Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cool With A "K" PART 9 - CHAPTER 10

I was talking to Alice and Mouse when the male counselor, Ken came in. Chris was with him, crying. Oh great, one of the guys probably put some poor animal in his sleeping bag or something. Ken gestured for me to come over to him. I did this and started to say, "What's wrong, Ken-" Chris hugged me and started sobbing. I hugged him, "Chris, what happened?"
"Leo!" He wailed, "I-it was Leo!" Leo?
"Don't worry, young man. He will be severely punished." Ken said in that annoying voice he had. "Um, what exactly did he do?"
Chris wiped his nose and looked around the room at all the girls staring at him. Ken nodded, "You can tell me in my office." He smiled kindly. Chris nodded and Ken lead him away.
Ken ended up instructing Chris to sleep by me in the girl's cabin, which didn't bother him at all. When it was time to go to sleep, I asked Chris, "So, um.... what did Leo do? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."
"No, it's fine." Chris said, "He just, he got mad at me. He tried to apologize about the ipecac thing and I wouldn't listen to him. He got mad and I asked him why he did it...and....
he told me it was because he was tired of being stalked by a...." Chris's voice trailed off. He sniffed and whispered the word into my ear. I stared at him, "Leo?"
He nodded, "Yes, Leo." He sniffed again.
"I'm sorry, Chris. I shouldn't have asked-" I said.
"No, you had the right to know." Chris said. We were quiet for a long time before he said, "Hey, Ange, I'm tired. So, uh, I'll see you in the morning." I nodded and he instantly dozed off.
I glanced at the 33 girls who were staring at the only boy in the room. They stopped giggling and pretended to be asleep.
"Night girls." I whispered.

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