Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cool With A "K" PART 9 - CHAPTER 8

I spotted Chris coming from the cabin, wheezing. I walked up to him, "Hey, are you feeling alright, Honey?" I said. 
Chris nodded, "Yeah, Ange. I'm fine." I put my hand on his chest. "Chris, did you take your asthma medicine?" He shook his head. I sighed, "Chris, you know how important it is!" He nodded, "I know." I took him to the camp nurse. Leo passed by us, "Hey, where you guys going?"
"I'm showing him the bathroom." I said. I don't know why I said this, but I did.

While Chris was "in the bathroom", Leo saw one of the campers, John Thomas, pick up Chris's water bottle. He opened it and started pouring a brown syrupy liquid into it. "Hey," Leo said, "What are you doing?"
John looked up and grinned, "Just sit back and watch." Leo snatched the water bottle, "What did you do? What did you put in it?"
"Calm down, kid. It ain't poison."
"What did you do? Is it gonna hurt him?" Leo snapped.
"Chill, man! What, is he your boyfriend?" John said.
Leo stared at John, furious that he would suggest that. "What was it? Not poison you say?"
John grinned, "Ipecac." 
Leo snorted, "Seriously?" he said, trying to act cool. "That's wicked awesome." John nodded. 
Chris came back and seeing John and Leo's expectant expressions, he walked over to them, holding his water bottle, "Hey, what's up you guys?" He said slowly.
"Nothing." John and Leo said at the same time. They started laughing stupidly as if they had planned it. Chris looked at Leo suspiciously. Leo nodded, "Ah, it's a hot day today, isn't it Chris?" he said.
"Uh, yeah." Chris said uncertainly. "I'll see you at, Lunch."
"Yeah." Leo and John both said. Chris walked away, taking a drink of the water. Leo and John started laughing out loud. Chris turned around, "What? What did you do?" he demanded. They laughed harder. "What?" Chris yelled at them.
"Now wait about ten minutes." John hooted. Leo laughed harder. Chris stared at them blankly. Leo patted him on the shoulder, "Nothing personal, Buddy. I couldn't stop him!" They both laughed harder. Suddenly, Chris bent over and projectile vomited all over Leo and John's shirts. They stopped laughing and stared in horror at Chris. "Angie!" Chris hollered. He looked at Leo and John, "What the hell did you do to my water?" He screamed.
"What the hell was that, John? You said it would take ten minutes!!!" Leo screamed.
"I... I put the whole bottle in...." John stared at Leo stupidly.
"You idiot! He has asthma! And a weak stomach! You could've killed him! Oh, gross!" 
Leo directed Chris to the bathroom, telling a counselor that Chris was sick and he ran off to change his shirt.

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