Geoffry and Tina from our lunch table across the room. I said, "Huh. I've been seeing Geoffry and Tina together a lot. What do you think is going on?"
Leo snickered, "Maybe they're dating."
Chris hit him on the shoulder and said, "Uhg, gross!"
"Well, that would be an odd couple." Alice said, chuckling.
"Alice!" Chris gave her a helpless look. "What's wrong with you guys?"
I raised an eyebrow at him. I glanced at Alice, then gave Chris a curious look.
"What's wrong with us?" I asked, grinning, "Why are you so bent out of shape?"
Chris froze. He said sharply, "I'm not!"
Leo snorted and said, "Yeah, you are."
We all stared at Chris. He clenched his teeth and stared back, then he relaxed and said coolly, "Angie likes Tina."
I smacked my hand to my face and said, "Chris, for the last time, I do not have a crush on Tina."
Leo looked shocked, "Woah, Ange, you have a crush on Tina?"
"No!" I cried.
Leo shook his head, "That is so hot."
Alice started laughing. I looked at Mouse, who had her head propped up on her hand and she was stirring all her food together on her lunch tray. 
"Dang, Mouse. You've been awfully quiet." I said, distracting my friends from Chris' comment about Tina.
Mouse glanced up from her tray and said, "So?"
"We've been arguing since we sat down and you haven't said anything." Leo said.
Mouse gave him a sour look and said, "Don't be so full of yourself, ass wipe. Your conversations aren't that interesting."
Leo and I looked at each other and we all said, "Ooooh!"
Chris was grinning now. He took a sip of his milk and said curiously, "So, Mouse, what's gotten your goat?"
Mouse looked disgusted. "What?"
Alice remarked, "You're acting weird."
Looking angry, Mouse snapped, "I'm not acting weird, guys, lay off. Go back to your gossip about Geoffry and Tina."
We all watched her stab her broccoli rather viciously with her fork. She wouldn't look at us and didn't say anything else.
I put up my hands in surrender and said, "Okay, fine. Nothing's wrong."
Mouse shot me a look and we went back to our conversation without her.

Tina studied Geoffry and said slowly, "... What do you mean keep me from ruining your life?"
Geoffry scoffed, "Oh, please, Fackler. Don't act so innocent."
"You know, you can call me Tina."
Geoffry smiled tightly and said, "Right. You really don't know anything about being enemies, do you?"
"Wait, I still don't understand." Tina said, holding up her hands, "Why do you think we're enemies?"
Geoffry stood up from his seat and leaned over the table. Tina leaned back as he got closer. He stared at her.
"I know what you're doing. You're trying to keep me off your trail." Geoffry said, smirking, "It's not working."
Tina looked confused and Geoffry went on, his face suddenly stoic, "Look, I know that you think it's funny to make my life miserable, but honestly! On a bad day- which is quite often -My mother won't let me have anyone over."
Geoffry pointed to himself and said, "If I can't hook up during school hours, all I have is a little bit of fooling around after school, and I can not cope with that."
Tina watched him, startled, and asked, "Why are you telling me this?"
"Because," Geoffry said, "You asked why we're enemies. You'll just waltz over to me and a girl and break it up for your own entertainment."
"Geoffry," Tina said flatly, "It's not for my own entertainment. Ms. Nelson made me the hall monitor-"
Geoffry shook his head and said, "Please, Fackler. Don't make excuses."
With that, he abruptly stood up and walked to another table.
Tina sat by herself, trying to understand what Geoffry was talking about.