Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 12 - CHAPTER 7

Alice, Chris, Kathy, and I were at a boutique in the mall. Alice and Chris were looking at sets of dresses and suits. After a while, they decided that Chris would make the dress and suit instead of buying one of the "dull" sets provided.
Kathy and I looked through the dresses while Alice and Chris suggested about 30 different dresses for us.
"How about this one, Angie?" Chris held up a fancy pink dress with fake roses and glitter all over it and huge ruffles of tulle.
"No." I said shortly, laughing a little.
"Chris," Kathy said, "That one's kind of ridiculous."
Chris looked offended, "I think it's gorgeous!" We all laughed.
Alice shrugged, "Sorry, Chris. I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one."
Chris sighed, putting the dress back. "You girls...." He picked out a short dark purple ruffly dress and held it up to Kathy. "What about this one?"
Kathy gasped, "Oh my gosh! It.... it's beautiful!" She took the dress from him. "I'm getting this one. Thank you so much, Chris!"
Before he could stop her, she jumped up and gave Chris a hug. Hesitantly, he hugged her back. "Glad I could help you find the perfect dress." Chris said.
"Oh, it is perfect! Thank you so much!" Kathy said gleefully.
Chris backed up defensively, remembering what she had done to him the week before.
He turned his attention to me. "What colors are you thinking?"
I shrugged, "I don't know, I like green."
Chris showed me a variety of green dresses before Alice showed me a beautiful flowing pale green dress with a black velvet sash.
"This is awesome!" I said.
Kathy and I bought our dresses and we hurried home so that Chris could make his and Alice's prom outfits.

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