Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 14 - CHAPTER 6

"What is it, Alice?"
"Um, can you and Chris please come over?" Alice sounded upset.
"Sure, Alice. We'll be there in ten minutes."
"Thank you, Angie. I'll see you."
"See you." 
She hung up and I wondered what was wrong. Chris and I got to Alice's house and Alice opened the door. She grabbed our wrists and pulled us inside. "Come on!" She lead us to her room.
"Is everything okay, Allie?" Chris said. I rolled my eyes at his new pet name for her. I guess it was kind of cute in a really annoying way.
Alice looked back and forth between us, a serious but panicked look on her face. She took a deep breath and said, "Chad asked Mom to marry him," Chris and I looked at each other.
"And she said yes." Alice looked at us nervously.
Chris squealed, "Oh, congrats to her!" I elbowed him.
"I take it this isn't a good thing...." I said gently.
Alice sighed, "I don't know... Marriage is supposed to be a good thing, but..... it was just so sudden...." I patted her on the back. I understood.
After Chris and I comforted her for a while, we went home.

Alice peered into the kitchen. Dressed in a perfect 'I Love Lucy' type dress and apron, her mother walked around the kitchen, talking on the phone. 
"Um, Mother?" Alice said quietly, clearing her throat. 
"Oh, hold on, Dianne. Alice? What is it? Can't you see I'm on the phone?" Her mother said sharply.
"I-I'm sorry," Alice stuttered, "I.... I was just thinking..."
Her mother pursed her cherry-red lipstick-covered lips and raised her eyebrows at Alice, as if saying, I'm waiting. 
Alice continued, "Um, well, I was thinking.... maybe....."
Her mother sighed in a rude, irritated way. "Uhg, Alice! Just spit it out, won't you? I'm trying to have a conversation with Dianne about the wedding." 
Alice nodded, "Oh, yes, the wedding! That's what this is about! Um, I was thinking that maybe to save money, instead of buying a cake, maybe Chris and I could make the cake...."
Alice's mother crossed her arms, "Alice, are you serious?" Before she got a chance to reply, her mother started talking again, "Chris? Angela's brother? You know how I feel about him. He's meek, he's small, he's useless. You need a man that you can rely on, someone you can count on to get a good job so he can buy things for you!"
Alice stuttered, "Mom, I'm not dating him! I-I mean, he's not useless. Chris is a really good cook and h-he's hoping to become a lawyer. If that's not a good job, then I don't know what is."
Alice mother pursed her lips. "No, Alice. You can't make our wedding cake. I want a professionally done cake, one with our names written in frosting. Rachel and Chad. One with doves! Doves, Alice...."
"W-we can do doves! Doves! We can write your names too!" Alice said quickly.
Her mother sighed, "Look, Alice. If I let you make the cake for the after party will you leave me alone?"
Alice nodded quickly, "Yes, yes mother. I will."
Her mother said, shooing at Alice, "Okay, now go. I need to get work done."
"Can Chris help?" Alice ventured, biting her lip and bracing herself. Her mother glanced at her and rolled her eyes. "Sure. Fine, I don't care. Do whatever you want, just don't bother me."
Alice wanted to say more, but she knew better. Her mother was back on the phone, "Oh, yeah. Sorry, Dianne. I know, kids can be such a pain!" 
Then why are you having one with that doofus? Alice thought as she walked back to her room.

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