Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hello People, Animals, and Floating Cats of this world. Welcome to Doorknob Kabob's Blog.

People! People people people, such odd creations, aren't we? Humans are said to be the smartest being in the world, but personally, I believe that in the world's next generation the human race will be overpowered by (it hasn't scientifically been determined which one, but these are our best guesses) Beetles, socks that
have been washed in too much bleach, or Computerized beings (such as robots, Lindsay Lohen, etc
etc etc).

Animals.... Woah! In science we are working with Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches! Hmm, not my
favorite. I said "Why can't we study bunnies or something?" Oh, we can only hope my opinions
on the subject will someday be considered :) Also, Animals: great job staying alive through all of
that Earth-poisoning those humans are doing! Keep up the good work!

Three cheers for floating cats because they have achieved the goal of pure awesomeness. Float on cats, float on.

Doorknob Kabob out!


  1. Cat Face, he's got a big cat face, he's got the body of a cat and the face of a cat, and he flies through the air cuz he's got a cat face. Cat Face!

  2. wow I haven't read this in forever. It's kind of genius.