Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 16 - CHAPTER 6

"So, Leo, are you busy this Friday?" I asked Leo. 
His face lit up, "Why do you ask? Are you aski-"
"I'm not asking you out, I was thinking about taking Chris to see this movie and Alice would come too, blah blah blah...."
Leo cringed, "Probably some stupid baby movie....." 
He ran his fingers through his hair, "Ah, sorry, Ange, I told Michelle I would go to the school football game this Friday, she's cheerleading."
I shrugged and he said, "Wanna come? You can bring your baby, too." 
I laughed, he was talking about Chris. "Sure. Can I bring Alice?"
"Yeah." Leo nodded.
I pursed my lips, 'What about Mouse? Is she coming?"
Leo shook his head, "Nah, I doubt it."

Oh, she came, alright. 
Chris, Alice, and I sat down by Leo in the crowded bleachers. We waited for the game to start and talked. We watched as the cheerleaders came out and our eyes widened in shock.
My face turned pale and I cocked my head to the side, pointing at the cheerleaders, "Hey, is that...?"
Eyes wide, Leo swallowed and nodded, "Mouse....."
We all watched in shock as Mouse tripped over her feet, running onto the field with the other cheerleaders, dressed in an orange cheerleader uniform.
Chris and Leo suddenly burst out laughing. 
Alice said, trying hard to fight back laughter, "Chris, that isn't funny! Don't laugh at her!" 
She giggled and started laughing, I was right behind her. 
We all sat in the bleachers, laughing our heads off at Mouse the cheerleader.
Then, they started their pre-game routine. 
Our jaws dropped as every cheerleader including Mouse did a perfect, amazing routine. 
Kathy was the flyer, which wasn't surprising. She was so skinny that the heaviest part of her was probably her hair. Her ponytail was probably about three feet long, maybe longer.
Leo watched in awe as Kathy's red hair flew around her (almost majestically) as she was tossed through the air, paying no attention to Mouse. 
I was too surprised to roll my eyes at him. 
Chris was still laughing his ass off, tears running down his cheeks. 
"Oh my God, this is sooo going on youtube!" He hooted.
Chris took out his video camera and turned it on, filming the cheerleaders and closing up on Mouse several times. 
Damn, the boy was really starting to think like Mouse, but I didn't object because I was comforted by the thought of Chris and I watching the video every night before bed and laughing about it until Dad made us shut up.
The routine ended and we all stood up, hollering at Mouse, "Yay, Mouseeeyyy!!!" 
Mouse whirled around, the grin fading from her face when she saw us. Her face went pale and we called out, "Hey, Mousey! Go Mouse!" 
We started laughing hard. 
Mouse's eyes widened and her face flushed with anger and embarrassment, she had noticed Chris's video camera. 
Chris waved at Mouse and pointed to the camera, mouthing, "Youtube."
Mouse seemed to be yelling something at him, but we couldn't hear her over the roar of the crowd. 
The other cheerleaders laughed and motioned for Mouse to follow them off the field. 
The football game started, but we just watched the video Chris had filmed in a loop throughout the whole game.
After the game, we found Mouse and 'congratulated' her. 
"Hey, Mousey!" I patted her on the back hard. She almost jumped out of her skin, "Angie!" 
We all started laughing, except for Mouse. 
"Really. A cheerleader, Mouse?" Leo said, smirking, "That's a new one."
Chris gestured to her uniform, "Okay, I'll just tell you upfront, Mouse. Orange is sooo not your color. The ponytail, however, is kind of a nice extra."
Mouse clenched her teeth, "Chris, can't you go be a diva somewhere else?"
Chris chuckled, "And guess what? I got the whole thing on tape to show your little family." 
He added innocently, "They said they were so sorry they couldn't come." 
Well, that was kind of an automatic death sentence for poor Chris. 
Mouse immediately ran after Chris; what a shock. 
I must say, Mouse can run a lot faster than you would think.... a heck of a lot faster than Chris.
"Chris!" I yelled stupidly, "She's gonna break the camera!"
Leo snickered, getting Alice's and my attention. 
"What?" I said. 
He held up the video camera and watched Mouse pointlessly chase Chris all around the football field. 
I tried to look mad. 
"Leo, that was a very mean thing to do." I said stupidly, "She could hurt him, you know Chris can't outrun her."
We all started laughing soon enough, watching cruelly as Mouse attacked Chris and discovered that he didn't have the camera. She looked up at Leo, a wild look in her eyes. 
Leo smirked, waving the camera up above his head. 
Mouse ran up to him and started uselessly jumping for the camera. 
Leo easily held it out of her reach, grinning.
Mouse stepped back, clenching her teeth, "Leo, give me the camera!"
"Oh, did those cheerleaders finally tell you that it's not ladylike to attack people into giving you things?" Leo said. Well, that couldn't be smart.
Mouse charged at him, snatching the camera. 
Leo then performed a stunt that was pretty clever for him. When he saw Mouse, he pressed the button on the side of the camera and flipped the tape out of it, catching the tape in between his fingers.
He apparently noticed this, because he smirked triumphantly. 
"Woah," He said dumbly, "I am a beast!"
I rolled my eyes and said, "Please never say that word again. I better go make sure Mouse didn't kill Chris."
Leo nodded, glancing at the tape in his hands. 
I picked Chris up off the ground and started dusting off his shirt, "Dude, that wasn't smart."
Chris laughed stupidly, "It sure as heck was funny, though." 
Were people just unusually stupid tonight?

When Chris and I got home, we went straight to my room to watch the video Chris filmed. Chris's creepy cat, Ger10, came and sat on my head. 
"Chris!" I said, "Get this stupid cat off my head!"
"Sorry," Chris said, picking Ger10 up, "You want to see the video of Mousey being weird too, don't you? Yes, yes you do."
I rolled my eyes. Something really bothers me about that cat, but I don't know what it is. It's just always... staring at me.
We watched the video about seven more times before I kicked Chris and his cat out and went to sleep.

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