Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cool With A "K" PART 9 - CHAPTER 3

Once we finally got there, it was actually only 12:05 (We had to get up really early). We all hopped out of the bus, carrying our duffles and sleeping bags. I snorted and tapped Alice on the shoulder, pointing out Michelle, who had two suitcases and a sleeping bag, all of them a matching electric pink. We laughed even harder at the fact that Leo was trailing behind her, carrying most of it.

We all sat on benches in the big central area of the camp. Two counselors stood in front of all the benches, smiling cheesy, creepy smiles. "Why, HELLO THERE!" The female counselor hollered, her thick southern accent making it all the more annoying. "IIII'm Kelly," she said, the male counselor jumping in beside her, "And I'm Ken!" he said. Where they brother and sister Southern Sunny Day camp counselors, or were they just creepy K-named freakos? Maybe they were fake names.... and fake accents.
Chris and Mouse looked at me, probably thinking I was crazy for referring to this as 'fun'. Alice watched the camp counselors obediently and I shrugged at Mouse and Chris.
The boy's and girl's cabins were still thar and we kiddies got ta' sleep thar and play games thar and we would have a super duper time hee-ar. Why did I have trouble believing that?
Chris broke into it sweat when Kelly and Ken explained this part. I patted him on the back, "It'll be fine." I said, honestly not believing it myself.
After a looooong talk about how much fun we would have here and how great it would be, Chris ran into an old friend. Chris gasped, his eyes widening to an insane size. "Angie...." he whispered. I looked at him, following his gaze. There, standing a few yards away, was Zachary Jones. My jaw dropped, "Oh god..." I said. Chris bit his lip, but he didn't move. "Hey, Chris!" Zachary boomed, causing a squeak from Chris. Zachary bounded over, practically crushing Chris in a bear hug. "Where've ya been, little man?" Zachary boomed playfully. "Ahh...." Chris said, there was nothing more for him to say. Zachary patted him on the back, almost knocking him over. "So, looks like yer gonna get to stay with us this summer." Chris's eyes widened a bit and he squeaked out, "T-that's great, Zachary." Zachary laughed a laugh loud enough to shake the world and said, "Please, call me Zack." Chris nodded violently. Zack turned his attention to me, he was about a foot taller than me. "Well, look who we have here, Angela Harper. You sure have grown up, haven't you?" he reached out a dirty meaty paw to stroke my cheek, but I pulled away. "Now, now, Angela. Why do you resist?" he said, a smug look on his face.
I just stood there, scowling at him. Leo saw what was happening and went up to Zack. "Hey, leave her alone!" he said. Zack turned to Leo, Leo's confidence melting from his face like butter sliding off a frying pan. Zack was way taller and probably outweighed Leo by a hundred pounds at least. Leo backed up a little, Zack edging towards him. Leo glanced at me, Oh no, I thought, What would he do?
Zack put his face up close to Leo's, "What is it?" He said, "She yer girlfriend or something?"
Leo shook his head, "Nuh-uh." he said stupidly, pointing slowly to Michelle, who was far behind him, trying to find a place where her cell phone worked. Zack stared at Michelle, then Leo and laughed. "A little twerp like you gets a gal like that? In yer dreams."
Zack turned back to me, licking his lips creepily. He turned back to Chris, who was standing frozen where he was, eyes wide. Zach patted Leo and Chris on the back, "I'll see you ladies in the cabin." He laughed loudly and walked away. Leo glared at Zachary as he walked away. "That Dumbass. Are you okay, Angela?" 
I nodded, "Uh, yeah." I turned my attention to Chris. I went up to him, "You okay, Buddy Boy?"
He was breathing heavily as if he had just been running, and then he passed out. I caught him under his arms and, wondering if I should in front of the other guys, picked him up and carried him like a baby to one of the benches nearby. I put his head in my lap. He woke up, "Wha...?" he said. I shook my head, "It was nothing."
Right now was "Socializing Time" where all the Michelles got to meet up and screech, all the Zacks got to meet up and pat (more like hit) each other on the back, etc.
Me and my friends kind of stuck to the benches until I saw some I recognized; Mabel Oakfield! What was she doing here??? I stared at her stupidly for a while. She turned her head, she appeared to be looking right at me, but that wasn't possible, she was blind....
"Hey, Angela! Is that you?" She giggled happily. Holy hell, how'd she know- "Uh, hi Mabel." I said, Alice and Chris looking at me like I was totally losing it. Mabel giggled again, "What on earth are you doing here?"
"Oh, uh, my Mom sent us here this summer...." I said stupidly. Mabel cocked her head to the side, "Us? Who, him?" She thrust out a finger, pointing directly at Chris, who flinched.
"Uh, yeah." I said, "He's my... brother...."
"Your brother, eh? Oh, how cute!" She said, laughing. What was cute about it? He was just my brother. She couldn't be talking about how he looked physically, she couldn't see.... I was really lost now. Mabel grinned stupidly, which really wasn't a good description, because there was a good chance that she was smarter than us all. She gestured to Mouse and Alice, "And I see you two are here too!" Ironically phrased. Alice and Mouse nodded, probably half expecting her to be able to tell they were nodding and began saying things like Uh-huh. Yep! Oh, um yeah- yeah we're here. Mabel happily skipped off, leaving us more confused than ever.

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