Friday, January 1, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 10 - CHAPTER 3

Hello?.... Excuse me, I would like to order something!... Hey, um, Kid?
"Geez, what?" Mouse groaned. The young brunette woman standing at the counter looked offended, "I just said I would like to order something."
"What will it be?" Mouse sighed. The woman smiled cheekily. "I would like-"
"And do you want fries with that?" Mouse interrupted. The woman looked angry, "You didn't
even let me say what I wanted-"
"That will be $4.39, thank you for shopping at Burger Wonderland."
The woman's face was turning pink now, "Now, look. All I want is to get my lunch so I can get back to work..."
"Where do you work, Annoying People 'R' Us?"
"That's it! I'm out of here!" The woman almost yelled. 
Mouse leaned over the counter, "Hey, lady, wait! Don't you want your food?"
Alice ran up, "Mouse! What are you doing? Oh, I'm sorry, Miss! Please excuse her."
The brunette woman turned around, "You better be a better worker than her." 
She glanced at Mouse and Mouse sneered at her.
"I beg your pardon-" Alice started to say, but caught herself, "I'm sorry, Miss. What would you like to order?"
The woman pursed her lips, looking annoyed. "I would like the Single Patty Wonder 
Burger with fries and a diet Coke."
"See? I did it right! I asked her if she wanted fries and she didn't answer me!" Mouse hollered.
"Mouse! Hush!" Alice said. "Will that be all, Miss?"
"Yes." The brunette said through clenched teeth. 
Alice called out the order to the cooks. The food soon arrived.
"I'm so sorry about that." Alice smiled pleasantly. 
The woman took her food, looked Mouse up and down and walked to a table.
Alice glared at Mouse, "Mouse! You can't do that!" she hissed, "You can't be so impatient and you can not keep the costumers waiting!"
"Speaking of which, turn around." Mouse gestured to another costumer who was waiting behind her. 
"Oh, I beg your pardon." Alice said.
"It's no problem, no hurry." Said a red-haired woman, who had seen what had happened
with the last costumer and assumed that the best thing she could do is be patient with the 
Alice and Mouse struggled through serving a few more costumers before the boss gave up. "Hey, girls. I've got a new idea, how's about you, red-head, ask Madison to show you how to 
cook the french fries and you, Short Stuff." Mouse scowled and the boss continued, handing 
her a mop, "You, bathroom duty."
"What?" Mouse questioned loudly. 
The boss bent down to Mouse's height, "You heard me. Bathroom.... duty. You go in, clean 
thoroughly, and come... back... out." 
He drew out his words, as if trying to make it easier for her to understand. 
They stood scowling at each other for a while before Mouse snatched the mop and stomped 
off into the bathroom. 
Alice approached a teenage girl, a few inches taller than her, who had her blonde hair in a 
ponytail, her uniform top was buttoned down almost all the way and she was chewing gum 
loudly. The girl's name tag read Madison. 
Alice gulped and said politely, "I'm Alice, Mr. Anderson said that I should ask you to show me how to cook the french fries." 
Madison turned to Alice, scanning her up and down, her eyes looking the slightest bit scary, 
covered in heavy eye liner the way they were. 
"What, do I look like some instruction book to you, kid?"
Alice shook her head, "Oh, no. It's just, Mr. Anderson-"
Madison groaned loudly, "Fiiiiiiine, I'll show you how. Come 'ere, kid."
Alice smiled, "Oh, thank you."
"Yeah, whatever." Madison said grouchily. She picked up a bag of frozen uncooked french 
fries. "'Kay, so you take these, ya open the bag, pour 'em into the hot oil here, set the timer for one minute and then you take 'em out and salt 'em. Then you put 'em in a basket. Got that?"
"Oh yes, thank you." Alice smiled pleasantly, though Madison was looking at her like she was a piece of trash.
Madison left and Alice's smile faded, her hazel eyes darting from the frozen potatoes to the 
hot oil. 
"Okay, Alice, you can do this." She wrinkled her nose, "Oh, ish. How can people eat this? It's all grease and salt!" 
And probably some Madison gum in there too. Alice shivered and shook the thought from her head. She picked up a package of potatoes and opened it, pouring the contents into one of 
the tubs of hot oil. She set the timer and waited. 
When it beeped, Alice reached for the handles of the hot oil basket, but retracted. 
Yes! Good job, Alice, points for thinking ahead. She pulled out her little blue box, opening it 
and taking out a tissue. She wrapped the tissue around the handle of the basket. 
One nearby employee said, "Hey, uh, you know the handle's not hot."
Alice smiled, "I know, it's just everyone that works here touches that handle and who 
knows what kind of germs could be on their hands? Someone who touched this handle earlier today could've had the flu or something."
The employee thought about this and stupidly looked at his hands as if he could see germs 
rapidly start growing on his hands. Alice smiled and kept working.
At 6:00 p.m., Mouse came out of the men's bathroom, she took in a deep breath as she 
escaped the fumes as if she had been holding her breath (Which she probably had). Alice met with her at the door, sighing. "So, how was lavatory duty?" She asked. Mouse looked at her, "What?"
"Cleaning the men's bathroom."
"Oh, horrible! It smells like poop in there!"
"Of course, it's a bathroom!"
Mouse sighed, "Whatever. How was yours?"
"Madison didn't seem to like me. Neither did anyone else, really. I tried to be nice, I..." 
Alice said.
"That's it, you're too nice, Alice." Mouse said in a 'duh' sort of tone.
They both sighed again and went home.

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