Friday, December 11, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 2 (Chapter 1)

Why is this pillow so cold and so hard??? Yuck! Is that water? why is my cheek wet? It feels like I fell asleep on a desk- oh crap. I opened my eyes. Alice and Mouse were staring at me. What were they doing here? "W-wuuhhgg?" I managed. I was so freaking confused. Where the hell was I? I lifted up my head. Ow. I looked around. Bonjour Classe! 15 mars 2009. What? 4e francias I What the- French! French class! Dang it, I fell asleep again! Oh yuck! I wiped the drool off my cheek and sat up at my desk. I looked at Alice and Mouse, who were staring at me as if i had broccoli growing out of my ears. "What?" I asked groggily. "Well," Mouse said, "it's time for 5th period, and you were sleeping, but
otherwise, nothing." Realizing what Mouse had just told me, embarrassed, I got up and collected
my drool-a-fied books and raced off to 5th period. I was so worried about missing the beginning
of 5th period that I didn't even notice the girl walking towards me. CRASH!!!!! We both landed on
the floor, our books and papers going everywhere. I looked at her. She was about my age. "Oh my
god I am so sorry!" I stuttered. "No, no! It's totally okay! It was my fault!" As lame as we were,
we shook hands. The girl looked embarrassed and I probably did too. "I'm Jamie." She said, smiling
pleasantly. "I'm Angie." I said, smiling back. Jamie's smile faded, she looked as if out of nowhere,
someone came from behind and shot her in the back. A horrible, pained look crossed her face.
"I-I have to go!" her voice cracked and she ran off. I stood there, totally confused. I remembered
that I was late for 5th hour and I rushed off to the history room.


  1. AHHH u have such great ideas!!!! thats why i lov u so much! ":)