Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 30 - CHAPTER 9

I joined my friends at lunch and, right away, Leo said, "Hey, did you guys hear about that Monica girl?"
"She's not pregnant, Leo." I said, "That's just a stupid rumor."
Mouse said, "Wait, Monica's pregnant?"
I shook my head, "No! She's not pregnant."
Just then, Monica walked by and put her hand on Leo's shoulder, "Oh, hey, guys. Wha'cha talking about?"
Mouse, Alice, Chris, and I fell silent and she said sweetly, "Because if it's me, Angela, then I'm gonna rip your arms off, tape it, and send the video to the rest of you little gossipers. Got it?"
We all gawked at her and didn't answer. Monica ran her finger across the side of Leo's face and said, "Do I make myself clear?"
"Uh-huh." Leo said, nodding. The rest of us nodded with him.
Monica smiled tightly and walked away. Leo watched her leave, then looked back at us.
"She's nice." He said.
Alice and Chris gave Leo a look of disgust.
Suddenly, a choppy shout came from the hallway; "WOOOOOOOO!!!"
I whirled to look at the double doors leading out of the lunchroom. The person outside continued screaming wildly.
A few students got up and opened the doors.
"You're never gonna catch me!" The person outside screamed in a distorted voice, cackling wildly.
"What on earth is that?" Alice said.
Mouse ran to the doors and Alice, Chris, Leo, and I followed her. We elbowed our way through the crowd of kids that was heading outside, where the voice had gone.
Chris and I shoved open the doors going out to the playground and stopped short.
A guy ran across the playground at top speed, screaming and whooping. He was wearing a Darth Vader helmet and he was naked; butt naked.
The clump of students laughed and some cheered on the naked guy. Teachers chased him furiously around the playground.
Mouse crossed her arms and snickered, "What do you think they'll do if they actually catch him?"
Alice gave Mouse a scowl and Chris shook his head, "That guy is insane."
He turned away and chuckled to himself.
I stared at him, confused, and asked, "Why are you laughing?"
Chris looked at me and said, shrugging, "I dunno, I guess it's just kind of... He's a guy running naked with a Darth Vader helmet on, Angie."
"No, no, what were you gonna say?" I asked.
Alice, Mouse, and Leo gave Chris their attention.
Shrugging again, Chris laughed, "Well, it takes a lot of guts to run around your high school butt naked, don't you think?"
Alice snorted, "Uhg, I just think it's stupid."
"Yeah, really." Leo said, "And if he's so brave, then why is he wearing that mask?"
"Well, think about it, Leo." I said, "Would you streak in your school and be able to walk the halls the next day and be cool with everyone knowing that it was you?"
Leo thought, then didn't say anything.
Mouse added, "They're right, Chris. Streakers aren't brave, they're just stupid."
"Say what you want, you guys, but I think whoever that guy is has guts. Maybe he's got an immature way of showing it, but he's got guts." Chris said.
Then, one of the teachers (our social studies teacher, Mr. Jacoby) finally got a hold of the streaker's shoulders. He yelled at him and pulled of his mask, revealing a mess of fluffy blonde hair.
My jaw dropped and kids around me started whispering.
"Geoffry?!" Alice said in disbelief, "It was Geoffry?"
Lester came up to us and put his hand on Chris' shoulder.
"Wow, that was pretty coo' of him, don't you think?" Lester said.
Chris didn't say anything; he was completely speechless.
Mouse gave Lester a 'what?' look and Lester added, "Um, I mean, that's totally nasty, broseph."
She continued her stare of disapproval and Lester fled back into the crowd of students.
"Dude, I can't believe it's Geoffry." Leo said.
I looked back at him, "Yeah, we know."
"Oh my God." Chris said, his face flushing. Embarrassed, he turned and ran back into the school.
Mr. Jacoby shoved the Darth Vader mask at the school coordinator, Ms. Chao. Scowling, he lead Geoffry through the crowd of students. 
Geoffry beamed at everyone who's eye he caught. Most students cringed as he and Mr. Jacoby passed, but some of the girls looked... Down. You get the picture.
The principle, Ms. Nelson, came with a megaphone and said through it, "Alright, kids, go back to the cafeteria. Nothing to see here and your lunch hour isn't over. Back to the cafeteria, please."

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 30 - CHAPTER 8

I sat in homeroom the next morning, talking to Chris and Alice.
Monica Monroe stormed into the room, looking furious, and a few boys hooted at her.
"Shut up!" She barked at them. She sat in her chair and put her feet up on her desk.
Monica is one of the "popular girls" at our school. People always say that she's totally fearless and "tries everything". She, along with Rosa Martinez, is known for apparently having slept with a third of the boys in our grade, but I was convinced that that was a rumor.
"So, who's is it?" One boy called.
Monica stuck up her middle finger at him and Mrs. Green said, "Now, kids, that is not appropriate school behavior."
"Can it, blondie." Monica spat.
I looked at Alice, "What's wrong with Monica?"
Alice shrugged and Chris said, his eyes shining, "Haven't you heard? All morning people have been saying that Monica's..."
He lowered his voice, "Pregnant."
Alice looked surprised, "Really?"
"That's complete crap." I said.
Chris looked nervous, "What makes you say that?"
I crossed my arms, "Okay, people make stuff up about each other all the time at this school. Why should we believe that Monica's pregnant?"
"Hey!" Monica snapped, getting to her feet, "That's bulls--t! You think that just because someone said it means it's true?"
I raised my hands defensively, "No, I'm saying that it's probably not true."
Monica glowered at me and said, "Watch yourself, Harper."
I rolled my eyes and Monica huffed, falling back into her chair.
"Geez, she's in a bad mood." Alice mumbled.
"I wonder who's it is." Chris said, staring at Monica curiously with his arms crossed.
"Okay, seriously, Chris?" I said, "Did you hear what I just said? It's not true."
I heard a dull tapping sound come from behind me. I turned to look at the door.
Geoffry stood behind the window next to the door, tapping the glass. Chris' eyes narrowed and Geoffry rubbed his hands on his own chest, pretending to lick the window.
"Uch!" Chris scoffed in disgust, "He is so immature."
Alice shook her head, "Wow, he really has no shame, does he?"
Geoffry pointed through the window and did a pelvic thrust in Monica's direction.
I snorted and my friends looked at me. I wiped the grin off my face.
"That's not funny at all." I said.
Alice and Chris looked displeased and Geoffry kept making gestures through the window. Chris' jaw tightened.
I looked at Mrs. Green to see that she was busy talking to Monica, probably scolding her for being loud and flipping off another student.
"Don't let him get a rise out of you, Chris." Alice warned, "It'll just give him what he wants."
Chris shook his head, arms crossed, and sat down silently. He probably would've flipped Geoffry the bird, too, if he wasn't afraid of getting in trouble.
Monica yelled, "Screw off, Mrs. Green!", kicked over a chair, and stormed out of the classroom.
The whole class turned to look at Mrs. Green. Her pinched face was scrunched up even more than usual. She sighed and smiled tightly, looking to the door.
Geoffry stopped making gestures at Chris through the window. Made a kissing face at Mrs. Green and when she gave him a look, he stuck out his tongue, laughing, and walked away.
Mrs. Green's face turned pink and the bell rang.
"Okay, class, time for first period." Mrs. Green said, and everyone left the classroom.

Later that day, Chris and I walked to our next class. We saw Geoffry standing in the hallway, kissing some girl.
Chris looked pissed and he didn't say anything as we walked by.
Then, Tina ran up to Geoffry, grabbed his collar, and jerked him away from the girl he was kissing.
"Geoffry! How dare you cheat on me?!" Tina cried.
Chris and I looked at each other, both equally surprised.
"What?" Geoffry said.
"Oh, don't you give me that look." Tina snapped, "Why didn't you call me last night?"
"I'm sorry, who's she?" The girl Geoffry had been kissing said.
Geoffry looked at her and said, "Uh, she's no one."
"I'm no one?" Tina cried, "I'm your girlfriend!"
The girl held up her hands and said, "I didn't know Geoffry had a girlfriend."
"I don't!" Geoffry exclaimed.
Tina crossed her arms, "You don't? You don't? What the heck does that make me, then?! Is there something you wanna talk about, Geoffry?"
"I think I should go." The girl said.
Geoffry looked at her, "Wait, no!"
"Bye, Geoffry." The girl said. She nodded at Tina and walked away.
After a pause, Tina took out her little notepad and said, "Well, Geoffry, I'm afraid I have to write you up again."
Geoffry let out a slow, long sigh and turned to face her.
"Why do you keep doing this to me?" He snapped.
Tina raised one eyebrow at him, "How many times do I have to tell you that you just need to get to class? I'm just doing my job."
Geoffry scoffed, "Your job? You call prancing around the hallway messing up my fun a job?"
"Well, I wouldn't phrase it that way-" Tina said.
"Whatever." Geoffry snapped, "It's not cool, and I'm pretty sure you're not my girlfriend!"
Tina gave him a look and he added, "... And if you are, I'm sorry."
"No, I'm not your girlfriend, Geoffry." Tina sighed, "I said that I was to get Jessica to go back to class."
Geoffry knit his eyebrows and chuckled, "Who's Jessica?"
Tina looked really disappointed now.
"The girl you were just kissing." Tina said.
Geoffry bit his lip awkwardly, "Oh..."
Tina shook her head and said, "Go to class, Geoffry. Please don't let me catch you out here again."
Geoffry scowled as he watched Tina walk down the hallway. He studied her bright purple hair and her brown sweater with a giraffe on the back. 
Geoffry shook his head and mumbled to himself, "What makes her so special?"

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 30 - CHAPTER 7

Mouse walked to the lunchroom, feeling warm. She put her hand on her cheek and stared at the floor. She kept her eyes on the floor while she entered the lunchroom, while she got her lunch, and while she sat down at our lunch table.
"Hey, Mousey." Leo said, "What's up?"
"Nothing." Mouse grumbled.
Chris studied her and asked, "Are you sure, Hon? You seem a little down."
Mouse scowled at him. Chris took a drink of milk and Mouse punched him in the stomach, making him spew milk all over himself.
Alice and I exchanged a glance and tried not to laugh.
"So, um," I said, snickering, "Are you a little mad about something, Mousey?"
"Shut up, Angela." Mouse said, scowling and crossing her arms.
Chris picked up a napkin from his lunch tray and wiped his face. He cried, "Mouse, that was not nice!"
Oh, really?
Mouse sneered at him, "Well, I'm not feeling very nice today."
"She's never nice..." Leo said quietly.
Mouse sighed and said sarcastically, "Congratulations, Leo. You've figured me out."
Leo scowled at her, but then he grinned praisingly to himself. I shook my head. 
"So..." Chris said, putting his elbows on the table, "What happened?"
Mouse ignored him and he repeated, "Mouse, what happened?"
"Huh?" Mouse said.
"Answer me." Chris said.
"I just asked you a question." Chris said again, "Why are you so mad?"
Mouse replied, "Oh, I'm not mad."
Chris frowned. He was not going to get an answer. None of us were and that was that.
Then, Geoffry wormed around the table and brushed his hand across Chris' shoulders.
"Hey, what's up, guys?" He said conversationally.
Chris glared at him and he set his hands on Chris' shoulders.
Mouse shot Geoffry a look and no one said a word.
"'Sup, Geoffry?" Leo broke the silence.
Geoffry smiled at him, "Hi, Leo."
He looked at Alice, "Good afternoon, Alice. You're looking very nice today."
Alice scowled down at the table and Geoffry looked at me, "You, too, Angela."
I smiled tightly and Chris elbowed Geoffry. Geoffry let go of his shoulders and said sarcastically, "Well, geez, I'm glad you guys are in such a good mood."
He looked at Leo and patted his cheek with one hand, "Keep lookin' sexy, my friend."
Leo waved hesitantly as Geoffry walked away.
Chris shook his head, picking at his food, "He is such a d-ckhead."
"He's a moron." Mouse said.
Leo shrugged, "He's not that bad."
We all stopped eating and looked at Leo. He glanced uneasily from person to person and said, "Well, when Julien was here"- uhg -"And Geoffry and I were trying to get Chris and Tae-Hyun back..."
Leo bit his lip like he thought he shouldn't have said that. He hesitantly continued, "Geoffry and I just... Kinda became friends. He's a pretty cool guy."
Chris groaned loudly and Mouse glared at Leo. Alice and I looked at each other.
"Well, come on! Everyone messes up every now and then!" Leo protested.
"Yeah, but not everyone molests their significant other and their best friend within the same school year!" Chris snapped.
I rolled my eyes, "Okay, come on, Chris. He did not molest you."- I looked at Alice -"Okay, so maybe he kind of molested Alice, but what he did to you wasn't that big of a deal."
Chris' blue eyes glared fiercely at me.
Mouse said, "What's your point? Why are you defending Geoffry?"
"I'm not, I just think Chris is wrong." I said. I turned to Alice and added, "Sorry, Alice."
Alice nodded and Mouse said to me, "Well, that's stupid. Geoffry's a jerk and everybody knows it."
Leo piped up, "Then, why do people keep getting together with him? Like you and Chris?"
Chris and Mouse both looked taken aback.
"Leo!" Chris cried, "I do not keep getting together with him!"
Mouse saw her opportunity to focus the attention on Chris. So, she struck, "Yeah, you do. You've broken up with him, like, ten times."
"I have not!" Chris argued.
"Yeah, you have." Leo said, "And all for stupid reasons."
He paused and added, "Well, except for the latest one, I guess. Sorry, Alice."
"It's okay." Alice said flatly.
I said, "It's true. Remember that time that he asked Alana to be his study partner?"
Chris scoffed, "Okay, that was after I had already asked him to pair up with me!"
"You were just jealous because Alana is prettier than you." Mouse said, smirking.
"Be quiet, Mouse." Chris said through clenched teeth.
"Ooh," She said, "Sounds like Barbie's getting mad."
Chris' face turned red and he realized that he wasn't going to win. So, he glared at each of us, then turned to his lunch tray.
Alice stifled laughter and Chris gave her an offended look.
The bell rang out we left the lunchroom to go to recess.