Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 19.5 - CHAPTER 2

Mouse got off the bus and started walking to the school. A boy named Lester then bumped into Mouse and she whirled around, "Watch where you're going!"
"Oh, s-sorry, Tiffany." Lester stuttered, forcing back a grin and running off.
"What did you just call me?" Mouse yelled after Lester, but he had already disappeared from sight.
"How did he....?" Mouse wondered to herself as she walked to class.
When Mouse was at her locker, one guy said to her, "'Sup, Tiffany?"
"WHAT?!" She whirled around, "What's wrong with you?"
"That is your name, isn't it?" The kid said, smirking.
Mouse shook her head, "No, I'm Mouse!"
"That's not your real name." The kid said, turning around and walking away.
Mouse slammed her locker shut and stomped to math class, not amused.

Mouse came into Social Studies and sat by Alice, Leo, and I. She looked really pissed and I exchanged a look with Leo.
"What's wrong, Tiffany?" Alice said innocently, knowing that Mouse wouldn't hit her if she called her by her real name.
Mouse glared at Alice and said, "That! Everyone has been calling me Tiffany and I don't know why!"
"Well," Leo said, "It is your real name, Tiffany."
"It is not!" Mouse yelled at him.
Leo snorted and said, "Actually, it is and everyone knows it."
Mouse's eyes widened and she said through clenched teeth, "You told them!!!!"
Leo shook his head, "No, I didn't."
Mouse thought about that for a minute and scowled, "Chris...."
Alice and I looked at each other as Mouse slowly turned around in her seat. She was quiet for the rest of class.

At lunch, Mouse came over to our table and sat down across from Chris, scowling. He ignored her and she said, "So, I guess I underestimated you, Chris."
Chris and Alice were sharing the earphones on Chris's ipod and were singing 'Telephone' by Lady Gaga loudly.
"Stop calling, stop calling, I don't wanna talk anymooreee!" They sang loudly, ignoring Mouse.
"Hey, listen up, girls!" Mouse said, smacking her hand down on the table.
"Stop telephonin' me-eh-eh-eh-eh..." Chris sang louder, holding up his cellphone and trying to annoy Mouse.
"Will you shut up?" Mouse said, yanking the earphones out of Chris and Alice's ears.
"Ow!" They both said.
"Listen to me!" Mouse said, "What's wrong with you, Chris? You're not supposed to be smart enough to outsmart me."
Chris laughed hollowly and said, "Tiffany, Honey, I skipped a grade. I've been on the honer role since fifth grade. I'm not the idiot you think I am."
I could've sworn Mouse retracted a bit, but it was hard to tell. She studied Chris suspiciously and said, "I'm still not afraid of you. You can do whatever you want, but I will never be afraid of you. After all, you can't do much more."
Chris grinned smugly, "Be careful what you say, Mouse. I can do more damage than you think. I thought I gave you a fair warning."
He gestured to the lunchroom doors and said, "And plus, I've already spoken to a few of my friends on the volunteering committee."
"What?!" Mouse hissed, but was interrupted by a blonde junior girl, wearing a white blouse and a plaid skirt.
The girl smiled and announced, "Here is the new list of volunteers this quarter,"
"Chris, what did you do?" Mouse hissed.
"Shh." Chris said, gesturing to the girl again.
"Chris Harper," The girl listed, "Lester Wolfe, Katie Sharp, Josephine Steele, Tiffany White..."
A few kids giggled and the blonde girl pushed her thick glasses up on her nose, "Now, who is that? I don't recognize that name.... Tiffany? Tiffany White? Do we have a new member."
Almost everyone in the lunchroom, including Leo, pointed to Mouse.
The blonde girl's jaw dropped and she stuttered, "M-Mouse?"
Chris stood up next to Mouse and put his arm around her shoulders, "Yes, Tiffany has newly signed up to help her fellow good citizens of Withrow High School to pick up trash around the neighborhood, make blankets for the homeless shelter, and visit the Senior Home weekly."
"What is wrong with you?" Mouse sputtered.
Chris hugged her tighter and said, beaming, "See? Young Tiffany is so excited to become a new member of our team!"
It was obvious that Chris had set her up, but the idea of Mouse being on the volunteering team was so funny, that everyone laughed and clapped for her.
Chris patted Mouse's shoulder and said, "I'll see you every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after school for eight weeks, Tiffany."
Mouse glared at Chris as he walked away and I tried not to laugh. 

I felt a little bad for Chris, if he didn't keep his guard up, Mouse would kill him.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 19.5 - CHAPTER 1

Chris was still mad at Mouse for "getting him suspended". He was sitting at his desk in his room on his last day of suspension, deep in thought.
"What's up, Chris?" I had asked him.
"I need to get back at Mouse." He answered back, surprising me.
"What?" I asked, "As in, like, revenge?"
Chris nodded, "She got me suspended, ruining my perfect record. Angie, she messed with my education."
Oh goodness! His education! I thought.
"Actually," I said gently, "You got you suspended. You're not supposed to hit people, especially at school."
Chris shook his head, "But Mouse started it. It's her fault and you know it. Stop trying to back her up, she's just not a good enough person for that to work."
He was kind of right.
Stumped, I scoffed and said, crossing my arms, "Chris, you can't plot revenge. You're Chris." 
"What's that supposed to mean?" Chris asked, sounding slightly offended.
"I bet you don't even know how to be mean." I said, grinning.
Chris scowled and stood up. I think he tried to hit my arm, but it was hard to tell.
I raised an eyebrow at him, "Are you serious, Chris? Come on, man! You punched Mouse in the face! you can do better than that!"
Chris groaned, "I can't do that again! I was mad." 
I raised an eyebrow at him and sighed, turning to leave, "Good luck with that, Chris."
Chris stood up, crossing his arms, "Oh, you don't think I can be mean?"
"Nope." I said curtly, leaving Chris's room.
At first, Chris didn't do anything, but then he threw a pillow out his door, missing me entirely.

At lunch the next day, I watched Chris as he eyed Mouse, who was walking toward our table. Looking up at the ceiling, as if he was staring at something, Chris stuck his foot out and tripped Mouse.
 She hit the floor, recovered, and stood up, "What the hell, Chris?"
Chris gasped and held his hand up to his mouth, "Oops, didn't see you there."
I rolled my eyes. Did I mention that Chris pretty much learned how to be mean from watching dozens of Chick Flicks over and over?
Mouse eyed Chris suspiciously and sat down across from him. They glared at each other as they ate their lunch. 
Suddenly, Mouse gagged, "Gross! What is this?"
"That's called tofu, Mouse." Chris said mockingly, giving Alice a high-five and barely smiling.
Mouse glared at him and said, "Dang it, Chris! I thought that was apple sauce."
I know, there's no resemblance between tofu and normal apple sauce, but you haven't seen the food at our school. The saddest thing is that you can't tell the mac and cheese apart from the meatloaf and tasting it doesn't help much.
Mouse eyed Chris suspiciously, but curiously. A grin broke across her face and said, "Oh, is somebody still mad about being suspended? Poor baby."
Chris scowled at her, but cleared his expression to just looking suspicious, "Maybe so."
Wow, nice comeback, Chris.
"Look, Buddy," Mouse said, putting her hand on Chris's shoulder and Chris shrugged it off, "You can try to get back at me, but don't think that you're gonna win, 'cuz you're not."
Chris looked her up and down and said curtly, "Try me."
Mouse smirked and said, "Ooh, this is getting interesting! Good luck with getting your little revenge, but you and I both no it's not gonna work."
Chris sneered at her, "Oh, don't be so sure, Mouse! What if I know what I'm doing, huh?"
Mouse smirked again and said, "Then I guess you'll take me by surprise."
When she turned and walked away, a smirk slid across Chris's lips. It was kind of scary on him, being so unusual.
Alice whispered to him, "W-what are you going to do?"
Chris smiled evilly, watching Mouse walk away, "Oh, you'll see. I have a favor to ask you guys, by the way...."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 19 - CHAPTER 11

When Dad got home from work, Mom said, "Hi, Honey!"
"Hey, Trish." Dad said, giving her a kiss.
She and Dad came into the living room, where Chris and I were.
Dad studied Chris's bruised face and Mom said to him calmly, "Honey, Chris got suspended from school today."
Dad's jaw practically dropped and he said sternly, "What? Why?"
The sad thing was that he almost looked impressed.
Mom said gently, "He got in a fight, with Mouse."
Chris hung his head in shame and Dad said, "Chris did? In a fight? With Mouse? Really?"
Mom nodded and Chris looked confused. He stuttered, "I-I'm very sorry, father."
Dad grinned enthusiastically at Mom, but, seeing her disapproving expression, he put on a straight face and said, "Um.... Chris, I need to have a talk with you."
Chris looked at me for help and I gestured for him to go with Dad. Head hung, Chris walked over to Dad and they went into the kitchen.

"I-I'm so sorry, Dad." Chris stuttered, "I know that fighting is never the answer! It's a terrible, terrible thing and it's bad for the brain!"
Dad raised an eyebrow at his son, "Who told you that?"
"Um, never mind." Chris said quietly, "I'm sorry."
Dad tried to look 'disappointed' in his son, but he couldn't help letting a grin break across his face. "Chris, I can't believe you took on that Mouse girl! She's tough, and you took her on!"
Dad hugged Chris and said, "I'm so proud of you, son!"
He sounded like he was about to start tearing up. Chris was so confused. Why did Dad think that was a good thing?
"A-are you kidding?" Chris asked.
Dad ruffled Chris's hair and said, "Of course not, son! You finally stood up for yourself, without your sister!"
Chris nodded glumly, 'Yes, but I got suspended. It ruined my perfect record."
Chris's Dad realized that encouraging fights probably wasn't the wisest idea as a father and he cleared his throat, "N-not that you should do it again, I just, err...."
Chris blinked as Dad tried to find the right words. 
"I'm just glad that you stood up for yourself." Dad saved, grinning awkwardly.
Chris nodded uncertainly, "Thanks for the talk, Dad."
Dad nodded and said, "It's good for us. Father-son bonding."
Chris nodded again and, feeling uncomfortable with the fact that his Dad was actually talking to him like a father to a son, turned around and went back into the living room.

Chris and Dad came back into the living room and Chris looked really confused. Little did they know that Mom and I could hear their whole conversation and Mom was not pleased with Dad's parenting skills.
As he walked past her, Mom whispered to Dad, "We'll talk about this later."
Dad looked defensive and nodded stupidly.
Chris and I went back to our rooms and Chris did homework. I watched T.V.

Chris pretty much did homework and read books and looked up pictures of the Glee cast for his entire suspension. Wow, booorrriinngggg. Why couldn't I have been the one who was suspended?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 19 - CHAPTER 10

I came home that day and said to Mom, "Where's Chris?"
"In his room," She sighed, "Doing his homework."
I rolled my eyes, "Of course."
I walked down the hall to Chris's room and knocked on his door.
"Come in." He said.
I opened the door and bellowed, "Chris, why can't you act like a normal teenage girl? Text those friends! TEXT THEM!"
Chris grinned, but fought it off, "Angie, I'm trying to work."
I marched over to him and said, "Come on, soldier! That's no way to have fun! Get up,"
I turned Chris's chair around and grabbed his hands, "Get up, Get up!"
Chris wriggled free of my grip and tried not to laugh, "Angie, stop!"
"Don't make me hug you." I threatened, "'Cuz I will, and you don't want that."
"Noooo!" Chris finally played along, "Nothing but the hug!"
"RAWR!" I attacked my brother with a bear hug and we both started laughing. Chris is just so cute when he's not telling me about how awesome Geoffry is or how stupid I am!
We laughed for a while, but then Chris pushed me away and said, "Okay, you're adorable. Now I have to do homework."
I leaned over his shoulder and said, "Wha'cha working on?"
"Well, I know that." 
Chris shrugged and kept working. I snorted, "You're no fun!"
"Uh-huh, bye Angie." Chris said without taking his eyes off his work.
I scowled for a second and headed out the door.
"Love you too, Chris." I grumbled.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 19 - CHAPTER 9

Chris sat outside the principal's office, trying to slow his breathing. He wrung his hands nervously as he awaited his doom. Chris had never been in the principal's office before and was not thrilled about breaking his record.
Chris squeezed his eyes shut and whispered to himself, "It's okay, Chris. There's nothing to be worried about...."
"Except for that one thing...." Mouse said, turning lazily to Chris, "You know the story, don't
"I still hate you." Chris said, but added, "No, I don't know the story."
Mouse gasped and explained, "Wow, really? Well, sometimes if the principal gets really mad, then she picks a student in the office at random and spontaneously expels them!"
Chris tried not to gasp, thinking about whether to believe her or not. Could he afford not to?
He crossed his arms, "Yeah, sure. How come you haven't been expelled yet? You've probably set a record on how many times you've been to the office."
Mouse shrugged, "I'm special."
Chris laughed, "Oh, I get it. You were joking, weren't you?"
Mouse turned to Chris and said sarcastically, "No, I was serious."
Chris pouted and said, "Well, you don't have to be so sarcastic."
"I never said the principle wasn't The Devil." Mouse said, staring straight ahead as the door to the principal's office swung open.
Chris's breath shorted out and Mouse chuckled, "Amateur."
Chris stared in horror at the intimidating woman walking toward them and tried not to look too terrified. 
Mouse leaned over and whispered to him, "That's the principal."
"Really?" Chris choked as the principal approached them. She took in Chris's black eye and split lip, Mouse's bloody nose, etc.
The principal said sharply, "Hello, Mouse."
She turned to Chris and studied him, "I don't believe I know you."
Chris swallowed and managed to say, "I-I'm Chris Harper."
The principal's face softened up and, surprised, she said, "Chris Harper? From the honer 
Chris nodded meekly and stuttered, "Y-yes, Ma'am. F-for the past six years."
The principal scowled at Mouse and folded her arms. She said sharply, "Mouse, why did you hit this poor boy?"
Mouse looked offended and pointed at Chris, "I didn't hit him! He jumped on top of me and punched me in the face."
The secretary and a few others of the office staff snorted and Mouse glared at them and shouted, "Hey! He caught me off guard!"
The principal looked between Chris and Mouse and said, "Uh-huh, and who do you expect me to believe? The girl that comes to my office at least twice every day, or the boy who has been on the honer roll for six consecutive years and has never had to come here?"
"Hey! I only came once last Thursday!" Mouse said defensively.
The principal clenched her teeth and said, "I. Don't. Care. Why don't you two come into my office?"
Mouse grinned at Chris, who was now about as white as a sheet and his hands were shaking at his sides.
They went into the principal's office and sat down. Chris was sweating now and the principal said sincerely, "Now, now, you don't have to look so nervous, Honey."
She turned to Mouse and said sharply, "How about you go ahead and tell me your side of the story."
Mouse rolled her eyes and said, "Okay, here's what happened, Carol."
"For the last time, Mouse, you call me Mrs. Nelson." The principle said shortly.
Mouse said curtly, "Sorry, Carol."
Mrs. Nelson gave her a look, but let her tell the story. 
"So," Mouse said, "As I was saying, here's what happened. So, all my friends were ignoring me and I asked them why and Chris said that I was useless. So, then I dumped a lunch tray of the crud you call 'food' all over him. You know, usually he wouldn't have done anything about it but cry, but this time, he picked up a nearby fire extinguisher and hit me with it-"
"Now, you're making that up, Mouse!" Chris sputtered. 
Mouse put her hand on Chris's face and said, "I'm not finished with my story, Christina."
"Mouse," Mrs. Nelson said with an edge to her voice.
Mouse coughed loudly, just to annoy Mrs. Nelson, and continued her story, "So, Chris hit me with the fire extinguisher,"
Chris glared at Mouse, but she took no notice and kept talking, "And it hurt. So, then I told him to stop and he wouldn't, he just kept hitting me!"
Mouse glanced at Chris, but was disappointed by his calmness. She said, "So, then I had to defend myself, so I hit him back."
Mouse folded her hands in her lap and Chris said quietly, "She's wrong."
Mrs. Nelson nodded and smiled tightly, "That's an interesting story, Mouse. Did your little friends help you come up with it or was it all you?"
Mrs. Nelson turned to Chris and said gently, "Now, Chris," 
Chris tensed up and Mrs. Nelson said, "Would you like to tell me what actually happened?"
Chris stared at her and said without thinking, "You're not going to drop me into a pit of fire?"
Mouse bursted out laughing and Mrs. Nelson told her to be quiet and not to lie to the students. Mrs. Nelson smiled tightly and said, "No, Chris, I'm not. Pay no mind to Mouse's ridiculous stories."
"Yes," Chris said shakily, "Doing that never seems to turn out right for me."
Mrs. Nelson nodded and said, "So, can you please tell me what happened, Chris?"
Chris nodded quickly, "Oh, yes, I beg your pardon. Er...."
Chris looked guilty and Mouse rolled her eyes, "Spit it out, you baby!"
Mrs. Nelson hushed Mouse again and Chris tugged on his collar nervously, "Um, okay.... W-what happened was....."
He took a deep breath and said, holding back tears of stress, "We were all angry with Mouse— M-my friends and I, that is— And so w-we weren't talking to her much. Mouse told us that we didn't have the right to be mad at her, which I think was untrue. B-because the day before, she, um....."
Chris blushed and Mouse rolled her eyes, "I kneed him in the crotch. My friend, Christina here, is just too much of a prude to say it herself."
"Mouse, you're interrupting me." Chris said.
"Yes," Mrs. Nelson said calmly, "Go on, please."
Chris swallowed and said, "So, I told Mouse that maybe she didn't need us and that maybe we weren't the best choice in friends for her. I figured she would want friends that would just let her get away with being rude to them-"
"You know what, Chris," Mouse said, "I-it's a b-bit h-hard to unders-stand you when you're t-talking like th-that. You sound like Lydia, dude!"
"Will you please let me finish, Mouse?" Chris said, trying to stay calm. 
They didn't speak for a bit and Mrs. Nelson said, "Please continue, without interruptions."
She eyed Mouse and Chris said, "Um, yes. O-of course. So, um, I told Mouse that maybe we weren't important to her and maybe she wasn't the nicest little thing. Then, she poured her lunch all over me! The whole lunchroom was laughing, and....."
Chris sniffed and blinked back tears. Mrs. Nelson nodded for him to go on, "It's okay, tell me. I'm the principal."
She smiled and Chris looked at her uneasily, but nodded. "Um, okay.... I.... I got mad and I...."
Chris looked down guiltily and said, "It's true, I hit her."
Mrs. Nelson nodded, looking serious, "Thank you for telling me the truth, I know that can be hard."
"Can I go now?" Mouse said, picking her teeth and putting her feet up on a chair.
"No." Mrs. Nelson said, moving the chair so Mouse would put her feet down. 
Mrs. Nelson picked up the phone and asked Chris, "Chris, would either of your parents mind a call at work?"
Chris tilted his head to the side and said, "I-I beg your pardon?"
"Your parents' phone number, Chris." Mrs. Nelson said gently, "Which one should I use?"
Chris's face fell and Mouse grinned. Chris stuttered, laughing nervously, "I'm sorry, er.... What for?"
"I have to call your parents, Chris." Mrs. Nelson said, "I have to tell her about what happened today."
Chris's jaw dropped and he stared at Mrs. Nelson, "M-my parents? Y-you have to tell them?"
Mrs. Nelson nodded and a second later Chris was out cold.
Mouse started laughing her head off and Mrs. Nelson called the nurse in to help Chris.

At the end of the day, the secretary's voice crackled over the intercom and said; Will Angela Harper please report to the principal's office? Angela Harper, to the office. Thank you.
Some of my class 'oohed' and I rolled my eyes. I glanced at Alice and she mouthed, Good luck. Well, what did that mean? Did I need luck?
I went down to the office and the secretary motioned for me to come in.
"Is something wrong?" I asked and she pointed to the nurse's office. I went in to see Chris lying down on one of the beds.
"Is he okay?" I asked the nurse.
She nodded and said in her weird, squeaky voice, "Yeah, he's fine. He's not hurt that bad, he just fainted."
"Fainted?" I asked, confused, "Why?"
"Angela!" I heard someone say.
"Mom?" I asked, turning around. 
She ran up and hugged me, "Where's Chris?"
I gestured to where he was sleeping and she gently shook his shoulder, "Wake up, Honey."
Chris opened his eyes and said, "Mom! What are you doing he-"
Chris's eyes widened as if he had just remembered what was going on and he started babbling, "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, Mommy! I can't believe I even did that. Oh, I'm sorry!"
Am I invisible? I thought, kind of annoyed. I guess I shouldn't have been; Mom is Chris's, well, mom. She deserves to be his mother figure every once in a while.
Mom gasped and ran her fingers gently over Chris's bruised cheek, "Sweetie, does that hurt?"
Chris shook his head, but bit his lip. He said through clenched teeth, "No... I'm fine...."
Mom looked at him pitifully and said to the nurse, "Is Mrs. Nelson busy?"
"Hold on, I can check." The nurse said. Geez, that voice was driving me nuts!
The nurse left the room and a few minutes later, the principal, Mrs. Nelson, came in. She smiled at Mom, who said, "What are the consequences for what Chris has done?"
Mom was trying to keep calm, but Chris was hyperventilating as Mrs. Nelson called Mouse in. Mrs. Nelson said to Mouse, "Mouse-"
"I know, I know," Mouse said casually, "Four days suspension."
The blood drained from Chris's face and he squeaked, "Four days? D-does that apply to me?"
Mrs. Nelson nodded and said gently, "I'm afraid so, Chris. Getting into a fight at school is a serious thing."
Mouse gestured to Chris and said, "Why are you so nice to him? He started the fight!"
Mrs. Nelson clenched her teeth and said, "I'll see you next week, Mouse."
Mouse scoffed and left the room. 
Chris was sitting in Mom's lap, staring blankly into space. Pale-faced and wide-eyed, he looked like he was going to have a stroke.
"Hey," I said, walking over to them, "You okay, baby brother?"
Chris said in a monotone voice, "Four-day suspension. That's going to stay on my permanent record."
Mom and I said in unison, "Really?"
Chris swallowed, "What will Dad think?"
I chuckled and thought, Way to go, Sport! You got in your first fist-fight! How manly of you!
"Come on," Mom said, standing up and taking Chris's hand, "Let's go home, Sweetie."
"It'll be that way for four days." Chris said wearily.
Mom nodded, smiling kindly and trying to cheer him up, "Yeah! It can be fun, Honey. Four days without school! Free time!"
Chris swallowed, "I'll have to get the homework from Alice. I'll call her right when school ends."
"You keep track of the exact time?" I said stupidly.
"You don't?" Chris said, eyeing me.
"I just wait 'till the bell rings." I said, "Am I supposed to know?"
Chris rolled his eyes at me and Mom put her hand on his shoulder.
"You know what?" She said gently, "I think you deserve a break. You're always working your little butt off at school, with homework.... It's good for you!"
She kissed Chris on the cheek and he said, "Well, all the other kids have to go to school."
Mom nodded, "Yeah, but not all of them work as hard as you."
Hey, Mom, is this really the best advice you can give Chris? I thought, You're better than everyone else, stop caring so much about school?
Mom patted Chris's shoulder and said, "You'll live, Chris."
Chris sniffed and nodded.
Chris and Mom got to go home, but I had still had to stay at school for another hour and a half. Hmm... Maybe I should give getting suspended a try. Heh heh, I'm kiddiiiiing.....

Monday, March 8, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 19 - CHAPTER 8

At lunch the next day, Mouse broke the silence, "You know, you guys shouldn't be mad at me."
"Why not?" Chris said, picking through his salad, "You're kind of a jerk."
"Well, I know that," Mouse said casually, "I just don't see why you're picking now to be mad. Why have you never gotten mad before?"
"Hmm... I wonder," Chris said, "Maybe you just went over the line this time. Maybe you ran out of be-a-jerk-to-everyone credits."
Mouse thought about this, "I still don't get it."
"You're mean to everyone," Chris said to her, looking at his nails, "Your favorite thing to do is make my life miserable and you have been doing so since I was seven years old. You always complain, you're ungrateful-"
"Haven't we already been through this?" Mouse interrupted.
Chris shrugged, "Yeah, but none of it seemed to get through to you the first few times."
Mouse laughed hollowly, "Come on, guys! Don't I have any good qualities?"
There was an awkward silence as we thought hard about Mouse's question, causing Mouse to sigh, "You know what? I think you guys are being ungrateful as my friends! I think I'm just too much for you."
"You sound like Leo." I said flatly, patting Leo's shoulder, "No offence, Buddy."
"None taken...." Leo said flatly.
Mouse threw her arms up questioningly, "Oh, so it's bad to be like me now? Well, thanks!" 
"It's not like you've ever done anything for us." Chris said, pursing his lips in annoyance, "If we stink so bad, no pun intended toward your personal aroma, then why are you so eager to be our friends?"
Mouse looked offended and sniffed her clothes, grimacing involuntarily. Chris continued, "Maybe you need us just as much as we need you."
He leaned toward her, a serious, cross look on his face. "Not at all."
Mouse scowled at Chris and stood up. Chris's cell phone rang and he blushed happily. 
"It's Geoffry." He announced, answering it.
"He's sitting three tables away, Chris." I said, irritated.
"Hello? Hi, Sweetie!" Chris chattered into the cell phone as Mouse slowly picked up her lunch tray. Leo, Alice, and I stared anxiously at the contents of the tray; An open carton of chocolate milk, creamed corn, mashed potatoes and something that could've been meat loaf, spaghetti, chocolate pudding, or some other mysterious substance.
Chris, being sucked into his conversation with Geoffry, took no notice to our scared warning faces or the full lunch tray Mouse was holding over his head.
The lunchroom quieted down as the noticed us and Chris stopped talking to Geoffry. He looked around cautiously and said, "Why is everyone so quiet?"
At that moment, Mouse dropped the bomb. She tipped the lunch tray upside-down and poured the contents all over Chris. Am I a bad sister for not stopping her? I'd say not because I was too curious to really think, but Chris might think otherwise.
Chris's hair, clothes, and face were completely covered in the grime that we're supposed to eat at this cheap school. His mouth hung open in shock and horror. 
Most of the lunchroom watched as Chris wiped the greenish-reddish-yellowish-brownish muck off his face. Then, they all burst out laughing.
Chris sat miserable and angry in his seat as everyone laughed at him. I felt so bad for not saying anything. Surprisingly, Leo did a pretty good job not laughing. Alice and I exchanged a look and eyed Chris nervously.
Mouse stood behind Chris, a smug grin on her face. "See, Chris? I'm not useless."
She gestured around the lunchroom full of laughing high schoolers, "I can make a whole lunchroom of people laugh at the same time. That's pretty impressive, you have to admit."
I expected Chris to start bawling right there, but he didn't say anything. He just sat in place, scowling at the table.
Mouse started laughing along with the rest of the lunchroom and Chris clenched his slop-covered fists. He bared his teeth angrily at the table. The poor boy, he's just.... So helpless.
Or not.
With absolutely no warning, Chris jumped out of his seat and attacked Mouse! He knocked her onto the lunchroom floor and hit her hard.... Repeatedly.
"Chris! Stop!" I yelled, but I doubt he could here me over the excited cries of the other students, cheering on one side or the other.
I started to go toward them, but someone grabbed my wrist; Leo. 
"Leo, let go!" I cried, "I need to Chris!"
Leo shook his head, looking me in the eyes, "Ange, you would get hurt. Mouse could hurt you bad."
"Well, she could kill Chris." I hissed, "I can put up a better fight than him!"
Leo swallowed and stared into my eyes. He looked so serious that I almost thought I should believe him, but that wasn't the best choice I could make.
Right as I Shook free of Leo's grip, the gym teacher burst through the lunchroom doors and yelled, "Break it up!"
He jogged over to Mouse and Chris and tore them apart. Mouse clawed at Chris, looking furious; They both did. Mouse may be strong, but she's really short. You see, Mouse is short and powerful, while Chris is short and helpless. However, I'll admit that they tore each other up quite a bit.
"You two! The office, stat!" The gym teacher boomed, practically dragging Chris and Mouse to the office.
"Chris...." I whispered, my voice barely cracking. Chris has never gone to the office before. He has hit Mouse once before, but not hard enough to hurt her. This was different; This time, Chris had actually started a fight, which was completely against his nature.
The lunchroom doors closed behind them and the room fell silent. I turned around to see Alice, crouched behind me on the floor, whimpering quietly. 
I bent down and tapped her shoulder gently. She looked up and I saw that her cheeks were streaked with tears.
"You okay?" I said softly. She nodded and I helped her up.
I thought it was for the better, but the slightest bit sick that the students in the lunchroom casually went back to their conversations as if nothing had happened.
Alice and I sat down by Leo and I said, "I can't believe Chris did that. What if he gets in trouble? It might kill him. Mouse might have really hurt him too-"
"Ange," Leo said, giving me a sincere look, "Worrying is Alice's job."
Alice fought back a grin and Leo said, "Plus, I'm sure he'll be fine. The kid isn't completely helpless."
Alice and I cleared our throats in disagreement. We were all quiet for a second before Alice and Leo said at the same time, "Poor Chris."
I laughed nervously and I couldn't finish my lunch.

I hoped Chris would be okay.

Cool With A "K" PART 19 - CHAPTER 7

Mouse was so confused. Why had her friends all left her? She had always been mean, she had always made fun of Chris. What was different this time? Mouse just didn't get it.

My phone rang for the third time tonight. I sighed and picked it up, "What do you want, 
How did you know it was me?
"It wasn't that hard to figure out,"  I said flatly, "Now what is it?"
Do you want to come over tomorrow?
"No, Mouse." I said, annoyed.
Why not? You're my friend.
"And here's the funny thing," I laughed, an edge starting to fill my voice, "I'm starting to forget why. Refresh my brain, would you Mouse? Why are we friends?"
Mouse didn't say anything and I went on, "You disrespect everyone, you hurt my brother as your main occupation, you take advantage of everyone around you, you're lazy, you never do anything important!"
That doesn't mean I don't have feelings....
"You treat everyone like crap," I said, starting to get mad, "You don't care about anything!"
Oh, I don't care about anything, Angie?
"No," I said softly, shaking my head, "You don't."
There was silence on the other end and I realized that Mouse had hung up on me. Uhg! Well, what did I need her for?
I held back angry tears and went back to my homework.
There was a knock on my door and I called, "Come in!" 
Crap, my voice cracked. I thought.
It was Chris, he opened the door and, looking worried, said softly, "Is everything alright, Angie?"
I nodded, "Uh, yeah. I'm fine."
He nodded and I said, "M-Mouse is just being.... A jerk."
"What a shock." Chris said, sitting down by me, "Are you sure you're okay?"
I nodded again, "I'm fine, Chris."
"I mean, she's always a jerk." Chris said, smiling honestly, "What made today different?"
I shrugged, "Well, she kneed you in balls."
Chris's face flushed and he said, "Yeah, I hate her."
"You've said that."
"I know."
We were quiet for a bit and Chris said, "Do you even remember how we became friends with her?"
I thought about this; I didn't remember. I shook my head and said, "Not really, but I met Leo first."
Chris looked thoughtful and a grin broke across his face, "Oh, I remember now! Leo and his mom moved here when he was six years old. Do you remember that?"
I racked my brain and Chris went on excitedly, "You met him in first grade. You asked him if he liked Barbies like your brother and he thought you were nuts."
I laughed, remembering, "Yes, I remember now! And in second grade, I decided to start inviting boys to my birthday and invited him. That was when I realized that not all boys play with Barbies, it was just you."
Chris grinned sheepishly and I said, "Oh, getting sidetracked. Mouse."
Chris looked up, "Oh, yeah! Leo's mom married Mouse's dad when Leo was in third grade."
He cringed, "Then, we met Mouse."
I nodded, grinning, "Hey, Chris? Do you remember what happened the first time you met 
Chris grimaced and laughed, "Um, vaguely, yes."
I smiled and said, "We went to Leo's house and you were so scared."
Chris nodded, adding, "Yeah, Mom dropped us off at their house. I can still remember that so clearly...."
I laughed again, "Yeah. You were hiding behind me and you had your barbie doll with you! Dad tried to throw that thing away for years! God, you were so cute."
Chris snorted, "Yeah? Dad didn't think Barbie was such an adorable accessory."
"We're getting off topic again." I said, "So, we went inside and Leo had been telling us about his step-sister and how much she would love us, which wasn't always a good thing."
Chris laughed, "And we went to Leo's room and Mouse was there and she was wearing a dress!"
I laughed, "Really? I don't remember a dress."
Chris nodded excitedly, "It was lavender."
"Okay," I said, "Mouse in a dress. That's a sight to see."
"She seemed so sweet and innocent at the time," Chris said, the smile fading from his face, "Geez, what a sap I was to believe that!"
"You remember what she did?" I asked Chris.
He nodded, "How could I forget? You told me to say 'hello' to her and I wouldn't do it, I just stayed behind you. Mouse smiled so sweetly at the time and I thought, 'Hey, maybe this girl is nice. Maybe this girl likes Barbies.' I went up to her and just stood there, frozen."
"Okay, Chris," I interrupted, "We don't need every last detail."
Chris nodded, "Okay, sorry. So, I was standing in front of Mouse, scared to death. I was just glad that I didn't wet my pants."
I laughed out loud at this part, but motioned for him to go on. Chris blushed a bit and went on, "Well, um, Mouse looked so nice and I asked her if she liked Barbies. I showed her mine and told her that her name was Teresa...."
My brother's voice trailed off and I laughed, "Go on...."
I knew the story, but making him tell it was so much more fun.
Chris laughed and said, "She looked at me like I was crazy, grabbed Teresa, and bit her head off! Then she gave it back and I was traumatized!"
I started laughing my head off and Chris said defensively, "Hey! That was my favorite and only Barbie doll! How would you feel if someone just came up and took your Barbie and bit its head off?"
"I wouldn't know," I said, "I didn't have any Barbies."
Chris laughed, "Ah, a trip down memory lane."
I nodded and said teasingly, "Yeah, now get out so I can do my homework."
Chris laughed and said, "'Night, Ange."


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 19 - CHAPTER 6

"I am soooo bored." Chris complained.
I groaned, "Will you shut up already?"
"You're mean...." Chris said, standing up, "Where's Alice?"
"In the nurse's office." I said.
Chris sighed, "Oh dear, what was it this time?"
"Mouse licked Alice's hand." I said, feeling like a jerk for grinning.
Chris stifled a laugh, "Really? Why?"
"Because Alice told her that she should bathe more often."
"Hm," Chris pondered, "You would think Alice would have known better."
Just then, Mouse and Leo came outside and walked over to us.
"Hey, guys." I said, sounding bored and tired, which I was.
Mouse walked over to Chris and stood in front of him, looking him right in the eyes.
Chris eyed her and said, "What?"
Suddenly, Mouse kneed Chris hard in the crotch. Leo and I gaped in surprise as Chris gasped and fell to his knees, cursing. He squeaked, "What the hell was that for?"
Mouse shrugged casually and said, "Oh, just checking."
With that, she walked off toward the school.
Chris called to her weakly, "Checking what?"
When she didn't answer, Chris called again, "Mouse! Checking what?.... Wait.... Hey! That's not funny!"
"Yes, it is." Leo was giggling furiously and I put my hand over my mouth to cover up my smile. Chris put his head on the ground and moaned, "Just because I like boys doesn't mean that didn't hurt!"
Leo and I were laughing our heads off now. Chris whimpered and said helplessly, "Nice sympathy, guys."
"I'm sorry, Chris..." I said, trying hard to slow down my laughter and failing.
"No, you're not." Chris said flatly, sitting up and grimacing.
I forced a straight face, but when Chris actually looked at me, I lost it. Leo and I were laughing so hard that people were staring at us.
Chris stood up awkwardly and brushed himself off. He crossed his arms and gave the kids who were watching us a what-are-you-looking-at look. Head held high, he walked off with Leo and I calling insensitively after him, "Hey, come on, man!" "Don't be that way!" "You don't think that was funny? 'Cuz it was!" "Shut up, Leo." "Ow! Don't hit, Angela. Ow." 

At lunch, Mouse came over and sat down between Chris and Alice. She patted Chris's back and said, "Hey, what's up, Girlfriend?"
Chris brushed Mouse's hand away from his shoulder and looked away snottily. 
Mouse pretended to be offended and said, "Well. Someone's in a bad mood! I wonder why...."
"Oh, can't you just leave me alone? You know very well why I'm mad, Mouse. I'm not talking to you, by the way."
Mouse whispered to him, pretending to look embarrassed, "Actually, you are talking to me, Chris. I don't see any other 'Mouses' around here."
Chris pursed his lips and refused to look at her. After being quiet for a minute, he said quietly, "You knew it would hurt."
Mouse threw her arms up in the air, "How was I supposed to know whether you had balls or not?"
Chris blushed and scowled at Mouse, "I hate you."
"Hate is a strong word, Chrissy." Mouse shook her finger at Chris. She was really pushing it.
Chris scowled more, stood up with his lunch tray, and walked away.
"Now you've done it." I said, standing up to go after him, "Be careful with what you say to him, Mouse."
Mouse put her feet up on the table and said, "What's he gonna do about it? He's gonna cry and then he's gonna get over it. That's always what happens. He's not a threat to me, why should I stop?"
"You jerk!" Leo said suddenly, "You- You can't just do that! Chris has feelings too! Try being sensitive for once!"
Mouse, Alice, and I were all surprised by this and we didn't say anything. Leo sputtered, "Mouse- You.... You're just a jerk!"
"You're just realizing this now?" Mouse said casually.
"Am I missing something?" Alice asked, confused, "What's going on?"
Leo ignored her and said to Mouse, "Mouse, you call him names, you put maple syrup in his shampoo bottle-"
"Conditioner." Mouse corrected, "Leave-in conditioner."
Leo shook his head, "I don't care! You embarrass him, you set him up, you're always making fun of him, you hurt him emotionally and... Er.... Physically. You are an asshole!"
Mouse nodded, "Go on...."
Leo laughed hollowly and threw his hands out dramatically, "You can't just take away a guy's pride like that! A knee to the crotch is like... Like..... Smashing someone's ice cream cone!"
Mouse scoffed, "That was once, Leo."
"Yeah, but that ice cream was my favorite!" Leo sputtered, "It was chocolate ice cream, Mouse! You hurt me so bad that day!"
"What does that have to do with my kneeing Chris in the balls?" Mouse asked him.
Leo didn't listen and said, "I remember that day so clearly, it hurts! We got ice cream cones from the ice cream truck and right when it left, you smashed mine all over! You smashed it all over, Mouse!"
"Will you shut up about the damn ice cream, Leo?" Mouse yelled, causing people to stare at us.
Alice threw her hands up in confusion, "What are you talking about?"
I whispered in her ear, "I'll tell you later."
Mouse said to Leo cooly, "Look, Leo, I have always been a jerk. What made you decide to stick up for Chris? Why now? What was your motivation?"
I half expected Leo to look at me and laugh stupidly, but this time he didn't. This time, he shook his head at said, "You're full of it, Mouse."
"Yeah," Mouse said, wrinkling her nose, "Bad habit."
Leo stared at Mouse in disbelief, "What is wrong with you?"
"What's wrong with you?" She said back, raising a questioning eyebrow at him, "Why are you sticking up for Chris?"
"Why not?" Leo cried, "He's helpless! Someone has to give Angela a break sometime! Give someone else a chance to make it up to Chris."
Leo crossed his arms and said, "I don't see why you can't make it up to him. You were the one who kneed him in the crotch. Heck, you always are the one! Give the poor kid a break."
Wow, I thought, If only Chris could've heard that whole speech!
Mouse picked her teeth like she wasn't listening, "I'm sorry, did you say something?"
Leo glared at her for a minute and said, "I don't know about you girls, but I'm with Chris."
Alice and I stared at Leo with our mouths hanging open and he walked to the other side of the lunchroom to go sit with Chris and Geoffry. 
We looked at each other and I stood up, "I'm in."
Alice nodded and followed me. Mouse laughed and said, "Hey, where you guys going?"
When we didn't answer, she called after us, "Guys! Hey, don't be that way. What are you doing?"
I shook my head and said under my breath,

"Don't take your friends for granted, Mousey."

Friday, March 5, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 19 - CHAPTER 5

Alice came and sat by me in homeroom on Thursday and said quietly, "Guess what?"
"Um," Alice cleared her throat politely and said, "The, uh....  It's been three months with the baby. It's starting to show."
"Wow, really?" I said, "It's been that long already?"
Alice nodded, sighing, "Well, I don't know why I told you that. I guess I just wanted to tell someone."
I nodded back, "Yeah, it's fine."

Geoffry sat with us at lunch today. He was arguing with Chris about a band that he liked.
"Come on, Chris, Queen is really great!" He said, "I really think you'd like them."
Chris scoffed, "Yeah, in 1975. They're so old fashion, Geoffry. Why do you think I'll like them?"
Geoffry looked like he was trying to be patient, which he was annoyingly good at. 
He said calmly, "I love Queen. Come on, just listen to a few songs, they're not that old fashion."
Chris eyed the CD Geoffry had put in his hands, "What song do you want me to listen to?"
"Good Old Fashion Lover Boy." Geoffry said, holding his breath as Chris gave him a look.
"You have got to be kidding me." Chris said, handing the CD back to Geoffry.
I groaned, "Stop being such a teenager, Chris." I hated myself for siding with Geoffry, but Chris was just so annoying sometimes.
Chris gave me his stupid oh-my-god-you're-so-annoying look and said, "Well, I am a teenager, actually. I can't act like one?" 
"Don't be annoying. Listen to the damn CD and shut up about it." I said flatly.
"Don't be rude." Chris said curtly, taking the CD from Geoffry's hand, "Fine, I'll listen to it."
Geoffry smiled, "Cool, good."

I kind of hate that guy.

Cool With A "K" PART 19 - CHAPTER 3

I came into homeroom yesterday and Leo was acting really weird. He was sitting in a desk by the window, staring blankly out it.
I walked over to him and bent down. I said gently, "Leo?"
He almost jumped out of his skin as he whirled around and sputtered, "A-Angela! Oh god, it's you! We need to talk!"
I cocked my head at him, confused, "Is everything alright?"
Leo laughed nervously, looking like a crazy person, "Angela, I really need to talk to you."
I looked around the room and observed that no one was staring at Leo, which was a bit surprising to me because he currently looked a bit crazy. I nodded and sat down with Leo, "Okay, what important conversation do you wish to have with me?"
Leo opened his mouth to say something, but decided to stare into my eyes instead. He stared at my face dreamily and tilted his head to the side, a smile breaking across his face.
I hated myself as I felt my face flush, "What?"
Leo smiled at me, "You're just really pretty."
I tried to look pissed, "Stop it. What were you going to say?"
As if remembering what it was that he had been so anxious to tell me about, Leo blinked and looked excited again, "Okay, Angela! So, I was talking to Chris yesterday and I asked him if he's ever liked a girl before...."
I rolled my eyes, but gestured for him to go on. Leo said nervously, "And he said he fell in love with this girl in kindergarten with this weird name.... Er.... Kickball...."
I looked at him and smiled with recalation, "Marble Hopscotch. Wow, he still remembers her?"
Does Chris remember his kindergarten crush; What kind of freaking question is that? I thought, Of course he does! Chris remembers everything. I, however, practically forgot about her!
I thought about her more and nodded, "Yeah, she was that redhead that always played Barbies with Chris...."
I stopped and looked at Leo curiously. I said slowly, "What about her?"
Leo gave me an anxious look and tried to take my hands in his, but, without taking my eyes off him, slapped his hands away from mine. He said slowly, "I asked Kathy what her favorite game was when she was a kid and she said kickball!"
My jaw sagged as I understood what he was getting to. 
Leo leaned in closer and said very slowly, lowering his voice, "I asked her if she had any nicknames as a kid..... Angela, she said Marble."
Even thought it was obvious what he was talking about, I asked Leo, "A-are you saying that.... Marble...... Was Kathy..... And that Chris was in love with her as a little kid?"
Leo nodded and my brain slowed down. I couldn't believe it! 
I pursed my lips and said, "Should we tell Chris?"
Leo shook his head, "I don't know, probably. Would he want to know?"
I thought about it and shook my head, "No, he wouldn't. I think we should just let him go on with life."
Leo nodded and the bell rang for first hour to start. We left for our first classes of the day.

I couldn't believe it.

Cool With A "K" PART 19 - CHAPTER 2

Chris came outside to recess and spotted Leo sitting on a bench nearby. Since Angie wasn't outside, Chris decided that he should stay by his friends, even if that included Leo.
Chris walked over to Leo and gestured to the seat next to him. Leo shrugged, a bit distastefully, and Chris sat down on the opposite side of the bench.
"Hey, Chris?" Leo said without looking at Chris.
"What?" Chris said, a bit cautiously. Leo seemed to flinch every time Chris spoke, so Chris tried to be careful.
Leo looked like he was in deep thought while he said, "Have you ever had a crush on a girl?"
Chris thought about this and sighed, "Well, once, in kindergarten."
Leo raised an eyebrow at him and Chris continued, "Her name was Marble Hopscotch."
Leo snorted, "Dude, are you kidding me? Marble Hopscotch?"
Chris shook his head, "I never knew her real name, that was just what we all called her because she was the only girl who ever played kickball with the boys. I must say, she was something."
Leo looked at Chris, confused, "Okay, two questions. I can't picture you playing kickball with the boys and what does kickball have to do with marbles?"
"Well, 'Marble' sounded like a much better name for a girl than 'Kickball' to us, so that's what we called her." Chris explained, "And no, I never played kickball to my will. The other boys never seemed to except me anyway."
I wonder why... Leo thought sarcastically. He cleared his throat and said, "So, describe this.... Uh.... Marble girl."
"Well," Chris said, smiling slightly, "She was different from the other girls. She played with the boys a lot and wasn't afraid of anything. One day, Alice didn't come to school and I.... I was very sad, you see...."
"You totally lost it." Leo said flatly.
Chris blushed a little and nodded, "Uh, yeah. So, anyway, I was crying and Marble came up to me and asked what was wrong. I told her that my best friend wasn't there and that my sister wouldn't play with me."
Leo grinned as he easily pictured the scene and Chris went on, "So, Marble asked if I liked Barbies and I told her that I loved them. We played Barbies for almost an hour, it was so much fun; I then realized that I was in love. I went home that day and told my family all about Marble and Barbies and how I survived an entire day without Angie or Alice with me."
Chris sighed and smiled to himself, "But, one day, Marble told me that she couldn't play with me anymore."
"Why? What happened?" Leo gasped, hoping Chris didn't notice the anxiousness in his voice.
Chris stared off into the distance, the smile slowly fading from his face, "She found someone else."
He clenched his fists and Leo tensed, wondering what Chris was like when he was mad. Leo really didn't think it would be anything to worry about, but then he remembered the time that Chris had punched Mouse in the face.
Chris said dramatically, "Conner Lincoln was his name. I guess she just wanted someone who she could play kickball with instead of Barbie."
Leo didn't say anything and Chris continued sadly, "I can still remember Marble walking hand-in-hand across the playground; His black Doctor Octopus tee shirt, her adorable, green summer dress and bright red hair, fashionably positioned in two ponytails.... Oh, she had always loved green."
Leo sighed, annoyed by Chris's insanely detailed memory. Then, he realized something, "Hey, Chris? Did..... Did you say red hair?"
Chris nodded sadly, "Yes, she had the most beautiful red hair."
Leo thought about this and said, "I-I'll see you later, Chris."
"Bye, Leo." Chris said, trying to cheer up.

On his way to the bus, Leo went up to Kathy and said, "Hey, Kathy...."
Kathy turned around and smiled excitedly, "Hey, Leo! Is Chris with you?"
Leo shook his head, "Um, no.... I.... I have to ask you something."
Kathy smiled at him and handed him a piece of paper with her phone number on it,
"I'm free on Friday."
Leo shook his head again and said, putting the paper in his pocket for later reference, "No, no, that's not it either. Um.... What was your favorite color when you were in kindergarten?"
Kathy looked confused and smiled awkwardly, "Um... I'm sorry, what?"
Leo's face flushed and he said, "Sorry, dumb question."
"I liked green." Kathy said, looking at Leo curiously.
Leo stared at her and stuttered, "What? R-really?"
Kathy nodded and Leo said, "Um, okay! Uhh.... What.... What kind of games did you play?"
Kathy studied Leo and said, laughing quietly, "What's this about? Why are you asking me all this?"
"J-just answer the question." Leo said. He could feel his heart beating faster for several reasons.
Kathy stared at Leo and said, smiling a bit, "Um.... I really liked.... Kickball.... The other girls weren't really into it, but I loved it."
Leo's jaw dropped and he said, "Did you have any.... nicknames?"
Kathy pursed her lips and laughed a bit, "Yeah, um.... It was Marble. Everyone called me that until third grade because it sounded better to them than 'Kickball'. You know, because I always played sports with the boys. I loved sports, but the most fun I had in kindergarten was probably playing Barbies with Chris. You know Chris, Leo. Chris Harper."
She smiled brightly, but in a sweet way. Leo's heart practically skipped a beat for these reasons:

A) He had just learned something unthinkable
B) This was just like a scene from a movie
C) Kathy was standing close to him and she was reaalllyy hot!

Kathy studied flabbergasted Leo, looking concerned, "Are you okay, Leo?"
Leo said, trying to regain his breath, "I don't know."
Leo closed his mouth and turned around walking away without another word. 
"Wait, Leo-" Kathy called after him, but Leo ignored her.

Oh my god, Chris was in love with Kathy when he was in kindergarten!