Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 7 - CHAPTER 1

Hey, Angie!.... where's Chris?.... he probably still sleeping..... you're right! He is still sleeping! Thanks Mouse.... yeah, I knew you couldn't have done it without me..... "Aauugghhhhh." I groaned. Oh, I had the weirdest dream that Chris had befriended this weird girl.... "Oh! Uh, hi Katherine!" Oh god, that was no dream! Katherine Parker stood over me, grinning stupidly. I sat up, my vision still blurry from just waking up. I half wished that I was just imagining it was really her standing in my bedroom, along with Mouse, Alice, and Chris. We made Leo sleep in Chris's room, which is a little ironic, but we probably would've drowned in his Katherine drool if we had let him sleep in here with all the girls and Chris. We weren't so sure if we should trust Leo in the same room as Katherine for too long. I mean, the girl could definitely defend herself, but Leo just scared me sometimes. Example: "Hey Leo, do you want to come to a sleepover at my house?" I asked him on monday. 
"Who all will be there?" he asked.
"Alice, Mouse, Chris, me, and Chris's..... um, new friend. Katherine." Leo's eyes widened. "Katherine Parker? She is SO hot! How did Chris get to be friends with her? Sure I'll come." Oh great, maybe I shouldn't have told him about Katherine. "Chris and Katherine picked the movie." I told him.
"Uh-oh. Which movie?" Leo's smile faded.
"Some Chick Flick. Um... Oh! Uptown Girls." I said. Leo groaned. I shared his pain.
So, Chris met this girl when she was standing in the middle of the hall, crying that some guy had called her fat. It was ridiculous that someone would call her fat, the only part of her that could possibly be is her boobs. Chris asked her what was wrong and told her why that was so ridiculous for someone to call her that. When I first heard the story, I was scared that some other poor girl had fallen in love with my gay brother, but when Chris said her name, I knew that that wouldn't happen to her. I know Katherine from English class and I guessed that she instantly figured out that Chris was gay. Which is funny because Alice didn't know until I told her.
Last night, we watched the movie Uptown Girls. Chris and Katherine laughed at the funny parts and cried at the sad parts and awwed at the sweet parts while the rest of us just drooled and yawned and Alice fell asleep. Chris and Katherine had leaned their heads on each other's shoulders. "AWWW!" They both said at the end of the movie. They started blabbing annoyingly, pretty much reciting the entire movie all over again. Katherine 
said, "That movie was so great! But I just could not figure out who the actress was who played...."
"Molly! I know! I just couldn't figure it out!" Chris broke in and they both started giggling. Mouse and I exchanged annoyed looks. Alice had fallen asleep and I woke her up and 
guided her to my room. "Come on guys. Time for bed." I said.
Leo should have been thankful that he got to sleep in Chris's room. In my room, there was endless hours of Chris and Katherine chattering. Alice was the only one who got any sleep.
So here Katherine was, standing over me, her long long red hair tumbled over her shoulders. "Good morning Sunshine!" she yelled in my face, rattling my brain. i moaned again. "Is something wrong, Angie?" Katherine asked innocently. I really don't think she realized how freaking annoying she was. She smiled at me again in her way-too-happy way and skipped off to the bathroom. Leo came in and I leaned over to whisper in his ear, "She is never coming over again." Leo looked at me in shock. "Why? She's amazing!"
"You just like her because she's a girl." I scowled at him. 
Leo smirked, "Is that jealousy I hear in your voice?" 
I snorted, "Nice try."
Leo, Chris, and I stood in the hallway talking when we heard Katherine shout, "Chris!!!"
"What is it Kathy?" They'd either make an adorable couple or a really creepy friendship.
Katherine came out of the bathroom, she had a toothbrush in her mouth and she was only wearing her bra and underwear. "I figured out who the actress was! From the movie last night!" No, really? I thought it was the movie from three years ago! Leo stared and Chris shot a look at him. Chris turned his attention back to Katherine. He cleared his throat, "Um, Kathy...."
" Brittany Murphy!" Katherine said way too enthusiastically. They both squealed annoyingly. I rolled my eyes. Leo's attention was on Katherine's bra. I rolled my eyes at him too. Chris stopped jumping up and down and tried again to point out to Katherine.... "Hey, Kath." He said, blushing a little. He was so polite. "What?" Katherine said.
"Y-you have probably already realized, you aren't wearing any.... clothes." He gestured to Leo, who was practically drooling now. "Oh." Katherine said, not seeming the slightest bit embarrassed. "I guess I better go change then!" She smiled at Leo and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Leo's eyes were still parked on the spot where Katherine's butt had been moments ago. Chris snapped his fingers in Leo's face and said, "Hey. Leo!" Leo looked at Chris stupidly. "Wha?"
"That was rude." Chris said, sounding totally offended. "You don't stare like that!"
Leo looked blankly back and forth from me to Chris. Chris rolled his eyes and went into the living room. I followed him. Leo held up his arms, "What?" he said.
Katherine was the last to leave. Finally, Chris closed the door behind her. When she was gone, he turned to me, his back against the door. 'Oh my god, she is SO annoying!" he said.

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  1. wow kathrine..ur smart! SMRT!
    i like the end "oh my god she is SO annoying!"