Saturday, December 12, 2009

cool With A "K". PART 3 (Chapter 3)

Now, I really couldn't think. My head clouded with awful visions of Chris in the ambulance, all that blood, I remembered him saying No Ange, it's not your fault, never think that.... Oh god, my little brother........ Me, Mom, and Dad were in the ER waiting room. Mom was crying into Dad's jacket, his arms around her. Dad had a glassy look in his grey-green eyes. He almost looked confused, as if he wasn't used to feeling emotional pain. My eyes filled with tears again, I guess my tear glands felt like I needed new ones to cover up the layer of salt water on my cheeks. This was hell. My brother was in the ER, the too-bright lights, the nauseating chemical smell, the horrible, horrible fear that Chris........
I started sobbing. Mom and Dad looked up from their own huddle of despair and sucked me into a deep, sobbing, sad hug. "C-Chris....." a shuddered. "I know," Mom said.
A nurse came in, holding a clipboard. She had an awful, grim look on her face. We all looked at her expectantly. "Follow me." She said. We did as we were told. She lead us down a hall of too-bright lights, the horrible chemical smell, open doors to rooms with visitors, wires, IV lines galore, crying families, empty beds. She opened a door to one room. I stared, horrified, at Chris. He looked pretty bad, he had a bandage on his head that would have been soaked in blood if the Nurse hadn't just changed it. He had stitches in his head and his left arm was in a sling. The doctor said that Chris had dislocated his left shoulder, had a concussion, broke two ribs, and had an open wound on the side of his head, so he had to have stitches, but, he was alive, and that was what mattered. I sat down in the chair next to his bed. I bit my lip, my eyes filling with tears. I put my hand in his and cried. I felt a hand on mine that was holding Chris's. I looked up, Chris! He opened his eyes and turned his head to look at me. He smiled weakly. "Chris....." my voice cracked. Then, I remembered. Word spew time kids! "Oh god Chris! I am so sorry! Oh god! If I hadn't been daydreaming, if I hadn't walked right into the street! Oh god, Chris it's all my fault!" He put a hand up to stop me. Suddenly, I remembered what he said in the ambulance; "No Ange, it's not your fault, never think that.... " I got all choked up again. "It's not your fault, Ange." He said, smiling again. "Oh Chris!" I wailed. "I'm so sor-" I stopped myself and bit my lip again. I nodded that I understood.
Chris got out of the hospital a week and a half later. He started going to school after about a month after he got out of the hospital. Yep. Concussions can do that to you.

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  1. oh my god......CHRIS!!! ah my eyes were filling with tears when i started reading that! OMG! OMG!!! poor chris!