Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cool With A "K" PART 9 - CHAPTER 9

Alice, Mouse and I met up with Leo and we sat down at a table in the Mess Hall. "Where's Chris?" I asked Leo. He grimaced, "Johnny Thomas owes me a new shirt." 
We all looked at him questioningly, "In the bathroom, reading the toilet." 
Alice gasped, "Leo! What did you do to the poor boy?"
"Nothing! I-" Leo stuttered. Just then, John Thomas passed by the table, "Hey, nice one, Leo! He's still projectiling!"
Leo scowled, "You owe me a new shirt!" I yelled stupidly. John held out his arms, as if to say What? 
Later that night in the boy's cabin, Leo went up to Chris, "Hey," he bent down, Chris had his nose in a book and wouldn't look at Leo. Leo tried again, "Hey man, I'm sorry. But it really wasn't my idea, I swear! He thought I was gay!"
Chris looked at him, "Oh, poor baby. Get away form me, asshole." This surprised Leo, Chris had just called him an asshole and he was not going to let him get away with it. "You don't call me that!" 
Chris stood up, "Why not? You deserve it!"
"Oh, I deserve it? I didn't even do anything and now you're callin' me an asshole!"
"Didn't do anything? Oh no, you did nothing at all, Leo! You only let that kid put ipecac in my water and laughed at me when I drank it! Why did you do that, Leo? Why?"
Leo was really mad now, "You wanna know why, Chris? Because I was sick and tired of being stalked by a f--" That was it, he had done it. Leo had called Chris the insult. The "f" word. No, not that F word, that other word. Yeah, that one. He had proved to the other guys in the cabin that he was not afraid to insult Chris. Quite the audience had gathered now. Chris stood, staring at Leo, a look of hatred in his hurt, bloodshot eyes. He swallowed, tears gathering in his eyes, "Look, Leo. Calling me names isn't going to do you any good. Calling me that isn't going to help you with your life. Calling me that may help you get some beautiful but heartless girlfriend, it may help you regain your pride, but not for long, Leonard White! Not for long!" Chris's voice got louder and louder until he was yelling on the top of his lungs. The counselor, Ken, came through the cabin door. "Now what on earth is going on in here?" Chris turned around, his face red and his eyes full of tears. "Now Chris, what on earth is wrong?" Ken said. Chris rushed up to him and started sobbing, hugging Ken like some sad little kid. Ken, looking confused, hugged Chris. "Will someone please tell me what is going on?"
The boys were silent, none of them dared tattle, the other guys would later torment them if they told on Leo, that would be weak of them.
Ken shook his head and directed Chris out the cabin door. Chris choked out, "Where's Angela? Where's my sister?"
"It's okay, she's probably still awake, if she is, I'll let you see her." Ken said gently.
Chris turned around and screamed, "I hate you, Leo!" He started sobbing all over again. Ken stopped, "Leo?" Chris glared at Leo, Leo shaking his head. Don't tell, Chris. Leo thought uselessly. Chris nodded, "Leo."
Ken told Chris to stay put where he was and walked over to Leo. "Leo, report to Kelly's office." Leo glared up at Ken. "Fine." he said, stomping out the door. Ken glanced around the room at all the other boys, who were staring stupidly at whoever spoke (Which was no one except for Chris, Leo, and Ken). "Gentlemen!" Ken shouted and all the boys started talking amongst themselves.


  1. Of course, you choose to say this when Leo is at his worst :)